The mall had long closed and everyone had returned to their respective homes. Ye Cang sneaked in by chopping off a lock securing one of the backdoors. It was pitch black on every floor as there were no lights at all. He managed to find the power source but unfortunately, the cables and wires were all cut off. It’s obviously a deliberate act and it just happened a moment ago.

“The power source has been destroyed by Aota as he has advantage in the dark. I bet Acting Emperor will go through every floor very carefully…” Sia said.

“Nope, he won’t. His personality is very strange. Even though he excels in speedy assassination, he prefers that more... you know, his emperor rank…” In the competition, Ye Cang slammed the cover of the power source box and shouted, “God damn it! Which motherf*cker cut off the power! I wanna get to the fortieth floor using the lift but now I have to walk! Don’t let me know who you are! Damn!”

His little girl’s voice did not match the level of his anger.

“Count me in…” Flame Emperor’s voice was heard from the second floor and Ye Cang shouted, “I think I saw his shadow near the window on your floor! There! A shadow flashed through!” 

Just when Flame Emperor took a step, his instincts told him something was wrong. Swiftly, he moved backward and right at that moment, a utility knife swooshed past, broke through the window and stabbed right into the wall. It was then pulled away by telekinesis. Must this fella be this tricky...

“Oops, I didn’t hurt you unintentionally, did I?” Ye Cang acted innocent.

Flame Emperor did not bother and continued to walk upstairs.

Feeling bored, Ye Cang continued his journey too. His steps were clearly heard as he skipped and hopped while singing a random child song full of vulgarities.

“Where are you guys...I’m here…”

Without any trouble, he arrived on the twenty-sixth floor, panting. “I will definitely kill that fella who cut off the power source…”

Sounds of battling were heard from a floor above. Ye Cang came to the center and flew himself up. Yet, the strange feeling in the atmosphere made him turn around. An invisible sword slash cut through his shoulder and left a wound on it. He counter attacked by sending a utility knife towards where the slash was from but Flame Emperor managed to block it. Unfortunately, little did he know that the knife was being sent at full strength and its trajectory was different from what he had expected. Flame Emperor tilted his head but it still managed to injure his face.

As Ye Cang reached the twenty-seventh floor, he sneaked into a clothing shop to see SpyingBlade hunting down two other players. He quickly sent his knife to steal a kill. Knowing that the team leader and Flame Emperor would definitely be attracted by the artful movements and huge commotion here, SpyingBlade quickly killed the other player and prepared to leave. Yet, Ye Cang appeared beside him in a blink of an eye with Random Steps and some push from his telekinesis. As Ye Cang sliced with his knife, SpyingBlade blocked with his butterfly blade. Carrying the momentum from Ye Cang’s strength, he took a few steps back to the wall and sent himself dashing at Ye Cang. The two of them battled and sparks from the clashing swords could be seen splashing at all directions at every move they made. They fought with the intention to kill and not a single chance was spared. After a few clashes, when some others were watching them like hungry tigers, they backed off as they could not decide who the winner was. 

Just when SpyingBlade hopped out the window, an invisible slash came at him. He blocked it with a cross shield appearing on his left hand and the attack aimed at his heart with the butterfly sword. With the trick of pretending to escape, he charged forward. Mountain Slam! He knocked away Flame Emperor at the cost of a wound at his waist due to Flame Emperor’s irregular patterns of attacks and rushed towards the safety exit. Flame Emperor wanted to chase after him but got distracted by Ye Cang’s utility knife. A small part of his ear was cut off. He turned around but Ye Cang was nowhere to be found and SpyingBlade had escaped far. He grabbed his short blade. A pre-emperor ranked and an emperor ranked. They are surely cautious. If he didn’t bother about the result of the fight between me and Acting Emperor, I might… That act of his just now is really hard to block. Can’t believe I really treated him as an assassin… This fella is different from the rest... he is just covering himself underneath the skin of an assassin...

