SpyingBlade gradually woke up and saw his naked self. Shit. Gongsun Qian must have seen this too… Swiftly, he put on his clothes and stared at Zhang Ke’er, “Thank you.”

“Don’t return to that place anymore, would ya? Just stay here until tomorrow comes and go to Sky Tower with me, A’Jie.” Zhang Ke’ei grabbed his hand gently.

“I have told you that, you and I are different. I have reasons for going there. No matter what promises we’ve made when we were young, let’s just forget about them. Just pretend that you’ve never met me and I’ve never…” Seeing Zhang Ke’er’s expression, SpyingBlade recalled the time when he hurted Gongsun Qian.

“Haha! I’ve succeeded! Do you really think I’ll make out with you?! You’re just a side chick! I am Zhao Yifan, the boy whom you rejected his confession in the first place… Hehe. I’ve gotten my revenge…”

“A’Fan, stop joking. We are getting married next month. Gosh. If you ever joke again, I would be mad of you, alright.”

“Joke? It’s so boring. Well, I’ve no interest in you anymore and I don’t even feel like making out with you now. Goodbye, the innocent President CompassionateStar~”

Whenever SpyingBlade recalled that moment, he could not bear the thought that he had just hurted her. Even though he was a patient with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) who was at the brink of death, he truly hoped with all his heart that she could find someone better and live a more enriching life. I might not have any future but she is still young. Before I take her virginity away, cutting off this relationship is the best and last present I can give her… He then looked at Zhang Ke’er, “Besides, I have never liked you. We were young back then so don’t think too much about it. You disgust me so much... f*ck off, would ya?” 

SpyingBlade then walked away, leaving the helpless Zhang Ke’er alone.

Seeing Zhang Ke’er in such a situation reminded Gongsun Qian of that moment. This seems like a deja vu… I almost went crazy, I hated him, I was confused, and did not understand his intention of doing so. Was it really because I rejected him in high school and he planned all these for revenge? I only then realized when I saw him awaiting his death on a wheelchair. What a stupid fella.

Zhang Ke’er came to the window to witness SpyingBlade leave as tears ran down her cheeks but nothing stopped her from smiling. “I know you said it because you don’t want to drag me into the mess. A’Jie, I will protect you... even if I’m going to die…”

Zhang Ke’er opened her palms to see her death line getting obvious, from her face to her palm. “I will definitely exchange my death for your life. You must live for me... This is the last present your elder sister can give you... Sorry that I can’t keep the promise of marrying you...A’Jie…”

Wiping away the tears, she followed up with his steps with determination deep in her heart even though she knew she was at the end of her life.

“So touching… *cries* *cries*” Brother Zhong was moved to tears.

“Hey, you are someone who has a marriage waiting for you…” Brother Zhao sweated. But this is really pitiful for Zhang Ke’er.

The audience was also greatly touched by Zhang Ke’er’s actions and hoped for her to live even though they were clear that she was just a virtual character. The game developers had also given their response on that matter. “We would not and could not interfere with the Chrysanthemum Cup. The ending would only be interesting and mysterious as a result of such circumstances.”

On the other hand, AV uploaded the virtual resources of Magical Girl Lil’Cang and made it complimentary for everyone. He also conveniently added in advertisements about HappyFirmaments and his own toy company.

“This company! This logo! Isn’t it the birthmark of my lover during my university times?!”

“You lover might be a doll.”

“Impossible! She can speak and move. Whenever I came back to my room, she would say ‘Welcome back hubby’ She is definitely not a doll!”


“Wow! By the look of it, this special realm is the bad-kid-in-school type. Acting Emperor, this Magical Girl was studying in the gangster school... What a great contrast to her appearance!”

“His actions, the way he pouted and the close imitation of his girly voice really reflect his talent.” 

“......You guys…” 

Most of the audience had started to split screen to watch the videos, one was Magical Girl Lil’Cang and the other was Deadly Little Girl - Akili.

As Ye Cang wandered along the valley, he saw the logo of the Mutants Association. “Calling for a meeting? Let’s go to Purple Flower Garden to have a look…”

Flame Emperor also received a message from the Assassins Association.

