Ye Cang left the café and saw six different godly powers competing against one another. It’s time to teach them a lesson.

“Oh, Great Sage! You’re here!” Maru Naya exclaimed.

“Bitch! Great Sage is here! Let go of me! He will definitely kick you out of the shrine if he sees you bullying us!” Mallow mumbled.

“I’m just giving the Great Sage my love... he will definitely praise me... it might turn out to be some physical rewards…” Aymuss blushed.

“Can you not use my power to say such perverted stuff…” Lonass was speechless.

“That’s my power! Mine! Mine!” Assenroche shouted.

“It’s the same! We are both in the contract of birth! Twin Moon and Arcane. My powers draw you, you draw her and she draws me.”

“Her? What power does she have that can cause me to resonate?”

“So, the cycle is broken. My powers draw you and she draws mine…” trying to clarify despite causing more complications.

“Bloom! My Flower of Recovery! The Great Sage will definitely hug me in a sea of flowers…”

“Jam, lend me your blood. Quick. My direct believer, the Great Sage is on his way…” Anya cut Jam’s wrist.


The floor of the shrine started to crystalize while the building was being formulated by arcane energy. Vines and flowers bloomed everywhere and the moonlight particles were floating in the air. Anya’s Beast Tortem was placed too. Little Ye Tian who was hiding in the corner felt that she would die soon. Gosh, these six goddesses only listen to father and no one else!

“Can’t you guys just let me enjoy my cup of tea?! Do you…” Ye Cang stomped inside.

“Great Sage! This is my love for you!” Aymuss’ moonlight let out a bright glare and Lonass followed up. Assenroche who was part of the chain had no choice but to supply them the power. The Three Sisters of Nature also passed the power to him.

“I’m the one who set up the sanctuary!”

“It’s me!”

“The place would explode if it wasn’t me.”

Ye Cang felt dizzy. It was as if he was in some other dimension as all the things he saw looked like the screen of a coding software.

“Congratulations! You’ve become the lord of the sanctuary in Goddess City. Within the compounds of the shrine, you’ll receive an almost inevitable power and be able to control the space dimension of the entire shrine. In the sanctuary, you can use any of the six goddesses lower-level godly spells. Unless the shrine is destroyed or the space dimension is collapsed, you will not receive any form of damage within the shrine. You’ve also received a skill - Sanctuary Teleportation.”

Sanctuary Teleportation: Chant three verses and you will be teleported back to your sanctuary. Cooldown: One day.

“Please name the sanctuary.”

“The Sanctuary of the Six Goddesses.”

“Under Player PaleSnow’s hard work, the Goddess City has successfully established the Sanctuary of the Six Goddesses! All players in the Goddess City will have their recovery speed increased by 250% and movement speed by 50%. Without the sanctuary being eliminated, all players who are on the side of Goddess City will not have any penalty for their death. Upon resurrection, they will receive a temporary buff of 50% on attributes. The experience from missions or quests accepted in the Goddess City will increase by an extra 30%, players in the Goddess Association will have their rewards doubled and obtain unlimited reward - The Guide of the Two Moons. In the association, the spell power of mages and the dexterity of hunter or agile type players increases by 10% whereas supportive-type players will have their healing spells’ effects increased by 20%. Any classes directly under the six goddesses will have the effects mentioned doubled and obtain Jam’s Eternally Lasting Flower Scent and Assenroche’s Arcane Flow Effect. Health points and mana will recover by 0.1% every ten seconds.” This is a notice to the world. 

“Great Sage, this is the love I offer to you... please praise me!” Aymuss said weakly and fraily.

“Shameless bitch... Great Sage, this is what I can give…” Mallow felt exhausted.

“You low-level gods… only with my power, this sanctuary can be maintained…” Assenroche could barely bring herself up.

“......” Lonass felt that she was about to hibernate again. I just woke up and overused my powers.

“Oh, my direct descendant believer, I’ve contributed all my blood to set up this sanctuary… Are you sad looking at my pale face?”

“That’s my blood in the end, alright?! My beloved sister who cut my wrist!”

The six goddesses who were in their weak form started to argue again. Ye Cang smiled gladly and the goddesses stopped the fight of words.

With a smile, Ye Cang said, “Very good, you guys have become united. I’m touched and so grateful…”

Yet, he changed his expression in a blink of an eye. “But still, you guys disturbed me during my tea time... How should I punish all of you for that? Lil’Tian, you can get out first.”

Little Ye Tian jogged away from the shrine.

With a broad smile, Ye Cang closed the door. Maru Naya once again prayed for the six goddesses and guarded the door. Hearing all the moans and weird noises coming from inside, she wondered. Actually, who is the greatest? The Great Sage or the six goddesses? She shook her head. It must be the goddesses! The Great Sage is just helping them to get rid of their bad habits!

When Ye Cang left, Maru Naya craned her neck to get herself a look of what had happened. In the past, the goddesses had some resistance so the situation was not too awful. However, this time around… The Great Sage forced them to stick to and stack on one another in awkward and embarrassing positions and formed the Chinese character symbolizing ‘unity’.

Assenroche was forced to stare at Lonass’ skirt from below. She pondered. Before I joined this Goddess what Association, I was still an elemental spirit, no matter how weak I was… Just then, a familiar voice rang a bell.

“Kael (the water elemental spirit) asked when we can meet up for a gathering. Assenroche, what are you up to lately?”

“The Contract of Birth.”

“Do you still wish to help those two idiots? Just give up.”

“Not all gods are born like you and the God of Light. I believe that they can get back to their feet, Quilass (the light elemental spirit).”

“Oh well, it is up to you. Do remember to check on Kael. He has triggered the awakening of the Goddess of Darkness and the Goddess of Life.”

“I’ll inform Phil and ask him to accompany Kael.”

“Alright, you… never mind, I’m pretty sure you will get mad if I talk about it again. So, that’s all for now.”

Assenroche still had a sense of dissatisfaction boiling in her. The god in Kael’s Contract of Birth is the God of Sea (a god on par with the God of Light). Except for receiving the benefits from the Contract of Birth for these two bastards before the gods had fallen, I was the one who secretly supplied them the holy powers which maintained their consciousness. Giving up on the contract… She recalled the feeling of the pregnant phase when the three of them were still a whole. No way. I can’t give up on them. We are gods born in the same era!

She turned to look at the Three Sisters of Nature. The idiotic daugthers of the God of Life, your mother is about to wake up. If she knows that you guys have stolen a number of her believers, I believe she would explode...