I’ve already exposed my location. Flame Emperor vanished in a cloud of smoke and Ye Cang could not sense his presence anywhere. Gosh, this fella is really cautious. He then recalled the one killing point he obtained. He had already reached the limits of leveling up his knife. With the extra killing point he obtained just now, he had sufficient amount (10 killing points) to upgrade his Telekinesis Talent to grandmaster level. He then mastered Telekinesis Movement, Floating, Telekinesis Kill and new skills developed from his talent and the utility knife - Breaking the Blade, Controlling the Blade and Storm of Blades.

Ye Cang realized that he could break the blade of the utility knife into pieces and control their movements to kill others. As he passed by a stationary shop, he grabbed multiple boxes of blades and put them into a Peppa Pig bag. Slinging the bag on his shoulders, he did not forget to stuff two more boxes in the pockets of his dress. Along the way, he killed two core players from Knights of The Round Table. Both of the players were dismantled by Ye Cang with the multiple small blades and Ye Cang could easily dodge their ultimate skills with Telekinesis Movement (a kind of displacement skill). Ye Cang dare not fly himself up to the rooftop from the center as he knew many people would be waiting to ambush him. Floating a few centimeters above the floor, he hovered up the stairs. His Peppa Pig bag was turned into a killing machine. There were holes on both sides and the top to dispense the blades that could fly out to attack.

After killing a Middle Eastern player with Telekinesis Kill, he realized that it consumed most of his mental energy. There he made a decision not to abuse the skill. Rather than killing the target with an invisible rope through telekinesis, he might as well just use his bare hands. Even the Telekinesis Hammer was more useful. The impact from this skill was better. In reality, Ye Cang could use telekinesis but he did not like it as he felt that the skill was meaningless and made him look like a pussy.

Swiftly, Ye Cang encountered another opponent who launched an attack at him. A rich lady. He knocked her way with the brute strength of the knife but the lady’s attacking style reminded him of someone. “Qian…”

“You are…” The rich lady was Gongsun Qian.

“I’m A’Fan!” Ye Cang smiled. In order to show his sincerity, he kept away the knife as if he was meeting a loved one.

Reluctant to believe what he said, Gongsun Qian asked, “What did we say last night?”

Ye Cang pondered. Hehe. I was lucky to unintentionally eavesdrop when I passed by.

“I said I hope that our daughter is named Zhao Min... My baby Qianqian…” Ye Cang imitated SpyingBlade’s tone.

“It’s really you...A’Fan... but now it’s mixed battle, I can’t…”

“We are just temporarily being together. It’s not even considered teaming up. Team leader and Flame Emperor have teamed up. They shared the first killing crystal…” Ye Cang was frustrated but he tried to act as calm as SpyingBlade was.

“I know but…” Gongsun Qian felt something was not right. Just then, a slash was sent towards them. Ye Cang blocked the fatal attack with his knife and used Telekinesis Hammer to knock the opponent away. It was SpyingBlade. Frowning, Ye Cang dragged Gongsun Qian to his side and reprimanded, “Team leader, don’t go over the limits ya…”

SpyingBlade was confused. What?! He then saw the rich lady and knew something was going on. Hey, don’t tell me that just happened!

“Qian! Go upstairs! I’ll clear them off for you! Flame Emperor is also here! I’ll meet up with you once I’m done here!” Ye Cang distracted SpyingBlade with hundreds of blades, leaving him with no chance to explain.

“I won’t leave you alone…”

“Run! We’re still enemies!” Ye Cang shouted.

As he turned around, Ye Cang smiled innocently at SpyingBlade.

SpyingBlade was overwhelmed with frustration already. Team leader, you are inhuman!

Brother Zhong, Brother Zhao, Zuo Yiyi and the others who knew the relationship between SpyingBlade and CompassionateStar gasped. This is horrible.

Sia did not understand what was happening and so Zuo Yiyi explained, “The Frenzied Shadow and CompassionateStar are couples too. Just like you two. They are already at the stage of a marriage discussion. Acting Emperor has now replaced his identity. Obviously, he is trying to make them kill each other. This is so cruel.”

Yet, what Zuo Yiyi did not mention was the similarities between SpyingBlade and her teacher. With teacher’s acting skills, he could easily pretend to be someone else and not to mention, he knew a few secrets between them.