Riding on the bicycle, Zhang Zhengxiong arrived at the senior sister’s house. It is...a nightclub?! As he entered, he saw the obvious disappointment on the faces of the girls. They sighed, “The Mutants Association and the military have started a battle. Luckily, it doesn’t affect our area. Sister Rully, bet our business will deteriorate in this period. What should we do?!”

“Better keep a low profile for a while and don’t go out if it’s unnecessary. Forgoing some of our  business in times like this is still better than risking our lives and everything else we have. If we happen to get any business, then just treat them as a bonus. Or else, this place can just be a shelter for all of us to stay safe in. Don’t worry, I have my way to solve it.”

“Thank you Big Sis!”

“Yo, young man, are you too lonely to the extent that you went through the strict security checks to look for ladies?”

The lady known as Sister Rully turned to give him a look. She had long hair and was wearing a maroon qipao, black stockings and high heels, giving off the looks of a mature upper class woman. Even though she was thick, she was not fat. The mole at the corner of her eyes was attractive. “Oh, a customer?”

“I'm here to find my senior sister. It's my master's order.” Zhang Zhengxiong smiled innocently while carrying his backpack like a little boy coming to the city for the very first time. 

“That old man. I got it. Go do your own things, ladies, he is my brother. Come with me.” Rully tilted her head, signalling Zhang Zhengxiong to go in. 

Reluctantly, Zheng Zhengxiong let go of the ladies and walked in. 

“That old fella asked you to take refuge in me?”

“Sort of? And he asked me to kill senior brother if I have the chance, with the excuse of protecting the confidentiality of the secret art or something. But we all know is because that fella harassed you, which made him unable to peak at you during your shower anymore...”

“......” Rully rolled her eyes. “But your senior brother should really be dead. When I tried to stop him from stealing the scroll, he broke an arm of mine and I had to give up practicing The Extreme Tribe - Mad Punch. Hence, I made my decision to leave. Although master tried to hold me back but… I actually hated him. Previously, he was still flirting with me but he tried to kill me that day. Out of nothing. If it wasn't for master, perhaps I would have died.”

Rully took off the black silk gloves to reveal a robot arm. Staring at Zhang Zhengxiong, she said, “With your current strength, you might as well continue to day dream if you’re hoping to defeat Zero…”

Rully grabbed Zhang Zhengxiong’s hands, “Have you learned the move called Heaven and Earth Overlord Fist?!”

“Yeap, I mastered the real version.”

“Really?! That tricky old fella. No wonder he asked you to come find me… so that's it. Haha. Come with me. I'll teach you how to defeat that man…”

“Well, as for that matter, senior sister, can we skip the battles and men slaughterings? I came to find you to live a life. You seem to be having a good one here. You have food and drinks and so many hehe… So let's just forget about past resentments and let me live here with y'all. I believe it’s not master’s wish to see you like…”

Not waiting for Zhang Zhengxiong to finish his sentence, Rully grabbed his arm, “Once you kill him, the ladies and I will belong to you…”

Zhang Zhengxiong immediately switched to a serious and smileless face, “Let's start then, senior sister. I will make this man pay a heavy price for hurting you! Roar!”

“......” Rully smiled bitterly and was stunned by his intimidating manner. 

Outside of the battle, Brother Zhong smiled, “Roar Emperor is still so honest…”

“He is indeed the Shaking Bear…” Gongsun Qian smirked. In the past, she had heard that there was a loser in Rose's team but he was strong. Among the three emperors, Roar Emperor could hold on to millions of people and his aura was intimidating. He might seem strong and firm but could be gentle at the same time. In terms of techniques and strength, he was top-notch in the field. At battles, he was also the greatest charger. With him tanking in front, it gave everyone a sense of security, as if he was a victory-attracting magnet  wherever he went. 

“What a strong aura…” Yuen Zaiyi exclaimed. Even though he rarely battled with Roar Emperor, he knew that he would be no match for him. 

“Actually, Roar Emperor is the most influential player among the three emperors. He has always been the most blood-boiling representative, the anchor of the team.” Brother Zhao then recalled the moments of Roar Emperor and Frenzied Shadow killing Angelite during the Ultimate Challenge. Nothing can stop Roar Emperor from roaring back fearlessly, not even the breaking heavens or the cracking ground. This fella's achievements would definitely be greater than Angelite, well only if he didn't decide to retire early.