After leaving the battlefield, Ariel recalled the battle just now. I’m not old but they are indeed too strong. The new generations are superseding the previous ones huh? The Frenzied Shadow - SpyingBlade, I’ll remember this name. She then sat beside her lover and continued to watch the battle.

“This SpyingBlade is one of the best players I’ve encountered so far in terms of reaction and dexterity. From the very beginning, he had already picked the best hiding spot to kill the two players. What an inborn assassin…”

“He is no ordinary assassin. If you ever watch his previous competitions or recent recordings, you’ll notice that he is the dexterity type of assassin but he turns into a mad warrior when you battle him… He excels in forceful kills instead of traditional ways of assassination.” Brother Zhong shook his head. “On the other hand, Acting Emperor from HappyFirmaments is the one who truly excels in assassination among the top four players. However, people didn’t notice because he is too good at everything.”

“But to be honest, even if you don't get killed by Frenzied Shadow, Lele will also come hunting you down... in a one-on-one combat…” Brother Zhao smiled.

“I don’t really know about Lele. From the competition, all his acts are just weird. I somehow pity the innocent lives that he took away without any reasons…” Sia said.

“Even Flame Emperor would not boast that he could beat him in a one-on-one battle. To be precise, in the current league, no one can win him with 100% confidence. His specialty is his unpredictable actions. But most importantly it is his battle talent. More often than not, he uses his skill when you expected them the least and his actions are unpredictable. He might even kill himself if he throws a temper…” Brother Zhong was afraid of these kinds of players the most as one unexpected move would be able to ruin the battle.

Staring at Lin Le who was snacking while watching his drama, Sia pondered. So, this is the emperor rank…

Brother Zhong then changed the scene to Zhang Zhengxiong. He had completed the mission and mastered the Heaven and Earth Overlord Fist.

“Not bad! You are indeed talented. Come! Beat me! It is only at the brink of death when one can know the ultimate skill of the Extreme Tribe!”

“Soaring Dragon and Roaring Tiger Fist!”

“Heaven and Earth Overlord Fist!”

Zhang Zhengxiong’s fist punched right into the master’s chest, causing a huge bloody hole. All his internal organs were crushed. 


“Don’t be worried. This is just a small injury. I won’t die that easily…”

“Actually, master, your entire chest is gone… the crumbs of your heart and intestines are all on the wall…”

“It’s alright. It’s just a small matter. Your seniors were even more cruel. They crushed my brain.”


“Congratulations! You’ve mastered the ultimate move of Extreme Tribe - Real - Heaven and Earth Overlord Fist!”

“Long, I’m glad that you’ve graduated. Go and explore the outside world. Oh yeah, kill that senior for me. When he left, he brought along with him the Extreme Tribe’s forbidden scroll that he stole… He even harassed a female senior and made her leave us too… That left me with no more ladies for me to peek at during their shower…”


“If you ever encounter any problems, go and find this senior. Here’s her address.”

Zhang Zhengxiong placed the dead elder back in the master chair and left for the city with a bicycle.

Moments later, the elder stood up and got rid of the flesh on the ground. After that, he recirculated his qi and he was back to normal in a blink of an eye. Seeing Zhang Zhengxiong had left the front gate, he mumbled, “I think I better recruit female apprentices…”

“What the hell… how much is his killing points?!” Sia was speechless.

“39. The highest one currently. Acting Emperor has only 13…” Brother Zhao smiled bitterly. The elder he defeated just now… wait no, he didn’t actually kill him. By just passing the test earns him 30 killing points. In the past, Roaring Emperor could block and kill anyone, anyone at all. No one could really withstand a punch from him, not to mention the Heaven and Earth Overlord Fist he learned just now.

“I don’t think what you said is correct. Even though Mad Devil Le has only six killing points, his two captains are super strong. They should be strong players with around 30 killing points.” Brother Zhong repeatedly replayed the scene of Lin Le’s underlings having a killing spree. 

“Let me see what Frenzied Shadow is doing…” Ariel was interested in the person who got her disqualified.

Upon getting out of the park, SpyingBlade flagged down a taxi and headed to Sunset High School. Ariel pondered. What’s his intention?

“Today is Sports Day. If I'm absent, the teacher will definitely notify my parents. Taxi driver, can you drive a little faster…” SpyingBlade made a request.

“Oh, my daughter is also from Sunset High School. Which grade are you in?” 

“Grade 11.”

“My daughter is in grade 12. She is going to graduate this year. I wanted to send her to Broken Sin University but because of the mayoral election, I can’t guarantee the future of this city anymore. Sigh… I’m not wealthy enough to send her to Sky Tower City to further her studies as the tuition fees there are as high as its name suggests.”

SpyingBlade hesitated and took out a card. “The money inside this should be enough.”

“I was just joking…” the driver looked back and smiled. He saw some blood stain on the shirt underneath SpyingBlade’s belt. “You’re not any ordinary student, are you?”


The driver stopped the car and thought for a moment. SpyingBlade knew it was going to be some mission.

“My father was once a member of the Assassin Association. When I was young, I could tell he handled things pretty well out there although sometimes it might get out of hand. And he never came back ever since… He has left me a red crystal and ordered me not to let anyone know about it. I bet you wanted it badly, don’t you?”

SpyingBlade did not say a word but nodded.

“Let’s go. It’s along the way back to my house anyway. Treat this as a deal. I can now be free from this crystal. Young man, you don’t look like an evil person to me. You must be the same as my father. I just hope that you don’t get too deeply entrenched and injure the people you love the most…”

SpyingBlade’s lips were as if frozen but he understood his intention. As they arrived at a condominium, the driver went up to get the crystal wrapped in a cloth and handed to SpyingBlade. Along the journey to the school, there were no exchanges of conversations.

Upon arriving at Sunset High School, a beautiful long-haired girl in spectacles caught sight of the driver. “Daddy!”

As SpyingBlade got out of the taxi, the girl grabbed his arm, “Hi, my name is Zhang Ke’er… the driver who fetched you here is your senior’s father, which is my father. Shouldn’t you say hi?”

The driver Zhang did not want his daughter to have any relationships with SpyingBlade. Just when he was about to say something, SpyingBlade knocked her hands away and said coldly, “Stay away from me! The daughter of a taxi driver. Hmph!”

Staring at SpyingBlade’s back made the driver recall his father -- someone who always uses a harmful way to protect others. He then told Zhang Ke’er, “Don’t you get into any relationships with that rich kid. I need to go to work now. I’ll come over to fetch you once the events for today are over.”

“It’s alright, daddy. I’m going to Lily's house today.”

“Aright, remember to give your mom a call. Also... go to the Sky Tower for university.”

“But we are…”

“You don’t have to think about the money. Just go ahead. Don’t worry about your mom and I.”

As the taxi drove away and got smaller and smaller until it was nowhere to be seen, Zhang Ke’er looked at SpyingBlade with gratitude in her eyes. She adjusted her spectacles. I’ll repay you… Her eyes turned into total darkness but they swiftly returned to normal.

Clumsily, she jogged into the school as her well-developed breasts bounced up and down.