SpyingBlade participated in the 100m sprinting and 100m hurdles events and emerged as the champion for both. Sitting on the bench, wiping his sweat and receiving all the compliments from the students surrounding him, he received a random ability drink from the members of the sports council. The situation brought him down memory lane, back to when he was attending high school. He was sitting somewhere near the windows, looking at others having fun on sports day. He was supposed to participate in the relay event but an injured ankle was what sat him out of the game. Heh, I could have received the bat from Lil’Qian. His lips curled. I might have really missed my youth where I could sweat all I want but... because of that, I’m being restrained by the team leader now. 

SpyingBlade exclaimed that life was tough. If his life was not so deeply affected by cancer, he might have lived the ordinary life he wanted but of course, with his crush, Lil’Qian. Power and money were never something he desired as all he wanted was to live his life peacefully… to be an ordinary office worker, to find a normal human wife, to get himself a daughter whom he would bring to theme parks, send to school and witness her marriage. Upon thinking about it, the thought of driver Zhang just now came into his mind. Maybe I’ll be just like him… living an ordinary life…

“Hey!” A female voice interrupted his thoughts.

SpyingBlade turned around to see Zhang Ke’er. “I remember telling you…”

“To stay away from you, right? You really can’t recognise me, can you?! A’Jie…” There was a picture of him holding hands with someone. There was a river and a grass field. She was carrying him on her back to find his mother.

“I know you gave my dad the money. A’Jie, let’s go to Sky Tower together...This place will not be safe, especially when you belong to the Mutants Association…”

“How did you know?”

“Because they invited me too but I rejected the offer. My father told me the story about my grandfather when I was young. Knowing that my loved one might not return pains me so much. Hence, I rejected… the election... and blood will definitely flood the city tonight... and you will die too…”

“I don’t think so.”

“I can foresee most of the future. Your life's on the line and your death is getting obvious…”

SpyingBlade kept silent for a moment, “You and I are different. As for this matter, don’t bother. Once the sports day is over, pack your luggage and go to the sky tower tomorrow…”

Seeing SpyingBlade leaving, Zhang Ke’er shouted, “Do you still remember the promise we made the last time?!”

SpyingBlade had no idea what she was talking about and did not want to know either, “I don’t remember. It has been too long…”

SpyingBlade then disappeared in the sunset while Zhang Ke’er stared at her own shadow. “But I never forgot about it… Daddy, forgive me for being reckless for once. It might also be the last time…”

Zhang Ke’er looked into a mirror she took out from her pocket and saw her death was approaching. A’Jie, if I really wanted to go to the Sky Tower... I would have left earlier… Her pupils started to turn black. She untied her ponytail and headed to the changing room.

“So heart-warming…” Brother Zhao was touched by Zhao Ke’er’s actions, Brother Zhong was jealous of SpyingBlade and Ariel was sad, “What a pity. The man she met is no longer the A’Jie she knew…”

“It reminds me of my first crush,” Sia smiled.

“Which b*tch is that? Why didn’t I hear you mention it before?”

“It is a he. But he treated me like a brother and I was jealous. I only then understood when I saw him kissing my elder brother…” Sia recalled. 

“Hmmm...not bad. You two siblings are sure from the homo family,” Zuo Yiyi laughed.

Sia rolled her eyes against her, “I didn't understand myself until I met you, darling.”

Ariel did not say a word but tightly leaned against her.

“Let’s look at the blessings from the audience…”

“Burn them to death!” Zuo Yiyi awkwardly brushed off the topic. “Let’s continue to watch the game.”

“......” The couple was speechless. Just how pissed these people can be...

“Hmm... what’s Acting Emperor doing?” Brother Zhong changed the scene to Ye Cang.

Ye Cang found another house which he could enter to wash his dress, ‘helped’ the couple to strengthen their bonds and he then left. He returned to his home for dinner and had a great conversation with his parents. He pretended that he went to his room to take a nap but instead he jumped off from the window in search of the second crystal located at the rooftop of Kyoto Departmental Store.

“Colonel Le! General Lo called you!”


Captain Li connected the call to the TV and a small window appeared on the top right of the screen.

“You’ve killed a few members of the Mutants Association... what are you up to?! Don’t you know that in such a situation…”

Lin Le then recalled the lines of Yang Liangting scolding Invincible East, “It’s already in deep shit and you still don’t want to finish him off?! What are you waiting for?! Death?!”

General Lo kept silent for a while. “Colonel Le, you’ve always been a quiet person but never have I thought that when it comes to the election, you’re the most active person. I can’t let my underlings go kill those bastards alone without any backups! You’re right. It’s time to take the bet! Chief of Staff! Interrupt all screens in the city!”

Lin Le ended the call and continued to watch his drama. Not far ahead on the big screen of the Forest Square, Captain Li saw General Lo’s face.

“To all citizens and ordinary people, stay at home! The Mutants Association has breached the limits of the Sunset Military Camp No.1! I hereby launch an official warrant! Anyone who resists this order will be killed without trial! Anyone helping the mutants will undoubtedly be executed as well!”

Military helicopters, tanks and battle vehicles swarmed out from the camp.

General Lo - Lo Tianba stared down at the city, lighted up with lights on the helicopter, “Yi Taiji, I can’t wait until tomorrow for the results…”

“If the Assassins Association interrupts…”

“Kill them together. I bet he won’t have the guts to trigger me now…”

“Are you sure?”

A man appeared behind General Lo.

“Isn’t it?” General Lo did not turn around but smiled evilly. The dagger did not pierce through his heart from the back but the man’s head exploded into a gush of dark smoke as the general clenched his fist.

“You… So, this is how strong you are now… Looks like I can’t complete the mission Yi Taiji assigned me.” Before the man disappeared, he sighed, “Are you really doing this?” 

“I hate uncertainties... If there are any, I’ll crush them.” General Lo stood up firmly and his aura was as intimidating as the God of War. The Chief of Staff and the others dared not raise their heads by even half an inch.

Ye Cang who was walking on the street noticed the difference. There were fewer people but more military vehicles on the streets. He then watched the replay of General Lo’s message.

“Little girl, why are you not home?! Are you looking for death?! The war between Lo Tianba and the Mutants Association has begun! I knew this day would come!”

“I’m not a member of the Mutants Association! This is just a logo on the shirt! I’m really not a member!”

Looking at the surroundings, Ye Cang mumbled, “The mixed battle has started…”

Kyoto Departmental Store. Flame Emperor got out of the taxi and realized the driver did the same and fled the scene like a mad person. He turned around to see the bolded words on the screen, “The stage is opened for all killers. Let the performance begin.”