Zuo Yiyi interacted with the audience and allowed them to enter while the participants got onto the stage. The world’s top 100 players were gathered at one spot, from Russia, Japan, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. Flame Emperor glanced at the other participants from the other regions and yet he was only interested in the Three Emperors. To him, the others were trash that do not even stand a chance to defend themselves.

Even though he was dragged down from being the top player in China, Flame Emperor was still an incredible player whom no one could defeat in one-on-one battles.

With eyes roving the stage to look at the participants with all kinds of skin tones and from various regions, Ye Cang sighed, “Friends from all around the world, knowing that I’m about to see your corpse, I feel sorry for you guys. My apologies… in advance.” 

“I know right, a bunch of noobies, especially that…” Lin Le looked at Aota while scratching his butt.

“And also the noisiest one…” Zhang Zhengxiong was like no different from a wall separating him and the other two with the rest of the people. Undeniably, their ranks were the highest in the current league. Meanwhile, SpyingBlade was playing with his little dagger. Oh gosh, team leader is trying to gather resentment from everyone again.

Just when Nagasawa was about to say something, Aota stopped her, “This is not the first time and you’re allowing his taunts to disrupt your mood already? We’ll make him pay when we enter the game.”

“Hmph!” Nagasawa was pissed.

Ariel frowned at the three emperors. I might have watched their competitions but facing them in reality is really annoying. She turned around to see the Russian players getting frustrated with Mad Devil Le’s Taunting Lil’Bear Dance. “Let’s start the game! Yiyi, pull the trigger to select a place.”

Zuo Yiyi followed her instructions and numerous scenes flashed through. At last, it stopped at the landscape of a concrete jungle. On top of the skyscrapers were standing various types of people, ranging from ninjas to men in suits, to students, to teachers, to workers, to children and what stained their hands were bright red blood.

“Mixed battle - City - Long-lasting Killer,” Zuo Yiyi read out the name.

“An independent game created 130 years ago. Due to the high level of difficulty, the conditions of the final round were still yet to be discovered. The chances of passing this game through its main story is almost zero. There’s no way to beat the boss of the Assassin Association and the leaders of the few organisations. This can be considered as one of the famous off-season games,” Little Ye Tian explained.

Ariel smiled bitterly. I haven't even tried this game before. This little girl… One of the top supports in the current league… Her analyzing skills are sure incredible.


“Why should I tell you guys? Besides... we are enemies, alright? Stay further away from me,” Little Ye Tian rolled her eyes. From the way she rolled her eyes on the live broadcast on TV, Wu Na knew she learned it from ThornyRose.

“There’s a brief description about it. Once you enter Tian Jing City, you will receive a random identity and ability. Killing an enemy will grant you extra killing points to be used to strengthen your skills or to develop new skills. The last man standing will win the game. Also, there is another way to obtain killing points. After every fixed period of time, there will be a killing crystal appearing somewhere in the city. Obtaining the crystal will also grant you the same effect of killing a person,” Zuo Yiyi described.

“This killing crystal is the motivating drive that makes players kill each other…” Ariel said.

“And you can’t stop yourself from going. This is what I like about it.” Flame Emperor’s words made Ariel look at him. If the three emperors did not exist, there wouldn’t be any worthy opponents for him. The arrogant him has changed. She smiled gladly.

With the audience urging, Zuo Yiyi had activated the game and players were allowed to enter within a minute. “Do you guys have anything to say to your players? I’ll pick three fans from different regions.”

“The stars have perished! The Three Brothers rule! In this dynasty! All others shall die!”

“Wow, the fans of the Three Brothers are everywhere. What an annoying bunch. The men from Flame Dragon, we’ll support you forever!”

“Ajasnar! Please. Step on me as you like!”

Awkwardly, Zuo Yiyi stopped the interaction and the timer showed only ten seconds were left.

“See you later... Acting Emperor,” Flame Emperor said.

“If you can survive…” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders.

“You guys are so dead! Lele will slash you all to death!” Lin Le exclaimed arrogantly with his hands on his hips.

“Sister Rose, you better be careful. My brother will definitely target you.” ThornyRose sighed upon hearing Zhang Zhengxiong’s words. I don’t need him to remind me. There was never a game where that bastard wouldn’t sabotage me. But I can use this point to eliminate the opponents! Speaking of strategies, I’m still… She looked left and right to see Little Ye Tian, MistyVeil, VastSea, NalanPureSoul, Cadone and others… last on the list?

“Acting Emperor, do go easy on me,” Ajasnar looked at him with her beautiful elf-like eyes.

Ye Cang scanned her from head to toe, “Hmm...not bad. You’re worth me dismantling your corpse to boil a soup with your intestines.”

“......” Everyone was speechless, especially Ajasnar herself.

“Just kidding…” Ye Cang smiled but SpyingBlade and the others felt that he would definitely do it, especially RedMoon. If I didn’t join HappyFirmaments, he will definitely boil me in his broth of soup.

“It has begun,” CloudDragon said as the clock striked one.

“I’ll kill you,” LordAsked said from behind Flame Emperor.

“In your dreams,” Flame Emperor turned around and replied.

Ye Cang felt he had been transferred into another dimension. In the midst of darkness, numerous identities flashed through and it stopped at a ten-year-old girl. She looked innocent and cute with her big eyes and flowery dress.

Staring at the character, Ye Cang calmly accepted the body and casually came up with all kinds of poses reflecting a girl’s reaction in front of the mirror. Only the people who had experienced the special realm with him at that time knew why he would be so familiarized with a girl’s body, the expressions, the cute smiles, and the cute act of stomping the ground. Seeing such a scene, Zuo Yiyi was dumbfounded. First, the probability for a male player to get a female body is very rare. And now, with those acting skills, you can’t tell at all. He looked just like he was born as a little girl. Besides, the smile he made matches the frequency of a girl’s voice.

“I think I just knew something insane about Acting Emperor... this perfectly fine feeling of him being a girl…”

“I got hard... I actually got hard by looking at Acting Emperor… Do I have some illness or something…”

“Actually, I feel weird too… Can’t blame yourself for that. It’s all because of his insane acting skills. Seeing him acting like a little girl is literally like having a real one in front of your eyes. He even skips and hops as he walks. Eww...”

Ye Cang took a look at his profile.

Name: Akili (PaleSnow)
Gender: Female
Age: 11 years old
Affiliation:  Kyoto’s Mutants Association - Purple Flower Garden probationary member
Talent: Has the bloodline of Magical Girls (can easily master magic spells)
Abilities: Master of Utility Knives (excels in using utility knives), light-blade weapons user (able to learn and use light-blade weapons)
Skill: Random Steps (able to shift location with small random steps and consumes a lot of energy)

After confirming the profile and his talents, Ye Cang brushed his fringe and bangs in front of the mirror. From his dress, he took out a utility knife, revealed the blade and smiled creepily, “You guys are so dead…”

Suddenly, a man’s voice was heard from the door. “Lil’Li, it’s time for breakfast!”

“Okie, daddy!” Ye Cang changed to an innocent girl’s expression in an instance, even before he hid his knife. He then went out of the room to have breakfast with his parents. They had a good time chit chatting and laughing as if he was the real daughter. The audience shivered at such a scene and Brother Zhao smiled bitterly, “Hate to admit that Acting Emperor is definitely good at acting…”

“An inborn killer. It’s never wrong.” Brother Zhong looked at Ye Cang hopping out of the house. “His hunting spree is about to start. Let’s look at Mad Devil Le and Roaring Emperor.”