Ye Cang visited Minox who had a grudge against Shacily Muse for getting the position as Ye Cang’s secretary and Azshara to discuss serious matters on his to-do list. However, they still had to wait for the meeting the next morning to make proper decisions. Lastly, he walked past Jaysus’ place and knocked on his door.

Opening the door to see Ye Cang, Jaysus invited him with a smile. Shacily Muse followed. Staring at Shacily’s beautiful face, he was stunned for a second, “This is?”

“My secretary, Elder Shacily Muse,” Ye Cang introduced her and Shacily only glanced at Jaysus.

“What do you need me to do?” Jaysus asked, doing away with all the unnecessary politeness.

“Join the Goddess Association.” Ye Cang said and Jaysus mumbled, “Even though you’re a half-elf, I can’t trust you just like that yet.”

“There’s no harm joining, is there?”

“What are you actually trying to do?” Jaysus felt Ye Cang had some other intentions.

After pointing at the sky, he left with a smile.

Staring at Ye Cang, Jaysus smirked, “What an ambitious guy. Does he want to become a god?”

In fact, what Ye Cang meant was ‘I want to crush the sky’.

The next day. In the meeting room in the shrine.

Each of the leaders gradually made their arrival at the venue and took their respective seats. The General - Shanley was pissed when he saw the holy logos on the main seat. The Saintess from Steel Empire - Ghanar sat beside him. Cailon gave the second seat on his left to Sagain as he did not bother whether he, as the King of the Planetary Empire would be the one sitting on the main throne up there. This is his holy area and we must respect the goddesses.

Ye Cang came in with the elders of the shrine. Verali and Shacily did not want to sit and insisted on standing beside Ye Cang. It was a weird scene to witness as one was beautiful and the other was ugly.

Lu Lily and Lin Le sat in the third main seats. Behind them was the previous chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Armed Merchant Association in Black Rock City. Staring at Lin Le’s back, he was frustrated.

“Lele, you, negotiate, sleepy, need sleep, Wayjane, follow up.” Lu Lily took out the accounting books and slept right on it.

“Alright, boss,” Wayjane sighed.

Since Zhang Zhengxiong and Little Ye Tian were members of the Holy Church, it was not appropriate for them to stand beside Ye Cang.

“Once again, I welcome everyone to the Goddess City…” Ye Cang smiled but was interrupted by Shaneley. “Keep all the nonsense to yourself and let’s start with the real business. Is there any news from Iskafanda?” 

“Nope. I sent my men into the Great Wasteland. The city that was originally located in Fershila Oasis was abandoned. I bet they moved the city to another place because even the golden statue of Shaqila was nowhere to be seen. But I don’t know the exact reason,” Milk Overlord - Linda said. 

“I think we can just leave Iskafanda’s matter aside. Who knows maybe they have joined forces with the Shadows of Natural Destruction Legislature… Oh, wait, I remember now, they are the betrayers of the Useless Steel Empire,” Cailon smirked.

“Do you wish to die, you little bastard from Planetary…” Shaneley smiled.

“Don’t forget that you’re still in the Planetary Empire too, Useless Steel General.” Cailon had battled countless times with him.

“President, they are about to fight,” Lin Le whispered to Lu Lily.

“No money, no help.” Lu Lily changed to another sleeping position.

“We haven’t started battling the Natural Destruction Legislature and you guys are thinking of starting a civil war already?!” Cefier Lysses sneered at them. “Just ignore them and continue. We don’t have much info about this war as we don’t even have more constructive details about our enemies. So, anyone who has information, please do share it out. It’s no longer an issue about an empire or a particular force, it’s about the Six Big Forces!”

“According to what I know, our enemies will be the wielder of the Star of Broken Sky - War Fist and a black robe mage from Shadows of Natural Destruction Legislature.” Frowns were on everyone’s head as soon as Ye Cang finished his words as they knew War Fist was one of the gods of war in the legends. No one had doubts on the information as Wind Fist was in this meeting and he was still in his spirit form.

“The Saintess of Sins - Ferangs and the one in the Grave of Lion Heart…” The Saintess - Ghana said.

“The Holy Sword of the Lion’s Heart - Sahang Tomiya…” Cailon’s emotions got the better of him. According to the usual practice, he would rant and throw insults at the Steel Empire for not doing a good job. He took a deep breath and said, “My grandfather’s grave was emptied… The current Vivian’s in the Holy Church is also…”

“I think we can dismiss this meeting… Don’t mind me. It’s just a joke.” EmptyHanded’s impromptu joke earned himself the glares from everyone. The Sword of Rainbow - Rubick Ryan. The Rebel -  Furious Red Lotus - Lafier Vivian. They were the most insane people everyone knew in that era.

“Dermiya…”  Cefier Lysses smiled bitterly.

“The Necromancer Queen of Elf - Dermita,” Lu Jiaxi mumbled. The sister of the Queen of Elf  Cefier Lysses.

Silence engulfed the atmosphere for a moment. Even the Martial Art Saint from the War God’s Temple frowned but Ryance laughed, “So we are all afraid now? Sagain, why aren’t you saying anything? You’re sitting in the first guest seats.”

Sagain smiled politely, “I’m the one who informed everyone about this meeting. It’s also the responsibility I can’t run away from as the believer of the God of Light. No matter what you guys are planning to do, I’ll eliminate all the disturbing beings and the heresy in the Six Big Forces. What else for me to say…”

“Dermiya... I will kill her once again… I won’t leave any trace of her corpse this time…” Agaloss said seriously.

“Dermiya didn’t misuse her magic…” Lujar realized it before he himself could finish the sentence. Cefier Lysses looked at Agaloss without saying a thing. Deep in his mind, she knew how her sister died. This man is a nightmare to all magic users. Unless you can kill him directly, or else you will be receiving endless disturbance and torture from him. There will always be a moment when you feel relaxed and that’s the last stop. The magic you take pride in is the tool for him to kill you. Among all the people here, he is the only scariest being alive. Unless you’re a demi-god, no mages can run away from his hunt or his search, including myself. But of course, he wouldn’t choose a random target to kil. Only people who broke the arcane and magic rules will be sentenced.

However, what Cefier Lysses did not know was that Agaloss could only exercise his power on people who break arcane and magic rules, not to kill as he wished.

“You’re indeed the guardian of the Border of Mystery…” Dion knew there were only three legendary people among the assassins and only Agaloss and himself were alive… No one knows how strong he is as you can only hear but cannot see. He can break all spells but how exactly... it remains a fact no one knows. Because those who had the chance to witness it would not have another minute to live.

“From the Ball of Sacrifice, I roughly saw the shadows of evil gods and demons. We must be careful. The prediction is 90% accurate.” The leader of the Sacrificial Park - PhosphorusFlame gently knocked the table a few times with his dry withering hands.