“Old Wang and I will bring those unfinished food back to the night market for the people to try them out,” Old Li smiled.

“What a pity for the Lobster King and the Black Tuna. I always feel that we cannot finish the food Old Huang brings back. But sharing them with the people is not a bad idea too,” Wu Na stared at unfinished food.

Qin San checked Lin Le’s and Zhang Zhengxiong’s progress. He was stunned when he saw Zhang Zhengxiong had the Blood Area Aura. He already has an AOE aura?! This fella...I guess I’m not wrong at him. He is really a genius, an intimidating genius! On the other hand, Lin Le’s spirit attacks surprised him too. The sudden improvement in such a short period of time amazed him. Their improvements were beyond words. I bet I would be no match for them in two years' time. With black energy in his right and white in his left, he defeated them. “Except for the basics, you two really have to practice your Yin Yang Divine Trigram.”

“Master, actually we are learning. These are some materials Old Brother Liang gave us,” Zhang Zhengxiong took out a few books. Qimen Dunjia and The Art of Heaven and Earth. Qin San was shocked when he saw the book of The Art of Heaven and Earth. This is the epic literature of Dark-learning! I wanted to read the Qimen Dunjia too! There’s a saying ‘a master of Qinmen Dunjia foresees the future’. He turned around to look at Lin Liang who was smiling.

“Since you’re Brother Lil’White’s father-in-law and A’Xiong’s and Lele’s master, you can take it and read it. No worries,” Lin Liang said.

Staring at the two precious books, Qin San hesitated and then exclaimed, “Thank you elder Lin! I, Qin San will definitely repay your kindness in the future!”

Lin Liang gave a don’t-mention-it expression and left with a serious face as AV signalled to gather.

Moments later, AV and the members of the adventure team began their journey. The weighty look on everyone’s faces put a frown on Qin Zhong’s and he shook his head. Looks like they are up to something big. But it’s not something I can control and I don’t have the guts too anyways.

Just when Zhang Zhengxiong was about to follow up, Qin San stopped him and asked, “Elder Lin and you are?”

“Scoundrels…” Zhang Zhengxiong’s words made Qin San sweat. Staring at their backs, he wondered. Maybe A’Xiong’s personality is what made Elder Lin like him.

Qin Zhong raised his eyebrow when he saw the books in Qin San’s hands, “Where did you get those?”

“Elder Lin lent it to me for referencing, considering the relationship of him between A’Xiong and my son-in-law.”

“And they are?”

“Scoundrels…” Qin San smirked.

“I hate that Old Brother Liang but I don’t know why…” Lin Le pouted and went back to his room.


At the crack of dawn two days later, when the first ray of the sun struck the sea, Wu Na and ThornyRose saw the return of the adventure team. ThornyRose looked confused with their outfits but Wu Na was already used to things like that happening.

Every member was naked on the upper body. Some wore a skirt, some just had their underwear and some were even with diapers.

Jia Xu was strolling his way home with much doubt about his life. Staring at the diapers he was wearing, he recalled the lovely moments on the first night and the horrible experience on the following night. That flight attendant with the height of 1.8m. Her gentle smile is so heart-warming… Just the thoughts of it could already make his asshole feel tight and caused a pain in his scrotal. Staring at AV, he only then realized that it was not only a battle. No, it’s more like a single massacre. So, the enemies you guys need to face were this evil and strong?! Worst still, there are four...

“Oh Wenhe, do you know why you are a newbie? The adventure we experienced here is no longer the same as before. Look at you, how many critical mistakes have you made yesterday.” Lin Liang who was wearing a leather mini skirt put an arm around Jia Xu’s shoulder.

“Shut up! You have no rights to scold anyone!” the rest shouted at him.

“......” Lin Liang awkwardly covered himself with his feathered fan.

Cao Cao in a hula lit up a cigar, “The Girls Hell is next… Gosh…”

“Come on everyone! Be more energetic! After experiencing The Girls Hell, we’ve accomplished our first small objective!” AV cheered them up with a forced smile.

