Ye Cang stopped and used telekinesis to attack SpyingBlade, “Team leader, be careful of Flame Emperor! Bye!”

Frustratedly, SpyingBlade had no choice but to focus on the incoming Flame Emperor. Multiple invisible slashes were sent at him while SpyingBlade blocked with his cross shield and sliced with his butterfly sword. The slashes were just like its name, a butterfly flapping its wings.

Even though Flame Emperor had landed a few slashes on him, they were not fatal enough to take away his life. At the same time, he was injured with a wounded shoulder pierced by his knife. He kicked SpyingBlade away and his short blade started to quiver. SpyingBlade knew an ultimate skill was coming at him. He quickly formed a sign with his hands as his eyes glimmered in red in the dark. The two-meter-long cross on the shield expanded and a blue barrier was formed. Flame Emperor was pissed. Are you doing nothing apart from defending?

SpyingBlade pushed the shield towards Flame Emperor.

Just when Flame Emperor’s blade was about to pierce through the shield, he felt something was amiss. Fortunately, he noticed the C-4 bombs hidden beneath the shield. He vanished into a cloud of smoke.


Instantly, the wall on the twenty-seventh floor had a hole. Right after he sent the shield to Flame Emperor, SpyingBlade jumped down a floor to prevent the explosion he expected. However, he sighed thinking that there were no news of Flame Emperor being killed. Can’t believe such a tricky move is not enough to kill him. He is definitely the great Flame Emperor. Without further delay, he carried on with his journey. Yet, knowing that Gongsun Qian had thought that he was the team leader pissed him off even more.

On the other hand, Ye Cang met up with Gongsun Qian and continued their mission together. Seeing the little girl appearance Ye Cang possessed, she said, “You sure are lucky enough. You didn’t only get a female body but also a little girl’s age…”

“It’s weird, isn’t it? I think so too. But the experience of witnessing the Magical Girl mode on team leader the last time assures me that this is still fine.” Regardless in terms of his tone or his attitude, Ye Cang showed no flaws in acting as SpyingBlade.

“That’s true. Magical Girl Lil’Cang is totally a nightmare…” Gongsun Qian smirked.

The audience was confused. What is Magical Girl Lil’Cang? Just then, AV quickly did some preparation before releasing some resources about what Ye Cang did with a Magical Girl body during the special realm. He even planned to promote and sell Magical Girl Lil’Cang’s merchandises to earn some quick bucks. Alright, I’ll first upload the Magical Girl Lil’Cang’s hologram.

However, little did he know that Magical Girl Lil’Cang would be so renowned in the end.

“My goodness! This is actually Acting Emperor?!”

“Wow, a Magical Girl, Acting Emperor. This is surprisingly interesting.”

“What’s with this hologram poster? It’s obvious that it’s cropped out from a video! Upload the full clip!”

“I, on behalf of the Three Brothers fan club, officially request the owner of this video to hand over the full clip! We’ll pay any price you name! This is a holy item of our club! It is not something to be shared with others!”

“Wow, the description is out! This story depicts a Magical Girl, Lil’Cang with her friendship, passion, ruling, idol, choreography, torture, violence, special realm, cuteness and youth in high school! The video will be uploaded shortly.”

“I can’t wait already! I’ve heard of some insider information. The three emperors, Fighting King, The Phantom, The Tyrant, Misty Rain and the others had been to the special realm. Can’t believe it is this exciting! Acting Emperor could even imitate a Magical Girl’s slutty…”

“Well, they are from the China region. It’s normal. The paladins are gentlemen, the emperors like to act as girls. Look at the ambassador of the game development headquarters and the World’s Children Charity Fund, a female version of the Chrysanthemum Emperor. There are even doujinshi for it for at least a few hundred years.”

“Bullshit! The people from China are all manly and strong! You guys are the one who defame them! For the world’s charity, our Chrysanthemum Emperor has made a huge sacrifice! And how dare you guys publish doujinshi for him! For the sake of destroying your plans, I purposely bought all the collections!”

