“Great Sage, with your current status, you would only have to greet them with a nod…” Makarlo walked out of the vines. As the vice president of the Goddess Association, he rarely showed himself in public after being occupied with taking care of Ye Cang’s garden, especially when Ye Cang gave him the seed of the World Tree. He had spent most of his time nurturing the tree. If the seed managed to grow, it would mean that it was a living being and it would bring glory to Goddess Jam.

“Old Mak, how’s the garden lately?” Ye Cang only cared about planting but not gardening.

“You will know when the time comes. I can’t be sure for now. Once it grows, Goddess City will be the second Annajaxier...Goddess Jam has the godly powers to enhance its growth and is also the only one who has such power among the goddesses. Even the Great Goddess of Life don’t have it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Once the World Tree grows, Goddess Jam can use her power to make the tree grow at an incredible speed. Among the Three Goddesses of Nature, she was the only one who was born in the seed of the World Tree. She can control the growth of any plant in this world even though she only likes flowers…”

“What about Anya and Mallow?”

“Mallow’s birth was from the source of the Goddess of Life and she has the power to control nature. As for Anya, she was born under the blood of the Goddess of Life. She is a god feared and respected by all wild creatures and has the incredible ability to control massacres and the break of dawn.”

“I see…” Ye Cang seemed to understand but his question caught Makarlo off guard, “What is Annajaxier?”

“Well…” Makarlo did not know how to continue. Don’t you know what Annajaxier is?! The holy place of the mother of the Three Sisters of Nature, the Goddess of Life. It’s also the protection for the World Tree.

The first one to walk up the Goddess Stairs was the Holy Church’s Pope - Sagain.

“This is the Holy Church’s Pope - Sagain. Beside him is the Saintess - Ayloss. You don’t have to bother about others. Their ranks are too low for you to greet them.”

Sagain glanced at Makarlo and nodded to show his respect for a scholar. He knew how strong Makarlo was. Unless it is situated in the Holy City, I can’t guarantee that I am fit to take on the battle with him. He then smiled at Ye Cang, “The Sage of the Six Goddesses, thank you for welcoming us,”

Ye Cang greeted him politely, “We thank you and the Saintess for coming. Please proceed to the shrine for some rest.”

The shrine servant led the way.

“It’s just a religion that gathers all filthy and weak gods…” Balcon who walked past Ye Cang mumbled casually.

Ye Cang frowned and Makarlo signalled him to put a stop to his recklessness but that was too late as Verali was already sending her punch over, “What did you say?!”

“......” Makarlo was speechless and admired Verali at the same time when his heartbeat quickened.

Balcon countered the attack with a punch too. Yet, he was knocked away by Verali’s strength and fell down the stairs.

Cailon and the others stopped to observe the mess and was curious about how the King of the North was going to handle the situation.

“This idiot…” The leader of the Holy Dragon Knights beside the Saintess - Yane was speechless. Can’t he just shut his mouth up?

The Saintess frowned at Ye Cang but Sagain was still smiling as usual.

Balcon pressed his hands on his holy sword, “You filthy ugly…”

“I would suggest you not pull that sword out. In the holy sanctuary under the authority of the goddesses, no one is permitted to draw their weapons against one another... Or else, don’t blame me for killing you… The rules are the rules…” Ye Cang smiled politely and interrupted Balcon. “Besides... this is my territory, do you understand?”

“Apologies Sage, it’s my men’s stubbornness that caused this mess. Balcon!”Ayloss smiled at Ye Cang and turned around to glare at Balcon.

Trembling, Balcon lowered his head and let go. “My apologies, Great Sage.”

Sagain glanced at Ye Cang and followed the servant into the shrine.

Cailon walked up with a smile, “Earl PaleSnow, what great manners you have there. You’re definitely a hero from our Planetary Empire.”

“Thanks to your majesty. Only with your help could the Goddess City be established. You’re the VIP here. Maru Naya, bring his majesty to the Moon Stone Shrine.”

“Thank you your majesty for supporting the resurrection of goddesses. Please come with me,” Maru Naya led him to the venue. Cailon felt that he was respected and so his impression on Ye Cang became better. This deer monster’s strength was incredible. Azshara walked past Ye Cang and mumbled, “Mar Junior…”

“I know…” Ye Cang replied with ventriloquism.

Makarlo did not plan to ask any further about their secret code. “The following are the Three Great Saints from the War God’s Temple. The SkyConquer Martial Art Saint - Ryance, SkyCracking Martial Art Saint - Dawn and HundredFlame Martial Art Saint - Cologne. The SkyConquer Martial Art Saint is the leader of the War God’s Temple. It’s best not to trigger them. SkyConquer Martial Art Saint has Space Grappling Art. The Holy Area is useless against him…”

“.....” Ye Cang perspired. I dared to be cocky against the Holy Church because I’m in the sanctuary.

“I know what you’re thinking. Do you really think Sagain is afraid of your Holy Sanctuary? His Book of Fortune and Words of God are not something the current you can deal with. In the Holy Area, he can borrow the power of the God of Light and you will have no chance against it. But of course, with Assenroche here, he doesn’t have the audacity to go over the limit…” Makarlo murmured.

“Then, does it mean that leaving the Holy Area, I will…”

“Hmph, he must go through me first. Even though I might be no match to him, he can give up on returning to his God of Light if he defeats me…” Makarlo exclaimed. “Well, in short, just stay away from all the leaders of these great associations or religions. But if they try to provoke you, don’t be afraid too. Agaloss and I are here, together with the Holy Area, it shouldn’t be a problem…”

“And Agaloss is?”

“.......The leader of the guardians of the Border of Mystery, Assenroche’s direct believer and one of the guardians of the Secret Land of Elemental in the south.” Makarlo was tired of explaining, “Just treat him well. With him on your side, no mages dare to harm you even after leaving the holy region. He has dealt with and sentenced an uncountable number of mages, including the ex-president of the Spellcaster Association.”

Ye Cang quietly made a mental note of the name.

The elder with red hair was the SkyConquer Martial Art Saint. He nodded at Ye Cang and looked at Verali, “You, are interesting. Let’s have an exchange next time…”

“I will only go if there’s food…” Verali was pissed.

“Haha! Sure! I’ll give as much as you want!” Ryance laughed and followed the servants to the restroom.

“This the Farsarqi…”

“I know her…”

Makarlo sensed the atmosphere between the two of them as they smiled at each other. So that’s the case. Not bad. Farsarqi’s Godless…