“Come, Lil’White, I’ll teach you how to prepare ramen. Slice the mushroom cap just now into slices. Then, grab a handful of lobster meat, roll them into a noodle-like shape gently and place them into the bowl in a circle. Next, put the mushroom slices on top of the noodles and then followed by White Jade Bamboo Shoot slices, the Lobster King’s meat, Sunny Side-up Egg from the Mad Chicken, and grated heavenly heart onions.” Old Li finished a few bowls in one shot and then scooped a large scoop of the stock. “First scoop of the stock as a base to bring out the taste.”

He also opened the lid of the pot of duck soup and scooped another scoop, “Second scoop of soup to make it alive!”

Ye Cang was completely mesmerised by the bowl of shrimp noodles. That thick and strong aroma was urging his taste buds to move. 

Old Wang then added a scoop of offal into a small bowl for each. “You can choose to eat it alone or you can drizzle it on top of the noodle depending on your preference. Bring the food.”

Moments later, he started filling the wok with oil, preparing to stir-fry the duck intestines. 

“Now, that's some real skills I call that. The intestines of the White Duck are fragile. The oil must be at a high temperature and speed is also an important factor. The Three Stirs skill is the foundation but also the limit. Any longer or excessive stirs will cause the intestines to lose its crispiness and aroma. So, there are only a few who are able to do it in China…” Marilyn then smiled after seeing the Five Treasures and Two Soups Shrimp Noodle being served, “Let's dig in.”

Lin Liang took a sip of the soup. The freshness and sweetness are never comparable. The first thing he could taste was the mixture of the soup of the duck and the deer. The Moonlight Night Mushroom, White Jade Bamboo Shoot and lobster meat also immersed their refreshing tastes into it. Lastly, the grated onions and the egg done in a Sunny Side-up contributed their parts to make it a perfection. It is wonderful… Master Old Li’s skills on making noodles and soup are impressive. He grabbed a piece of mushroom slice, a bamboo shoot and some noodles into his mouth. Smooth and delicious. The grilled mushroom has lost its moisture so it absorbed all the sweetness of the soup. It is amazing. Also, this noodle is smooth af. No ordinary skills can make noodles so smooth. I know he used the lobster's meat which is smooth but it wouldn't be able to bring out such a chewy feeling. What are the skills he used then? The third last part of the lobster meat… 

“The secret is in the duck soup. The grave welch onion and flame ginger will produce a substance that can cause the lobster meat to contract and absorb the soup. It may be less tender but more chewy, striking a right balance,” Old Li smiled while wiping his hands and seeing Lin Liang’s confused face.

“There is always a master in every profession. I’m truly impressed.” Lin Liang continued to eat the noodles and picked a few items in the offal. It was as if he was eating noodles sold in the night market but never got bored of it. Old Wang’s offal is really amazing. He matched it well. And it’s not salty at all. The longer you chew, the more delicious it is. The aroma will only come in the end. Not bad, not bad. He then turned around to see Lil’Wang pouring the offal into the noodles and mixing them together. “Hey, Brother Lil’Wang, you should enjoy it separately.”

“It’s none of your business. That night, I could almost touch her inner thigh but everything was ruined by you! I could have made a little improvement for our team but hesitated just because you asked me to be aware of it. I ended up being punished…” Lil’Wang was angry.

“Chill bro, chill. Calm yourself down. I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.” Lin Liang was reassuring Lil’Wang but Jia Xu blurted something out of a sudden, “You took on the same battle six times…”

“Hey, newcomer, wait, no, Wenhe, it seems like you have something against me… Always…” Lin Liang’s words made Jia Xu drop his jaw. I have something against you?! “It is you who have something against me, alright?!”

“Well, since you are being so immorale, I'm just helping the others to suppress you,” Lin Liang shrugged his shoulders and pointed at Jia Xu with one hand and doffing his hip hop hat with the other, “Yo~~”

“.......” Jia Xu had the urge to poke his eyes while AV sighed, “Let's have a peaceful dinner. We are a team and so we must be united. We have a great enemy waiting for us and you guys are still stirring up internal affairs here. Gosh.”

“Leader is right. I’ve embarrassed myself,” Lin Liang nodded. 

“I'm sorry, my lord,” Jia Xu continued to enjoy his noodles and the amazing life. Such delicious food and a wonderful life but unfortunately there's a piece of shit sitting beside me. 

Meanwhile, Ye Cang served everyone a small plate of the stir-fried duck intestine prepared by Old Wang. ThornyRose was busy exclaiming how tasty the food was and how great that Old Wang and the others had good cooking skills. 

“One more bowl please!” Huang Zhong wiped his mouth and Liu Bei stared at his bowl. I just ate one bite and he has already finished his?! Did he actually enjoy the food properly?! He flipped his eyes and chatted with Panty Uncle with the company of wine. 

With a big smile, Old Li scooped up another bowl of soup and took out the penis and tendons marinated with a secret sauce. Since they were immersed into the soup before being grilled, they would not be too dry. On the other hand, Old Wang had placed the brain into the container, drizzled some herbs and seasonings and poured in three scoops of boiling oil. Instantly, a sizzling sound was heard. The aroma from the oil and the herbs made Jia Xu put down his bowl and look at Old Wang. Old Wang wiped the sweat on his forehead and placed the bowl in the center. “Whoever wants to eat, come and scoop for yourself. It’s time for me to rest too. I wanna eat. Let’s go, Old Li.”

Just when Jia Xu stood up, Lin Liang was already on his way. AV, Lil’Wang and the rest swarmed over. By the time Jia Xu managed to squeeze in, there was only a 2-centimeter brain left in the bowl. Feeling sad and left out, he scooped the last piece and returned to his seat with a bitter face. Seeing the big brain in Lin Liang’s bowl, he was jealous but still tried to resist the urge to kill him and ate the tiny piece. Else, he might have lost his small yet precious piece altogether. That special taste. Such refined cooking skills. His lips could not help but to curl upon tasting such refined food art. Yet, that lovely moment lasted only a second as he stared at his emptied bowl, disappointed. AV saw it. Looks like he loves to eat brains a lot. I didn’t see him showing such emotions when he was eating the noodles. He then went over and placed a big bowl of brain in front of Jia Xu. “Here you go. I’m almost full. Finishing the noodles and the soup will be enough for me. Besides...I’m not really a big fan of brains but you seem to love it a lot. So, eat it.”

After patting his shoulders, AV returned to his seat and finished off the noodles. Staring the brain in the bowl, Jia Xu turned to look at AV. What else do I need when I have such a great lord?! I, Jia Wenhe, will obey all orders from the lord!

Old Li handed the Tendon Series to the hopeful and excited Huang Zhong. “Brother Huang, please enjoy…”

“Oh, thanks, thanks, thank you Brother Li for the effort.” Huang Zhong grabbed the stick and gave the penis a bite. This taste?! It’s similar to tendons but it doesn’t give off the strange taste. It’s chewy yet glutinous. It melts instantly when it reaches your mouth. He then had another bite of the tendons. With a satisfactory smile, he brushed his long greyish-white beard. Zuo Yiyi’s face turned pink at the sight of Huang Zhong’s smile. So cute… I want to… *cough* *cough* She shook her head.