Once he was out of the game, Yuen Zaiyi noticed Nagasawa’s and Maloff’s frustration. He replayed the scene of Nagasawa’s death, Maloff’s and his own. Nagasawa, even though your acting skills are good, Acting Emperor has his talents inborn. He cut your throat first so you couldn’t scream and then ended you off with a fatal strike. The entire process was done in one go and his timing was insanely accurate. The same thing happened for Maloff’s case. He took advantage of his camouflage as a little girl and killed him. I can’t finish him alone since he has enhanced his skills. If he could control that utility knife with telekinesis when he killed you guys, I bet even all three of us would be no match for him.

Hmm... that body movement when he battled with you, it must be a skill. Maloff replayed the recording again and again.

Meanwhile, Ye Cang stared at the blood stain on his dress. Guess I can’t help it. He looked around to find an emptied house. He climbed in, opened the washing machine, and put in his dress. He was only wearing a camisole and panties. While waiting for the dress to be done, he switched on the TV, took a bottle of beer and laid on the sofa. He also leveled up his talent of Telekinesis User with the one killing point he obtained from Yuen Zaiyi. It leveled up and developed a new skill - Telekinesis Hammer.

If the parents of this child know what their daughter was doing… They would probably kill themselves. Look at her. Picking her nose while laying on the sofa to watch TV... and worst still, she is drinking beer...

Just then, Ye Cang heard the washing machine’s timer and the sound of the door being opened. Everyone pondered. This is gonna be awkward. The owner is back!

The couple who came in to see Ye Cang wearing only underwear were stunned. Ye Cang blinked and then smiled at the man, “Uncle, didn’t you ask me to drink some beer while waiting for you at home? Oops, I think I remembered the date wrongly. It isn’t today… This aunt is…”

The wife immediately went furious, “How dare you do such dirty things behind me! Worst still, with someone who is this young?! Are you still human?! You lowlife...! I’ll kill you!”

Casually, Ye Cang went to retrieve her dress and walked out of the door while the wife was still beating the husband. Hearing all the plates and pans being smashed to the floor, he skipped and hopped to the store downstairs. With the money he looted from the house, he ordered a mango smoothie.

“......” Everyone was speechless.

“He is indeed the Acting Emperor. His reactions are really unexpectedly amazing…” Brother Zhao exclaimed. 

Behind the cuteness of that girl probably lies her true evilness… Zuo Yiyi recalled how Ye Cang tortured her and Junior Zhao. 

Suddenly, a red light flashed from the playground nearby. It was mesmerizing but Ye Cang noticed most of the passerby could not see it. Just then, he saw three people subconsciously looking towards that direction. He let out a smile innocently while drinking the smoothie. Three people... Lil’Li, you’re so lucky...

“If I don’t know that girl is Acting Emperor, I would’ve thought she is actually quite cute…” Brother Zhong’s words made Zuo Yiyi stare at him. So, you like this kind of psycho girls...

Ye Cang got up and blended into the crowd as he walked towards the light. It was a tall and big shrub maze. He got himself a map before going in. 

“There are ten entrances at the side but there are a total of 34 different ways to enter the maze. The killing crystal is right in the center,” Brother Zhao pointed at the map.

“The first elimination round kicked off. Among the 34 people going in, only a few would stand a chance to survive.” Brother Zhong was analyzing everyone’s route and the notifications he obtained. Currently, there are only five players with killing points. Acting Emperor (killed three), Aota (killed one Australian), SpyingBlade (killed two - Ibn from the Middle East and ExtremeSpike from Knights of the Round Table). SpyingBlade is the most low-profile pre-emperor-ranked player. Ever since the legendary challenge, his net worth has gone up like a flying rocket. Among all the character shares, he is currently in the fourth highest excluding the three emperors. He is also the player who is the closest to being an emperor but usually, we don’t have much news about him.

This fella is those people who usually keep a low-profile but then amaze others when they do something big. Brother Zhao stared at SpyingBlade’s calm face. When this assassin takes away that calm expression of his, his attacks are more insane than any warrior. He gets stronger when he meets a stronger opponent. He is the Frenzied Shadow - SpyingBlade.

The fourth person was FlameEmperor who killed LordGrinned, Zina and Ladowa from Russia. It would definitely be a tough match if he met Acting Emperor. The last one was Sister Ariel who killed Takashu from Japan. As for Roar Emperor, he had set off for a mission too far away for him to rush back. Mad Devil Le was on his way but it would be too late by the time he reached. As for the others, they were relatively far from the crystal. Some who were nearby did not bother to even move an inch as if they were giving up. Little Ye Tian was collecting all sorts of information and had no intentions of going after the crystal whereas Brother Zhong was interested in the intels about a few big associations collected by Ye Tian. This little girl wouldn’t collect such info all of a sudden. She must have noticed something since she is the Queen of Analysis.

Meanwhile, Ye Cang was tailing Ashara (Australian player) with the disguise of an office worker. Seeing no one around, he took out the utility knife and repeatedly pushed and pulled the blade. The sound of it made Ashara turn around to realize a little girl walking towards him with a knife. He quickly pulled out a gun from his office bag but unfortunately, another utility knife was faster in piercing through his hand.

In a blink of an eye, Ye Cang appeared before Ashara, cut his throat and hid him into the shrubs. The entire battle was like a moment of spark. He then continued his plan on killing the second target and developed a new talent as two killing points were needed to level up the Telekinesis User. The new skill was The Brute Strength. His strength was greatly increased as lifting a car for a short period of time was not something difficult for him.

Ashara who was disqualified replayed the scene of him being killed. The gap between us is too big. He has seen through my style of attack as if he knew it from the start. I was killed right at the moment I battled him. The last time I had such a feeling was from Flame Emperor.

Swiftly, among the 34 people who went into the maze, there were only 20 left. Ye Cang’s utility knife had become all his opponent’s nightmare as he had killed three people consecutively with that. He had leveled up the Telekinesis to advanced level and mastered Area Psychokinesis. He could now detect any object or individual in a certain area not within his vision and kill them with psychokinesis. He also leveled up The Brute Strength into the Strength of Dragon. The increase in the power of telekinesis and accuracy made the weapon of his more deadly and unpredictable.

“Except for FlameEmperor and SpyingBlade, I think most of the people wouldn’t manage to escape from him. His resources had surpassed most of the people. Did you see how he killed Jalass from South America? He didn’t even use any telekinesis and he crushed the opponent’s rib cage with one punch. He is actually a strength-type player under such an appearance?! If the enemies did not pay attention, they would think he was the agility type and went head on. Pretty sure 90% of them would face a hard death…” Brother Zhong replayed the scene of Ye Cang killing Jalass.