Ye Cang received the invitation for the Chrysanthemum Cup which coincidentally fell on Valentine’s Day on the upcoming weekend. He notified everyone to log into the game. He did his usual patrol by checking on the goddesses and then headed to the office to obtain some information. In the afternoon, the King of the Planetary Empire, the Pope and Saintress from Glory Church, leaders from various knights troop, the Pope and Saintress from the Dark Shrine, SkyConquer Martial Art Saint and the top management from War God’s Temple, the president of the Spellcaster’s Association on the Sky Tower, the chancellor from Necromancy Academy, the mayor of Farsarqi, the new chief of the dragon-lizard tribe in the Endless Swamp, the Great General of Steel Empire, the Elf Queen and her descendants, the King of the Valley Dwarf, the chairman of the Furnace Brother Association, the leader of the Sacrificial Park, the Great Shaman from the God of Life Religion, the leader of the Red Lotus Tower, the president of the Unbounded Mercenary Association, the chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Armed Merchant Association, the leader of the Adventurers Association (Ranger Guild), the King of Beast - God of Beast Shaman, the leaders of the Mad Lion tribe, Berserk Bear tribe, Shadow Tiger tribe, and Spirit Cat tribe, the shaman of the Spiritual Fox, the leader of Shadow Blade, the president of the Boxing Club, the guardian of the Border of Mystery, the Lord of the Forgotten City, Yokeshane (a spirit) etc. were on their way to Goddess City. Most of them were already on the ship departing from White Stone City.

Little Ye Tian was decorating the meeting room in the mayor’s mansion (the Goddess shrine was in the middle of the mansion while their rooms were behind the shrine). She was having trouble deciding who should be sitting in the main seat. Should I let father sit in the middle? Assenronche saw Little Ye Tian thinking about it while she was having a hard time making a decision, “Believer, is there anything bothering you?”

“All the leaders are coming today. There will be a meeting tomorrow morning and this main seat…” Little Ye Tian was contemplating between the King of the Planetary Empire - Cailon, Pope - Sagain and Ye Cang. If I choose father, I bet that will cause unnecessary conflict...

“Of course, Earl PaleSnow will be sitting in the main seat. With my presence, even the God of Light will have to kowtow to me…Do you know...I am the greatest of all elemental spirits - The Arcane Controller - Assenroche!” Assenronche’s electrified voice exploded and she reached out her hand to craft her logo on the seat silently with arcane energy. The other goddesses sensed Assenronche’s godly power resonating in the meeting room and were confused. Only after knowing what had happened, the other five goddesses decided to cast their holy power on the main seat. Together with the godly seal of Twin Moon, Three Goddesses of Nature and Assenroche, the six seals formed a complete picture on the back of the seat. Each glimmering with various holy powers.

Little Ye Tian then placed the chair on the main position and heaved a sigh of relief. The problem had been resolved.

Suddenly, Aymuss shouted, “For the sake of Great Sage, I’m going all out! Even if it drains all my holy power!”

The blue sky turned dark and the half-moon shone upon the shrine.

“Bastard! You plan to set a holy area?! I’m the only one who’s qualified to establish a holy area for him!” Marlow was frustrated. If she sets a holy area and the Great Sage accepts, then my image and influence will seem insignificant to him!

“Bullshit! He is my direct believer! I should be the one setting up the holy area!” Anya took out a hunting dagger and sliced her wrist off to reveal the golden blood dripping onto the ground.

“You shameless bitches! I can’t stand it anymore! It is so obvious that I am his only favorite!” Jam pierced through her own chest to pluck a seed out and planted it on the ground.

“Hmph, you three low-level goddesses trying to compete holy powers with me?” Assenroche’s voice was cold and an arcane shockwave exploded. The entire Goddess City was filled with arcane seals.

“The Song of Full Moon...Excuse me.” Borrowing the power of arcane and full-moon, Lonass accumulated enough holy powers. Full Moon In The Sky!

Little Ye Tian quietly hid in a corner. Why do I feel that any movements from the goddesses can send me back to the reviving spot…

“You bitch! It’s my right to set up the holy area!”

“When I was new here, I might be afraid of you but now! You can forget it now! I’m the first one who honored him with the holy area!”

“Can you guys just f*ck off already?! My blood is almost drained. He is my direct believer? What the hell are you guys fighting for?”

“Oh, bloom my baby! My Flower of Recovery! Oh~ I can see the Great Sage enjoying himself swimming in the sea of flowers with all the happiness in the world.”

“Lonass! Stop stealing my holy power!”

“Oh, just lend it to me for a while. You, as an elemental spirit will recover very fast. It’s rare for me to grab such an opportunity.”

“God damn that Contract of Birth!”

“Sister, lend me this for a second!”

“Aymuss! You!”

“We are sisters. Sisters share everything together…”

“Anya, Jam, we, as the sisters of nature are going all out to challenge them!”

Ye Cang who was having his casual high tea in Ali’s shop heard her cries, “Quickly come and have a look! The goddesses have descended!”

Ye Cang craned his neck. These bitches! They surely can’t let me have a chill day. Just wasn’t torturing them for one day and look at what trouble they are causing us!

White Stone City.

The Pope and the others were looking at the Black Peak mountain range.

“Holy arealized…” a kind-looking elder in a pope’s crown and a white robe mumbled.

“Are they trying to show off their powers? Goddess Association…” a fierce lady in a black robe and maroon crystal crown frowned.

“What a king from the north.” A muscular man in rainbow-colored royal armor was carrying a sword with the pattern of a golden dragon.

“Stay away from me, you thief.” A more muscular elder of the War God’s Temple in a bear’s body but a tiger’s back did not bother about the ruckus far away. Instead, he frowned at a dirty-looking middle-aged man.

“Why are you here too, EmptyHanded?” a man in a dark windbreaker and a hat sneered at him.

“To look at the goddesses of course! Also, to see whether there are scrapes I can profit from in the Great Wasteland. Oh yeah, my brother is coming too. He is probably on his way…” the dirty-looking man addressed as EmptyHanded shrugged his shoulders.

“That gangster is coming too?! I’m speechless at the two of you. You two are surely brave enough. Aren’t you guys scared of being buried there forever?” a red-robed man with light armor chuckled.

“It’s none of your business…”

An elder with a long mage hat who was sitting at the end of them was feeling the power of arcane. He stomped his nine rings scepter, “The boat is here...let’s go.”

Goddess City. HappyFirmaments Ali’s Tea Bar.

Ye Cang returned to his seat. Let me enjoy my tea first. I’ll teach them their lesson when they are done arguing. “Lil’Ali, your cooking skills are almost getting on par with mine.”

Ali rolled her eyes and they continued to chit-chat and eat the snacks.

Bar’s Village.

Verali packed the luggage. “Grandpa! Husband! I’m going to the Goddess City to answer the mayor’s and goddesses’ call for war!”

“Lil’Ver, it’s dangerous there. You must be extra careful alright? And remember to listen to mayor PaleSnow.”

“Got it, grandpa! Hubby, help me take good care of grandpa and our son. If they get skinnier than before, you’ll get it from me…”

The leader of the haggard-looking goblin nodded madly as he was in extreme excitement. The Ancient God! Thank you for allowing me to spend my two good days here! Thank you! Thank the Shadow of the Natural Destruction Legislature! Thank the Goddess City! *cries* *cries*  My waist… However, seeing Verali leaving, he picked up their child with full emotion swirling in his body. The baby boy with goblin’s teeth was waving at her.

Verali headed towards Goddess City, full of excitement. The ground was shaking and the creatures were fleeing.