Ye Cang assigned the Milk Overlord - Linda to bring the guests to the luxurious guest room in the shrine. As he was the host himself, he stationed himself outside the shrine to welcome anyone else who were attending the event. Facing the sunset, he stood at the square beyond the Goddess Stairs and looked upon the troop herding towards him. The guards of the shrine lined the path firmly and ceremoniously.

“Your Majesty Lord Cailon, the one in the wolf clothing is Earl PaleSnow.” Marquess Leinster who was beside Cailon pointed him outhim.

“In just a year, from a newbie in the Really New Village to a viscount, to an earl and now standing under the Sanctuary of the Six Goddesses. He doesn’t even need to bow to me and Sagain…” Cailon raised his eyebrow with a smile, “Azshara, this man whom you recommended is sure no ordinary man…”

Marquess Azshara quickly replied, “Your Majesty, I’m not that close with him. I only helped him because of his sincerity…”

“Are you sure you guys aren’t on the same boat…” Leinster smirked. Liar. Earl PaleSnow is the landlord of the entire mine valley. Just to legalise his jurisdiction, he bribed you to ensure things go smoothly and ended up with the title of an earl to help him unite the forces in the north borders. Without Crane’s and your full support, do you think it is possible for him to be the King of the North?

“I bet Earl Leinster is still mad about the incident where the underlings of the ambassador of the goddesses - PaleSnow injured Red Jade Sword Saint?” Crane smiled.

“Hmph!” Leinster glared at the always-sitting-on-the-fence Crane. 

“But I do like to meet the person who could injure Red Jade Sword Saint,” Cailon knew how strong Red Jade Sword Saint was. Even though he is quite weak among the sword saints, he does have the minimum holy-ranked strength. But now he was just a step away from getting torn apart by others...

“Master mayor, I’m here!” Ye Cang heard Verali’s voice and saw a massive creature running up the stairs. The ground was shaking as if there was an earthquake. “Lil’Li, slow down, slow down! Don’t destroy the tiles!”

“Oh…” Verali then adjusted her speed and walked towards Ye Cang.

“From today onwards, you will be the leader of my royal bodyguards who is in charge of my personal safety, preventing anyone from trying to harm me during the war,” Ye Cang handed over a grilled drumstick of a large animal.

“Got it, mayor! No worries! I, Verali will ensure your safety! No one can injure you without stepping over my corpse!” Verali started chewing the meat.

“Eat slowly, would ya. There are three more here. Keep them and enjoy them.” Ye Cang took out three more and Verali carried all three on her left shoulder while she continued to eat with his right hand.

Assenroche sensed Verali’s presence and her eyes shined with arcane light, “The Giant with Dragon Blood... this tribe still exists after the gods had fallen?”

It was the offspring of the Descendant of the Dragons (an offspring of humans and dragons in ancient times) and the titans. They caused a bloody war in the War of Gods. In the end, they were eliminated by the God of All Evil.

“The one that injured Red Jade Sword Saint is the little giant that ran up just now,” Azshara knew who Verali was. It’s always a terrifying experience talking to her. This girl is not afraid of anything. I think apart from her grandpa, she only listens to this mayor…

“Oh, her?” Cailon did not say anything else and continued to walk majestically in front of the troop.

The elder from the War God’s Temple was shocked at the sight of Verali. “Very strong...excellent…”

“Fenrica, I’ve been wondering whether this old man has any mental illnesses…”  the EmptyHanded - Bane mumbled to the leader of Flame Tower - Jaysus.

“Hey, hey, keep quiet. If SkyConquer Sword Saint heard that, don’t think of leaving Goddess City.” Jaysus was speechless as he looked at the person coming from the other side of the square. “Minox from Farsarqi is also here…”

“I think I saw the lizardman and fishman tribe. This mayor sure has an extensive network…” EmptyHanded was surprised.

“I think they came by boarding the ship from Farsarqi, including the beastman tribe,” the man donning a dark windbreaker and a hat said.

“Dion, if I’m not mistaken, that path was never connected, was it? There are sea giants and fish men guarding. With humans’ ability in water combat, it’s impossible to pass through them,” Jaysus’ words made Dion smirk. “Was that something from a thousand years ago? Everybody knows he has connected the path from the Goddess City to Farsarqi and the Endless Swamp. The fishmen over there, who have been accustomed to their habitat, are the ones who are going to guard the coast. This mayor is no ordinary man. He even has troops in the Endless Swamp. Those lizardman tribes are united because of this dragon-lizard man who is also one of the elders of the Goddess Association.”

Just then, a thunder struck and Wind Fist stood beside the statues of the goddesses behind Ye Cang. Beside Wind Fist were Magic Fist, Lightning Fist and Broken Fist - Alodudu.

Magic Fist looked around, “This is the holy area…”

Wind Fist once again knew how good Ye Cang was with the six goddesses. A holy region built up for him as a collaboration by the six goddesses together. Just how much sincerity he would’ve shown to get the likings of the goddesses.

The Pope - Sagain stopped, “The ten great anti-disaster warriors, the Hammer of Storm - Sackendoss - Wind Fist…”

“Your majesty, but now, he is just a god damned spirit!” the general of the Red Cross Army - Balcon frowned and exclaimed.

“Balcon, be mindful of your words,” said a man in a black luxurious hood, carrying a big scepter. He was tall and big but his hands were fleshless and only bones could be seen.

“Yokesane…” Not finishing his sentence, Balcon was interrupted by a girl in a white church robe. “Don’t ruin the business just because of your little arguments with the heresy!”

“The Great Saintess…” Balcon kept silent.

“Heresy?” The man in the hood mumbled and continued to move forward with his underlings.

“I must cook a great feast for them tonight…” ThornyRose’s heart sank after hearing what Ye Cang said. This will definitely make the Big Six forces hate us! She quickly asked someone to summon Ali over.

“Guadoo! Nasyy!” Abado from the Alabachia’s Fishman Tribe shouted and suddenly broke into  a dance.

“Nanadoo! Kaka!” Ye Cang also unleashed a sharp fishman scream and danced. They smiled at each other.

“Kuliyakongg! Adoss!” the chief of the lizardman tribe - Ansa roared from afar.

“Ajess! Fanersarss!” Ye Cang shouted while repeatedly beating his chest.

“Ajess!” all the lizardmen shouted.

ThornyRose and the others stared at Ye Cang with weird expressions.

“I feel that this fella is better at communicating with non-humans as compared to humans…” ThornyRose was speechless.

“I know right,” Wu Na smiled bitterly.

Among the beastman tribe, the leader was not anyone from the lion or tiger tribe but a werewolf. It had bluish spiritual hair and its eyes were glimmering with chills. It was amazed when it saw tigerkin Little Ren beside Lin Le. “It’s from the ancient beastman tribe - Rennes Tiger...this mayor is surely interesting…”