“And it is?” Jia Xu asked.

“Being raped by the Big Four…” SpyingBlade blurted.

Everyone was dampened and felt that there was no hope for it. AV turned around and stood on the riff, facing the rising sun. “We will only have the feeling of mastering it, conquering it and defeating it when we are in hell...”

“Isn’t it?” AV turned with a smile even though his private part was only covered with newspapers.

AV’s smile was infectious to everyone.

“Leader, master, lord, Master AV…”

“Isn’t it?!” AV shouted and everyone was hyped up. “As a man, we will get up from where we fell! To show the world our determination! What are we?!”

“The Adventure Family!”

“Who are we?!”

“The Adventure Family!”

“Very well! Now, gather! Stand in a row!”

Everyone was lining up shoulder-to-shoulder on the riff and stared at the rising run. AV started to pee.

Huang Zhong quickly pulled out his penis from the female sports pants he was wearing and the others followed.

ThornyRose who witnessed all these facepalmed, “I better get back to the house. It will be the end of my life if I ever get infected…”

“......” Wu Na was speechless.

Seeing AV smiling casually, Jia Xu’s respect for him increased even more. I didn’t get to help out yesterday and caused him so much trouble… “Yesterday night, I…”

“Just keep going! At least you are better than Brother Liang,” AV said.

“Leader, it was really out of my expectations yesterday. That rabbit lady knows the Four Books and Five Classics. Not to mention, she could also recite Sun Tzu’s, Wu Qi’s, Sun Bin’s, and Huang Shigong’s art of war in reverse. This...this...is totally something no one can expect , right…” Lin Liang was explaining.

With a doubtful look, Liu Bei stared at Lin Liang and seemed to realize something, “I miss Su Shu already...I should have made him stay last time…”

“Oh, Yuanzhi is really a genius. What a pity,” Cao Cao also glanced at Lin Liang and sighed. “Oh, Guo Jia…”

“Yeah...Gongjin, where are you…” Sun Quan exclaimed. “Alright, you guys shouldn’t have laughed at him too since there’s a saying ‘Always a Zhuge Liang when things happened’.”

“......” Lin Liang sneered at them, “Hmph, three ignorant cobblers…”

“Wow, someone is cocky now,” Cao Cao brushed his hula.

“Hey, Old Liu, he is your man though and he dares to sneer at us…” Sun Quan smiled.

With a smile, Liu Bei put an arm around Lin Liang’s shoulder.

“My lord… apologies, it is my bad,” Lin Liang sweated.

“No worries, let’s go have a chat in the house. Maybe reciting the Longzhong Plan? To reminisce about the past…” Liu Bei dragged Zhuge Liang into the house.

The rest gradually went in as well and Jia Xu sweated to see Liu Bei grabbing Lin Liang away. He continued to stay back and stared at the sunrise since it was not fully up yet. Cao Cao did not leave too.

“Do you still hate me?” Jia Xu asked while staring at the sea.

“I used to. But just like what Zhongmou said, I didn’t make the choice I should in the beginning. There’s no point of me blaming the others after it happened. It’s my own choice to sacrifice something for my empire and you became one of the people I’m grateful for, allowing me to win the hearts of the citizens.” Cao Cao’s hula was swaying with the wind. “But... only on the day of separation did I realize that it had become a regret of my life. Ang’er’s smile...it was as if it happened just yesterday... it keeps on appearing in my mind…”

“Then, what can I do to make you feel better?” Jia Xu asked. I still have to repay him.

“Take out your d.”

Jia Xu pulled out his penis amidst the confusion going on in his head.

Cao Cao flicked it with some force and Jia Xu gasped.

“Hey, newbie, we are good now. No hatred, no nothing...” Cao Cao smiled as he left.

Despite the pain, Jia Xu smiled bitterly, staring at Cao Cao’s back.