Ye Cang and Gongsun Qian arrived at the rooftop and a helicopter flew above their heads as the noise from its propeller alerted everyone in the vicinity. Ye Cang did not rush towards the helipad where the crystal was at. Instead, he went to the edge of the building. Fire and gunshots were everywhere. Seeing a peaceful city turning into a battlefield reminded Ye Cang of the disaster that happened in Zhentan City and Fang Ci. “Compared to the disaster in Zhentan City, this is nothing... Dinner Time used to be one of the most famous cities in China. Yet, after that purple light radiated from the heart of the city, it was turned into a living hell…”

“You miss Sister Lil’Fang?” Gongsun Qian smiled.

“Who are you calling Sister Lil’Fang?!” Fang Ci who was staring at the screen shouted.

Ye Cang turned around to see Flame Emperor, “Can’t believe the team leader has failed…”

Flame Emperor looked at the lady beside him. Rose? “You know you are going against the rules.”

“We have no choice. You and team leader are too strong. I could only team up temporarily with my enemy. We’ll kill the two of you first and deal with ourselves later,” Ye Cang’s words made Flame Emperor comprehend something. This fella is acting huh. So, that lady is CompassionateStar - Gongsun Qian? She almost became his fiancée because of family matters. Their parents and even Flame Emperor had agreed to that marriage but she rejected it in the end. Even though he did not care about this lady, he was still pissed. Yet, knowing that she had someone else in mind and insisting to be with her would just be tormenting her soul, he let it go.

“Qian…” SpyingBlade climbed up from the balcony and Flame Emperor gave a frown, “Acting Emperor... you have come…”

SpyingBlade looked at Flame Emperor with shocking eyes. This f*cker! Looks like my explanation doesn’t matter anymore. A’Qian wouldn’t believe what I said. Well, this is a mixed battle anyways. Both of us are enemies. We would need to decide a winner even if we are the only one left. “Don’t you want to come out, Aota? Team up with me. If I get the crystal, I can temporarily let you out of here.”

Just when Aota jumped out, numerous invisible slashes, small blades and shield bombs were sent to Aota, dismantling him into pieces. Yet, this Aota was just a clone.

“Cloning abilities?” Flame Emperor mumbled. These types of skills are troublesome but no matter what abilities Aota has, he is still no match for me.

“He managed to get away again…” Ye Cang could no longer sense his presence.

“Wow, you guys are so cruel…” Gongsun Qian sweated.

“That bastard destroyed the power source and made us climb forty floors…” Gongsun Qian grinded her teeth after hearing what Ye Cang said.

On the rooftop, the four of them fought each other, surrounding the killing crystal. They were all waiting for either one of them to make a move on the crystal, “Qian, back me up…”

Gongsun Qian took out a dagger and formed a wind blade in the other hand.

With a cross shield, SpyingBlade dashed over to block. Flame Emperor followed up with his sword blade. The three of them were dashing with all their might at the crystal. Although Gongsun Qian’s wind blades were accurately aimed at the spot, Flame Emperor dodged them casually under the situation in which the three of them were fighting. Ye Cang’s Storm of Blades injured the two of them as blood splashed everywhere. Flame Emperor’s invisible sword slashes were getting dangerous too as Ye Cang’s shoulder was an inch from being cut off. 

There must be something wrong with his slashes. I caught one myself a moment ago and realized he must have had a second slash sticking to the first one when he swung that sword. If it wasn’t for my strong and durable body, my hand would be gone by now. My palm even got pierced by that fella Old Zhao.

Flame Emperor noticed that his body was getting more wounds than before as many spots were bleeding. I can’t let the situation stay this way. I must stop Acting Emperor’s telekinesis! He pretended to dash but jumped backwards instead. Ye Cang accumulated all the blades and concentrated them on SpyingBlade in the hope of piercing him into a hedgehog.

