With his eyes shut to enjoy the best out of it, Jia Xu was playing the erhu. The music reflected energy when it was louder but sorrow when it was quieter. It was as if they saw a man who made a huge mistake limping his way through the piles of corpses in the burning battlefield he caused. He did not bother about the people reaching their hands for help. All he had in his cold and merciless eyes was the fire far away. With an evil smile, he headed to the spot. His hair was turning grey every step he made. In the end, all his black hair had turned into grey. His eyes were colder than before. Suddenly, Jia Xu stopped singing and it was fixed at a scene. Wu Na saw a man in green and grey hair standing on top of the watchtower with a creepy smile etched on his face. The sound of the erhu resonated once again. It was energetic but cruel this time. The sharpness of the sound was at its peak,  sounding like a screech but it was a stirring one. They could see the man that acted like an orchestra conductor. Whenever he swung his hand, corpses, blood and fire went flying everywhere. As the sound slowly faded off, peace and calmness made their return. 

“Wenhe…” Lin Liang was touched. We’ve all lived greatly in the era of chaos and died in the end. He then recalled the Battle of Wuzhang Plains. He was staring at the flag that was supposed to be hung after Zhongyuan was successfully conquered as tears of regret ran down his cheek.

“Cousin Jia, we’ll use this song then. Let’s start practicing.” Wu Na plucked the cable into her electronic guitar and started composing the scores. Cold Moon was daydreaming in front of the piano, waiting for the scores to be done and FrozenCloud put on her earpiece, preparing the materials needed for recording.

“Cousin, what’s the name of this song?”

“The Prayers of the Kind Man.”

“......” Lin Liang glared at him. Kind what?!

“Hmm...this name is not bad. It has the heavy metal element and is quite oriented to a point. We use quite an amount of Chinese oriented instruments anyways. You’re playing the erhu while Uncle Lin plays the guqin.”

Everyone started practicing.

Meanwhile, on the beach, AV and the rest were discussing some matters in a serious manner. Qin Zhong was curious but he dared not go over. I bet they must be talking about some serious matters since all of them looked so serious. They were totally different during lunch. Is it related to the safety of China? Or something happened among the hidden families?! This young man who dragged Lin Liang away single-handedly just now must be a person with godly powers who can change his appearance and age. Wait…he...he is actually sitting in the position where the ministers used to when serving their lords in ancient times. He was sitting beside the pervert who seems to be their leader. Yet, they were not shoulder-to-shoulder as the young man positioned slightly behind the leader to show some respect. He is the lord’s favourite person.

Oops, the situation is getting tense. Qin Zhong pondered. Did my overconcern make them angry? Just when he was about to get up and apologise, Liu Bei and Cao Cao shouted at each other, “Fast-runnerr, what rights do you have that allow you to pick the number before I do?!”

“Because I’m Han’s…”

“Han your asshole! Come fight me!”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?!”

Liu Bei pulled out his twin blades and Cao Cao drew his Heavenly Sword.

Seeing their weapons, Qin Zhong was amazed. These are no ordinary weapons! I can’t even tell what materials they are made of!

“Sit down, you two!” AV shouted.

Reluctantly, they glared at each other and kept away the weapons.

“Last time, it was Old Liu getting the first! So, this time will be Old Cao’s turn! And the cycle continues next time!” AV somewhat calmed the two of them.

Qin Zhong was once again amazed by AV. With just one sentence, he stopped the fight between the two strong people. I’m really curious about this man. Him selling dolls and having disputes in his family must be some bullshit… How can a doll seller have such courage and aura?! It’s obviously an outstanding leadership!

“Alright, it’s free and easy time now,” AV dismissed them and chose to play the Battle of Lust with Huang Zhong. Staring at the two of them returning to the house, Qin Zhong eavesdropped. “Lord, actually, how did you get all these precious resources?”

“Who am I? I’m the King of Resources…” AV laughed. However, the truth was these resources were all merchandise from the suppliers like the dolls, sex toys etc. Usually, I could get them first hand. Do know that we are the world’s top 5 manufacturers for dolls and toys!

With much respect, Huang Zhong followed up.

Qin Zhong was thinking to himself. They are surely in a master and servant relationship. This man must come from no ordinary background. He may look young but his hair and beard show that he had been through a lot. I bet he must have served his lord’s family for a long period of time. Having such great powers and yet, not abandoning his lord... It’s touching.

On the other hand, Ye Cang was helping out with the preparation of the ingredients for dinner while learning a lot of new stuff from the other two great chefs. Tons of prospective dishes flashed through his mind. Bet they are going to love it when we are back in the virtual world. We can have a pot of dragon-body centipede. That’ll need some great ingredients which I must take out before we go for the battle...

In a blink of an eye, it was time for dinner. Huang Zhong and AV who came out from the room were covering their private parts subconsciously.

“My lord, that d*ck-teasing leg is irresistible.”

“Maybe we have some items or conditions that we did not achieve. We must have missed something. But let’s talk about it next time. After dinner, we will go to the Maids Go to enjoy ourselves. There’s a tough battle waiting for us tomorrow morning…”

Huang Zhong stayed silent as he was excited and yet terrified by the unknown. 

Lil’Wang’s saliva was dripping as he smelt the aroma of the baked Peppa Pig. Lin Liang once again stared at Marilyn who chopped the Mad Chicken into pieces. Last time, it was dough. This time, it’s a bowl of batter and bread crumbs. She must have added her secret recipe into the crumbs. The Heavenly Peacock’s oil was already boiling.

As soon as Marilyn placed the pieces into the pan, a sizzling sound was let off in an instance. The exotic smell of the peacock oil filled the atmosphere. Once it was done, she placed it on the plate with simple decorations of green lemon slices (Lin Hai’s signature), the bloody tomato slices and some vegetables. “It’s a simple dish. Treat it as an appetizer.”

Fried chicken? Qin Zhong frowned. Serving such a dish in the Great Families dinner is a discrimination to the guests. Yet, he dared not say anything. He picked a piece, squeezed some lemon sauce on it and placed it into his mouth. *Crunch* It was so crispy that almost everyone in the surrounding could hear the crunchy sound. The juice was nicely secured inside by the batter. It was a perfect combination of juicy meat with a crunchy surface. He could not help but to lick his fingers. The lemon juice was the last part of the masterpiece as it completely nullified the greasiness of the oil and enhanced the taste of the chicken with its sourness. It’s freaking delicious! He suddenly felt that he had underestimated fried chicken all these while and grabbed a drumstick.

Lin Liang ate it with a piece of blood tomato slice and quickly covered his mouth with his feathered fan. Fresh and juicy?! No, that was merely an understatement! It was totally beyond words. That coating was perfect! It completely secured the original taste of the chicken and the tomato enhanced it with its additional sweetness and sourness. He gave a thumbs-up. This is really the best appetizer of the day! Second to none. Marilyn’s skills are simple but she could deliver such amazing food. No wonder she is fit to be Brother Li’s and Brother Wang’s senior. 

“I love to match this with beer,” Ye Cang opened a can of cheap beer and drank it.

“Since the day I knew him, I’ve never seen this fella drinking beer of other brands…” Old Wang shook his head with a smile.

“When he was eating ramen at my place, he forced me to buy him a dozen of them from the supermarket nearby,” Old Li wiped his hands..

“Lil’Jia, eat the chicken head... there’s also a brain inside and the brain of Mad Chicken is nutritious… Hehe.” Mysteriously, AC passed the chicken head to Jia Xu and Jia Xu was touched.