Minox kissed Ye Cang’s cheek and Ye Cang could not stop his itchy hands from touching her butt.

“How come you don’t come to Farsarqi to visit me often... but this time, we have plenty of time… Great Sage of the Six Goddesses…”

Ye Cang smiled faintly and patted her perky butt, “Take a rest in the room and think about the issue for tomorrow.”

Their actions were all witnessed by everyone. Farsarqi trading with the Black Peak Mountain Range, Black Rock City, and the Goddess City was not something new to the others but the relationship between the two mayors was...

The next guest was the leader of the Alabachia’s Fishman Tribe - Abado. Abado bowed to the Great Shaman of their tribe (Ye Cang) and Ye Cang ordered the servants to bring them to the Spring Water area in the shrine. Ansa was the next guest that came. Again, as the Great Shaman, he allowed Ansa to bring his troops to the houses recently built at the swamp behind the shrine.

The next person was a man in short brown hair. There was a short sword hanging on his waist. He looked normal except for the contour of his face. He was different from others as he gave off a serious vibe, strict and firm. His eyebrows were frowned at all times and yet his eyes were filled with sincerity.

“This is Agaloss,” Makarlo mumbled.

“The honorable Great Sage…” The first thing Agaloss did when he climbed the stairs was he knelt on the ground, put his hands together and bowed.

“......” Ye Cang quickly got him up. “You and I are both believers. There’s no need to bow, Elder Agaloss.”

Just then, an arcane orb appeared beside Ye Cang. Shocked, Agaloss kneeled again, “My lord…” 

“Please get up...Come into the shrine, I have things to assign to you and Wind Fist.” Assenroche’s orb disappeared. Ye Cang showed him the way and Wind Fist followed.

All the servants saw how respectful Agaloss was to Ye Cang. The president of the Spellcaster Association - Lu Jiaxi smiled bitterly. He was one of the people who witnessed how Agaloss, the person who was older and yet could remain a young appearance, killed the previous president. Most of the magics and spells were useless against him as he had the ability to break all spells, except for a few unique ones. Yet, Agaloss was the greatest arcane master and assassin around the continent. No one could be an expert in arcane knowledge if he was not one.

“This is the president of the headquarters of the Spellcaster Association - Lu Jiaxi. Beside him are a few presidents of the branches and you have met some of them in Black Rock City… Behind him are the King of All Beasts - Jarsha, the leader of the Mad Lions - Yopoke, the leader of the Shadow Tigers - Tanor,  the Great Shaman of the Spiritual Fox - Focain and the Great Shaman of the Spirit Cats - Kerone.”

After a short conversation with Ye Cang, Lu Jiaxi led the others to the restrooms. However, Jarsha stopped, “The Sage of Six Goddesses, can I borrow some of your time to discuss the tribe’s issue in the Endless Swamp?”

Upon hearing about Endless Swamp, Little Ye Yian interrupted them, “I’m his daughter. I’m the one who handles all the matters in Farsarqi and in and out of the shrine. I believe you wanted to talk about the issue of the coast…”

“Your majesty Jarsha, she is permitted to make decisions for me. In the shrine, I’m only responsible for the holy position that I was enthroned and giving my all to serve the great goddesses. As for ordinary issues, Elder Ye Tian is in charge of it…” Ye Cang stared at the goddesses statues with a big smile.

“Well…” Jarsha pondered. He is indeed a sincere believer. Or else, the goddesses wouldn’t like him that much. Without any words, he headed to the restroom.

“Take note of the next three people. The leader of Flame Tower - Jaysus Vivian, EmptyHanded - Bane. The man blind in one eye is his brother, the Master of Gangster - Yainsha.” Since he had travelled the whole continent, Makarlo knew and met all kinds of forces and famous people.


“Yeap, it’s that Vivian. The archbishop Magi and him are from the same family. He is an absolute half-elf.” Makarlo glanced at Ye Cang. “As for the other two beside him, you don’t have to bother. I’ll deal with them. These two bastards... there are always bad things happening whenever they are around.”

“You know them?”

“Sort of…” Makarlo hated to admit.

“I welcome your arrival, the leader of Flame Tower,” Ye Cang smiled.

“Thank you for having us,” Jaysus bowed like a gentleman.

“You two, come over here!” Makarlo shouted in a low tone.

“Old Mak, what do you want!” Bane was shocked.

“He must have something for us to do,” Yainsha smiled.

“Don’t the two of you dare to cause any trouble. This is a holy place for my lord - Goddess Jam. If you do, I won’t let you two go that easily like last time…”

“No worries. This time around, my brother and I are here for some business. To be precise, there are some debts we cannot fail to collect…” Yainsha smiled and Makarlo squinted his eyes. “Follow the servants to the rooms.”

Just when Jaysus was about to leave, Ye Cang said in a low tone, “Alukas, roccas (the fire in our hearts will not stop burning)...”

Jaysus stunned for a second and was shocked but then put a smile back on, “Alona, donenar (The darkness has passed, and the light is upon us)...”

The two of them glanced at each other and Jaysus was proud. He then left with a smile, “If there’s anything, the Red Lotus is not alone…”

Ye Cang pondered. Mar Junior and Azshara are the one who told me that. Any half-elf that can understand it are allies. Not to mention, his last name is Vivian.

“What were you and the mayor of Goddess City talking about?” Bane noticed the secret code between him and Ye Cang.

“Nothing much…” Jaysus did not elaborate any further.

“The next guest is the Lord of The Forgotten City, Yokeshane - Sephirons. He is a spirit. Behind him are his elders and servants. The two blondes behind are the president of the Unbounded Mercenary Association - Fang Fang and the chairperson of the Board of Directors of Armed Merchant Association - Lu Lily.”

Ye Cang saw Lin Le and the so-called chairperson of the BOD came up together. She had blood-red short hair and was dressed in a long coat. She looked extremely beautiful and gave out the scent of gold which perhaps was from her perfume. There was a huge blade on her back, a Meteor Hammer necklace around her neck and brass knuckles inlaid with diamonds in her hand as she swaggered her way through. On the other hand, the other blonde with a short boxed beard looked arrogant. He was drinking while walking. He had a Rapier as his sword. As for the man in the luxurious black hood in the lead, he was grabbing the big scepter with his skeleton hands. He looked calm as he entered the holy area.

Ye Cang was the first to reach out his hand, “Welcome, The Lord of Yokeshane.”

Sephirons stunned for a second, “It has been a while since anyone ‘welcomed’ me.”

Seeing Ye Cang’s sincere smile, he reached out his legitimately skeleton hands for a handshake. Yet, Ye Cang did not let go. Staring at his hand, Sephirons was a little unhappy, “The Sage of Six Goddesses…”

“I bet the soup must be delicious since it was boiled with such a nice bone…” Ye Cang said in a serious manner.

“......” Sephirons did not know what to reply. Just when his servants were about to say something, Ye Cang smiled, “Just kidding. Please do take some rest in the room.”

Sephirons let out a ‘crackling’ smile. It was a sharp one. “I like you... the mayor of Goddess City…”

He then headed to the room with his servants.

“Money, negotiation, transportation, battle…” Lo Lily said the four single-word terms.

“Understood. Rooms.” Ye Cang’s words impressed Lo Lily and Lin Le smiled, “I told you that my brother is impressive!”

“Yeap, right, you’re promoted,” Lo Lily continued to swagger her way to the rooms.

“Communicating with her is surely enjoyable,” Ye Cang exclaimed and Makarlo was stunned. Are you sure this lady is easy to communicate with?!