As Ye Cang shook hands with Fang Fang, Fang Fang said with a serious tone, “Hope to see your heroic actions in the War of Disaster, King of North…”

“Of course…” Ye Cang knew it was sarcastic but not with bad intentions.

“Hello, mayor PaleSnow.” A man in a black windbreaker and a hat walked up.

“This is the leader of Shadow Blade - Dion.”

“Welcome, leader Dion.” Ye Cang reached out his hand but receiving a handshake was not something Dion wanted to do. “I’m sorry. I don’t have the habit of shaking hands.”

Staring at Dion’s back, Ye Cang felt an awkward chill surging through every part of his body, “He has the ability to kill me in the Holy Area too?”

“Yeap, and he has many ways for that…” Makarlo added on.

“Then, what’s the purpose of this holy area?”

“An identity... to show your power and to protect yourself from others, except from these weird people…”

ThornyRose who heard it pondered. It’s also to put on an act, noob.

“You must treat the next guests well. The Queen of Elf - Cefier Lysses and her children, the fourth princess - The Great Shaman of The Goddess of Life - Shinar, the eldest prince - the leader of the Jade Royal Guards - Lujar, the third prince - the King of Borders - Eric and the elder is an Archdruid from the Forest of Eternal Song - Fandair - DragonSoul. He is the descendant of Lonass’ believers. He is on our side and is the only Archdruid that serves the Goddess of Full-moon,” Makarlo explained.

The beautiful Queen of Elf with an S-shape body smiled at Makarlo, “It’s been a while… Makarlo Verkado Shalojar. It’s a waste for you to be here with these capabilities of yours.”

“The call from Goddess Jam must be answered.” Makarlo’s words made Cefier Lysses feel pity. The most knowledgeable plant mage among the Six Big Forces, a treasure in nature.

Only then, she looked at the King Of North, “What you did for the Three Goddesses of Nature in the Enchanted Forest is a little over the limits…”

“What a thing to say? Goddess Anna has been asleep for so long. As her daughters, it’s reasonable for them to help their mother to keep an eye on you believers. Besides, she is about to wake up soon anyways…” Ye Cang smiled.

“How did you know?” Shinar frowned.

“We serve an elemental spirit here,” Ye Cang’s words made Cefier Lysses stare at him. His hidden meaning is obvious. It was Assenroche who told him that. He can even communicate with elemental spirits, maybe he is a shaman too...

Cefier Lysses walked straight into the room and Eric smiled at Ye Cang as their eyes met. Yet, Lujar saw it all.

“Thank you for recovering the great Goddess of Full-moon, Great Sage!” Fandair who was draped in all sorts of animal-skin clothing gave Ye Cang a big hug.

“Please accept my gratitude!” Fandair kissed Ye Cang’s cheek and sweat was dripping from Makarlo’s forehead, “Oh, I forgot to tell you that to show their utmost gratitude, an Archdruid from the Forest of Forever Song will give kisses to each other.”

Feeling the rough and tangling beard of the elder, Ye Cang awkwardly let out a smile, “It’s my duty. As the believer of the goddess, it’s my responsibility to ensure her recovery. Please proceed to the shrine for some rest, Elder Fandair.”

Seeing Fandair getting further, Ye Cang said, “Don’t tell me that crazy fella…”

“Don’t underestimate him. Even the Queen of Elf dares not provoke him. He had a fight with her the last time in Annajaxier and kicked her. He left without any injuries after burning down almost half the palace with a dragon’s breath. Even Cefier Lysses was no match for him. Fandair is famous for not having any temper in the Enchanted Forest. No one has seen him going mad and he treats everyone with kindness and passion...I always see him guiding and helping people who are lost, picking mushrooms or stealing honey…”

“Then, what caused the fight?”

“Shinar mocked his mother.”

“His mother?”

“Yeap, his mother is a beastwoman from the White Pig tribe and his father is a spirit in the Forest of Forever Song. That day, I was carrying out a checkup on the World Tree. Hearing some noises prompted me to go to the palace to see Fandair in the form of Shadow Moon Dragon wanting to kill Shinar. If it wasn’t for Cefier Lysses, I bet Shinar would be dead by now. He only kicked her a little, splurted some vulgarities and flew out of the palace, shooting the Shadow Moon Dragon’s breath at the palace. Even though the palace was under the protection of a barrier, most of it was still destroyed. Yet, after that incident, Cefier Lysses had never mentioned it and Fandair had never accepted any invitation to Annajaxier again. Shinar was then locked in the shrine of the Goddess of Life for 130 years.”

“No wonder I saw them acting like strangers. They are all from the Enchanted Forest but didn’t interact at all.”

“We’ll talk about that later. Here comes the general of the Steel Empire - Shaneley and the Saintess from Steel Empire - Ghanar.”

“Welcome…” Ye Cang had not finished his words and Shaneley, in heavy armor said coldly, “Save it for yourself. I’m just shouldering the responsibility of an ordinary being. Let’s go, Ghanar.”

“They hate people from the Planetary Empire,” Makarlo said.

The chairman of the Furnace Brother Association - Iron Beard and the King of the Valley Dwarf - Iron Fist greeted Ye Cang with a few simple words and rushed towards Lightning Fist with his heart pounding in excitement. They were eager to discuss and work on their forging skills with him since Lightning Fist was one of the creators of the Star of Broken Sky.

Linda came with the female leader from the Adventurers Association. She was carrying a big sword, had a long red ponytail and looked heroic. “Mayor PaleSnow, I am Ain. Since it’s Sister Linda’s business, it’s my business too.”

“Welcome. Welcome,” Ye Cang smiled.

The last guest was the president of the Boxing Club - William. He was cold when Ye Cang welcomed him. Through Makarlo, Ye Cang knew that the Boxing Club was under the ownership of the Steel Empire too. Same goes to the chancellor from Necromancy Academy - Shafelo and the leader of the Sacrificial Park - PhosphorusFlame. As for the remaining ones, Makarlo and Linda were in charge of welcoming them while Ye Cang returned to his office for a much-needed rest. He knew that the meeting scheduled for the next day would be a horrible one. I bet it’s going to be the same as how The 10 Commandments was in the beginning. A cat and dog fight… just for self benefits.

In the shrine, Assenroche ordered Agaloss to guarantee Ye Cang’s safety, to protect him especially from the art of hidden assassination. On the other hand, Anya summoned Verali and converted her into her close believer with some rituals. She also gave her a drop of her blood. Jam gave a seven-colored flower to Makarlo and thanked him, “I am extremely grateful that you did not abandon me in the first place… It’s been long-awaited, Shakerlogass…”

When he was young, Makarlo was curious about why his family wanted to wait up to generations for the call that was never going to happen. Upon hearing the phrase ‘Shakerlogass’, tears gushed down his cheek. This was the name of the first generation in his family and the origin of their last name. It was gifted by Goddess Jam, with the meaning of recovery. With his feeble body, he kneeled to receive the seven-colored flower.