SpyingBlade knew it was bad. I can’t block the attack with Flame Emperor here. Imma be chopped into pieces by team leader’s blades. Without hesitation, he tossed out the C-4 bombs and the explosion knocked away all the blades, sending them back to Ye Cang and Flame Emperor. The three of them were severely injured. Gongsun Qian took advantage of this moment and dashed in, preparing to kill at least one.

SpyingBlade got up with only one of his hands and dashed at Ye Cang while Flame Emperor drew his sword, preparing to send a long slash at the two of them. Ye Cang planned to use his Telekinesis Movement to dodge it and make SpyingBlade fall for it. However, Gongsun Qian pushed him away and stabbed the dagger into SpyingBlade who went all out to attack Ye Cang, well prepared to die with him.

Flame Emperor was speechless. This stupid lady. All I wanted was to kill her and how I could I expect that she sacrificed herself to kill the ‘team leader’ and protect ‘SpyingBlade’. If this action was established, she would be banned from the competition! Wait, it won’t happen because she was just a pawn used by that little girl. He slashed at Gongsun Qian. SpyingBlade used an invincible skill to dodge the attack aimed at his heart but still got his waist injured. Streams of blood were flowing out. Seeing Ye Cang had disappeared, Flame Emperor quickly slashed at his back. Ye Cang’s ambush did not succeed but he did manage to land a long cut from the back to the chest. Blood was overflowing and Flame Emperor disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Ye Cang was pissed as he stomped the ground, “I almost got him! Pfft!”

SpyingBlade had no energy to fight Ye Cang anymore as he had lost too much blood. His movement was impeded and his consciousness was fading. He is indeed the team leader. Just then, a dark orb appeared and Ye Cang who sensed the danger flew up. Yet, the orb was like a blackhole, absorbing anything that it came in contact with. A high school female student with glasses appeared, carried SpyingBlade and jumped off the rooftop. Ye Cang was constantly flying away from the black orb like two repelling magnets.

The orb disappeared and everything was back to normal.

Ye Cang flew to the edge where the girl jumped off. There was nothing and he was frustrated. However, he was glad that the crystal was still there. After taking the crystal, he jumped off the rooftop and landed gracefully with telekinesis.

Upon returning to the arena, Gongsun Qian knew she had broken the rules and she would be disqualified. But... I can’t help it. She looked at Zuo Yiyi and the others while waiting for the judgment from the judges. Yet, nothing happened. Huh? Knowing what was on her mind, Zuo Yiyi said, “Look at the replays yourself. But calm down. Calm down... Master did not do it on purpose…”

With Nagasawa staring at her in a despised look, Gongsun Qian watched the recording. When she knew that little girl was Acting Emperor, she switched off the screen. She facepalmed as she blushed speechlessly. She was guilty. Team leader is an asshole! How can he be so tricky! Why didn’t A’Fan explain?! Wait, even if he does, I won’t believe him since Flame Emperor had also confirmed his identity... Actually, when I thought the team leader is A’Fan, I’ve already been disqualified… sigh...

Gongsun Qian then changed the scene to see whether A’Fan had lived. Unfortunately, when she saw the black orb appear and the female student salvaging him from the scene, she replayed SpyingBlade’s encounters. Oh wow! So, someone has found some school love huh! Letting someone have a crush on you! Flirting here and there! The longer she watched, the creepier her smile was. Everyone sensed danger. Bet when Frenzied Shadow came out, he...

Zhang Ke’er was wrapping SpyingBlade’s wounds. Feeling his body temperature dropping low, she quickly took off all their clothes, hugged him against the screen and covered themselves up with the clothes she just removed.

“Wooo…” Everyone could see Gongsun Qian’s twisted face.


Zhang Ke’er drank a mouthful of water, warmed it with her mouth and fed him through her lips.

“Shitz…” Everyone gasped. “This is too exciting.”

Zuo Yiyi carefully peeked at Gongsun Qian and saw her expression.

“Cheating in front of someone else’s partner is so exciting…” Brother Zhao whispered to Brother Zhong.

“Shh... keep quiet if you wanna watch. Don’t trigger her.” Brother Zhong raised his eyebrows.