“Bet your direct believer is not coming huh…” Mallow saw Aymuss was still waiting outside the shrine.

“No...she will come,” Aymuss shook her head with confidence but also with disappointment.

“Sorry to keep you waiting...The tremendous size of the Moon Harp took me some time to bring it over...” A beautiful gold mori girl walked into the shrine, carrying a big harp behind her back. Her hair was tied up into a French braid. Her appearance was outstanding as if it was gifted by a god. She had a high nose and the blue eyes of gods. She looked awfully gentle in that bluish long lace dress. On her waist, there hung a glimmering moon sickle.

“Shacily Muse…” Makarlo stared at the girl. The creature from Long Moon Island. A very mysterious one. I have only heard about it that at the west of Farsarqi, there is this Long Moon Island which is home to the six most beautiful ladies. Whenever the half-moon rises, melodious music will spread through the surface of the sea.

“Shacily, you haven’t changed at all.” The last time Aymuss saw her was a millennium ago.

“That’s because my belief has never changed or strayed an inch from its path.” Shacily Muse smiled with tears, “You finally summon me again. This time, I came with the Half-moon sword you gifted me. I have developed the determination to draw it.”

Aymuss was touched by her words. As the gods had fallen, her sisters and her believers were decreasing year by year. All that she had left in her life were Shacily and her ancestors. Due to the insufficient holy power to sustain her presence, Aymuss had no choice but to hibernate. Shacily was only a few decades old when she saw her for the very last time. Being her one and only direct believer was the reason she gave her the Half-moon sword. Thousands of years had passed and little did she know that Shacily was rooting on Long Moon Island, waiting for her call.

“Very well, Shacily. I hope you can be the Great Sage’s bodyguard. Ensure his safety…” Makarlo felt weird after hearing what Aymuss said. All the direct believers of the six goddesses are responsible for the president’s safety... well, all I can do is to only execute their orders...

“I got it…” Shacily Muse wanted to meet the sage who resurrected the god of her belief.

Ye Cang swaggered his way in and quickly acted normal after seeing Shacily Muse. “This is…”

“My direct believer, Shacily Muse.” Ye Cang scanned her from head to toe. “Oh, not bad. It’s a good seed. Come to my room later. I’ll do some modifications on your hairstyle and you’ll be recruiting believers for me.”

“Huh?” Shacily Muse was confused.

“Huh?! What is there for you to question?! You are so beautiful. You’ll just have to listen to me and follow my orders, got it?! Also, the six of you, quickly recover your holy powers. I’ve discussed it with my daughter. If I or our men are selected as the chief commander for the war, the six of you will be having a field day. Put in more effort! Don’t always stir up internal affairs and raise my anger!” Ye Cang went straight to the main topic.

Except for Maru Naya, Makarlo and Linda, the other direct believers were shocked after witnessing how Ye Cang treated the goddesses. His tone was not calm and yet he sounded like giving them orders. Is this really a conversation between a believer and a god?

“I understand and that’s why I called for Agaloss. You and Wind Fist must try your very best to fight for the position, or else you can choose to nominate Sage PaleSnow.” Assenroche’s order made Agaloss stunned. The elemental spirit actually accepted such an impolite contempt?! Don’t tell me Sage PaleSnow, no, I meant the Great Sage is someone with mysterious powers?! Yeap, that’s must be it! It’s unpredictable but I guess I got it.

“The Great Sage, I believe nominating you might be... a little difficult. The General of Steel Empire and the direct believer of the God of Light... you might not be able to win them…” Aymuss was pessimistic. Originally, I thought that we could just mix into them to get some belief powers. But of course, if we can be the main force, that’ll be better. 

“You, come over…” Ye Cang smiled.

“......” After much hesitation, Aymuss walked towards him at snail’s pace.

“Come a little closer…” Ye Cang’s smile was getting creepier as he tapped on the table.

Just when Aymuss got closer, she was oppressed by Ye Cang on the table and had her butt smacked. “How dare you reply to me so defiantly?! How dare you! I put in a lot of effort and tried my very best to help you guys and you threw a wet blanket on me?! Do you want me to strip you naked and hang you on your own statue for 10 days and 10 nights?”

“Oh Great Sage, if that day ever comes, we sisters will definitely rally round!” Mallow shouted.

“I’m sorry! I won’t allow it to happen again, Great Sage!”

Ye Cang let go of Aymuss, brushed his wolf-head hood and looked at Shacily Muse who could not believe what she witnessed. “Let’s go. I’ll give your hair a makeover and change your costume. We’ll see how the meeting goes tomorrow.”

“My lord…” Shacily Muse was dragged away by Ye Cang.

“Listen to the Great Sage, he will never harm you,” Shacily was speechless at Aymuss’ words.

Seeing Agaloss’ confused expression, Assenroche mumbled, “He doesn’t even dare to treat me like that yet…”

The other five goddesses glared at Assenroche.


In the mayor’s mansion, Ye Cang took out his set of barber tools and carefully examined Shacily Muse’s body. Hmmm... her clothes suit her a lot. It just needs a little touch up. Her hair needs to be a little looser. “Show me your legs.”

Shacily Muse pulled up her dress embarrassedly and Ye Cang gave a few serious comments. He then made a high cut and removed the sleeves of her dress. He also tightened the fabric on the hips and also at the breast. Moments later, he started adjusting her hair. These big braids suit her a lot but it must be a little looser to show a bit of laziness. In a blink of an eye, it was done.

Previously, Shacily Muse felt like dying but was re-encouraged by seeing Ye Cang only treating her like a piece of artwork with no perverted intention in his eyes. She stared into the mirror. So beautiful… She stuttered, “Thank... thank... thank you Great Sage…”

“No problem. From now onwards, you’re the elder of the Goddess Association and also the secretary of the city.”


“Your job is to just stand beside me when there's a need for guest receptions.”

“Oh, alright, Great Sage,” Shacily Muse thought for a second. The Great Goddess wants me to protect him and this secretary job suits me alright.

With her by his side, Ye Cang walked out of the mansion and headed to the sleeping chamber, planning to have a look at Minox and the rest. Upon arriving at the hallway of the garden in the sleeping chamber, he saw Dion sitting beside the fountain. Dion sensed Ye Cang’s and a strong warrior’s auras from afar. Shacily Muse may have looked like she was not paying attention to Dion but her hands were firmly on the blade.

Ye Cang nodded at Dion and walked away.

At the moment she placed her hands on the blade, Dion noticed a sense of danger. His pupils contracted. Her attacking area could actually cover the entire Goddess City! And she locked onto me. Well, let’s try it out. Just when he was about to reach for his dagger, he could foresee the blade resting on his throat. Hmm... interesting. Pulling out the dagger had thus become unnecessary and he dropped the idea.

Staring at Shacily Muse’s S-shape body, Dion pondered. There is actually a strong warrior whom I don’t recognize in the Six Big Forces?! Not to mention, she is such a stunning lady...