“What the f…”

“Wait, I think I know why Acting Emperor knows little girls so well…”

Zuo Yiyi noticed the audience’s focus had moved from the Chrysanthemum Cup to Magical Girl Lil’Cang. Speechlessly, she took away the title. Brother Zhong craned his neck over to see the poster. “I feel like I’m in love. Who is this?”

“Acting teacher…”


“So, it is not a coincidence…” Brother Zhao realized.

“No, no, this came from the special realm that they went…”

“All the characters and identities are normal except for his...Magical Girl…” Ariel was speechless.

“Well…” Zuo Yiyi did not know how to reply.

Brother Zhong exclaimed, “What has the Magical Girl done wrong? Why have they been getting weirder for the past few years? Even Acting Emperor can be a Magical Girl now…” A mixture of feelings were bothering him as he did not know whether to be amazed or to let out a sigh.

“Oh, Yiyi, don’t mind it if I tell you something. Your Brother Zhong may look like a great sage as he rarely makes mistakes when commenting on the battles and has top-notch judging skills. But he is actually a geek who thinks highly of Magical Girls,” Brother Zhao whispered. “His family owns a Taoist abbey…”

“I’ve heard about it. So, it’s true…” Zuo Yiyi nodded.

“What the…” Ariel smiled. 

“Praying to the Three Pure Ones is just a disguise as they also pray to all sorts of Magical Girls garage kits behind the curtains too…”

“They are so romantic?” Zuo Yiyi laughed.

“It’s none of your business. Praying to the Three Pure Ones with a sincere heart helps to build your character and you’ll never fall into the dark side if you have a pure body. You guys will never understand what I said…” Brother Zhong brushed his golden hair and robe.

“Whatever…” Brother Zhao rolled his eyes.

“By the way, I have a girlfriend already... we’re tying the knot next month,” Brother Zhong said in a serious manner.

Brother Zhong was stunned and fell on the ground. “This is impossible… it isn’t logical... this must be fake... there’s no way he could get a girl before I do…”

In order to tone down the awkward atmosphere, Zuo Yiyi asked the crowd, “Is there anyone from the audience who wishes to give Brother Zhong some blessings? I’ll pick one randomly…”

“Burn…” Not waiting for the blessing to be finished, Zuo Yiyi cut away the scene, “Brother Zhong, congratulations to you.”

“What’s your partner’s occupation?” Ariel smiled. 

“We’re in the same industry.” Brother Zhong did not elaborate further. To be precise, she was the elder daughter of one of the branches of Lin family’s Heavenly Sword Sect. Even though we all have different points of view in the family, our family’s ranks are still matched. Even though there are only me and my dad left in my branch… My dad is addicted to brewing wine while I’m addicted to garage kits although I do know how to brew wines too... but we are truly in love. A lot of things happened between us. Even though she may look younger than me, she is actually 15-25 years older than me.

“Congratulations! Remember to send me an invitation card…” Ariel gave her sincere blessings.

“And me too! I wanna attend too…” Zuo Yiyi smiled at Brother Zhong. The two of them had known each other for years and they often made the audience laugh, “Oh, I’ll inform my teacher and the rest to come too!”

“I don’t think they will…” Brother Zhong said awkwardly.

“No, they will. They love joining parties. They would even go to the night market butcher - Old Zhao’s house for food when their gilts gave birth to piglets…” Zuo Yiyi’s recollection made Brother Zhong reluctant to invite them already.

"Actually…” Brother Zhong then recalled what had happened for the past ten years. Apart from practicing taoism and buying garage kits, I have spent most of my time under this Hall of Fame, narrating the birth and fall of the legends. He looked up, “Alright, Old Zhao, come be my groomsman.”

Brother Zhong looked at the person who had been competing with him ever since they debuted. Heh. He has never won a bet with me.

“Gosh, this is over the limits…” Brother Zhao sighed and shrugged his shoulders, “But I’ll make something clear, I’ll only wear my pyjamas…”

“Of course, I know you would say that…”