Zhang Zhengxiong stared at a captive tube, “This is?”

“Originally, I planned to go in by myself. *sigh* Inside it is the modified DNA of the Martial Arts Saint - Aotin. After many experiments, it is now workable despite its occasional instability. Go in.”

“Senior sister, is it dangerous?”

“It’s extremely safe. Don’t worry.”

“Really?” Zhang Zhengxiong looked at the skull logo on the mysterious captive tube.

“Really. Just go in,” Rully smiled.

“Well, I think we should just live our lives peacefully and stay away from the battles…” An awkward smile was hung on Zhang Zhengxiong’s face while he was trying to make a run for it.

“It is either you go in or you go back. Once you enter the tube and defeat your senior brother, you can do whatever you want to all the ladies here, including me.” Rully’s words ignited Zhang Zhengxiong’s determination once again. For the ladies! I’ll give it my all! He walked into the captive tube.

Rully closed the door and activated the system. Zhang Zhengxiong was in a capsule, drowned in red liquid and numerous tubes were injected into his body.

“Long, you must endure it…” Rully pushed the limit to the maximum and three different colors of liquid were injected into Zhang Zhengxiong’s body. Nervously, she was observing the monitor as his heart rate started to rise. 

Zhang Zhengxiong felt an agonizing pain surging through his body as if he was on fire. This was not some kind of pain in the virtual world but it was a physical one, in reality. He felt as if his blood had turned into some flammable chemical and his bones were being pierced by thousands of needles. He wanted to scream and shout as long as he could but his throat was unknowingly silenced.

On the other hand, Ye Cang had arrived at the Purple Flower Garden of the Mutants Association. It was one of the biggest bases of the association in Kyoto. One of the presidents - Alyssa lived here. Yet, it had turned into a battlefield. Flames and bullets were everywhere. Various mutated skills were flying here and there. It was a horrible scene to see.

Ye Cang activated Telekinesis Barrier to conceal himself from anyone’s sight as he sneaked in. When he came to the deep end, he stared at the huge captive tube. Inside it was a hibernating being. Even though it was not awake, he could feel the horrible power of that object. Ye Cang knew who that was. It was the Creator of Forces. Back in two hundred years ago, there were no such thing called mutants.

Everything started when a guest from space paid planet earth a visit. Three meteors crashed on earth and two were in Kyoto itself. These two creators almost destroyed half of the city until the military and the ancient samurais made them pay through their noses. After that, in order to prevent such an incident from happening again, the Forces Research Centre was established to study these creatures. Only then, they officially developed the Mutants Association and inoculated a vaccine to newborn babies. However, the vaccine is only reactive to a small group of people who would then develop certain mutated abilities as they grew.

The beast in front of him was the Source of Mutated Powers - Adam No.1. The three creators were known as Adam, Eve and Cain. Cain was located in Sky Tower while Adam and Eve were both in Kyoto. One at the Purple Flower Garden and the other at the headquarters of the Mutants Association (Kydai district). The reason the association was divided into two parties could be traced back to when it was established. The Purple Flower Garden was separated due to disagreements between the founders. The people in Purple Flower Garden were the more conserative party for they were kind, neutral and ordinary mutants. However, the ones in Kydai district were more aggressive as they believed that pure power rules. They recruited anyone at all, ranging from murderers to criminals, as long as they were strong.

Through Akili’s memories, Ye Cang knew that the Purple Flower Garden was more of a school. There would still be some arguments but they would never go overboard.

“What are you doing here?” An elegant blonde lady descended from the sky and frowned at Ye Cang. 

“President, I came to take refuge…” Ye Cang acted as if he was scared.

Alyssa did not say much. “I knew this day would come but it came too unexpectedly. It is my mistake for not preparing you guys for it. That would mean you guys have to suffer now…”

Elegantly, Alyssa walked up the invisible staircase to the Creator. Staring at the enormous skull of the great one, tears ran down her cheek as she touched the glass of the tube. “This power is supposed to make the world a better place but why do humans want unnecessary battles? I’m sorry. I can’t let Lo Tianba nor Yi Taiji get their hands on you. It would be a catastrophe for the world…”

“It’s useless. Without it, there’s still Creator No. 2 and 3. There are more weapons than you could imagine…” Ye Cang’s tone became cold and Alyssa contracted her pupils, “Who are you? That’s not something Akili would say.”

“A reincarnator who experienced various disasters. There are no wisdom trees; nor stands of mirror bright. Since all is void, where can the dust alight…” Ye Cang recalled the lines when the monk travelled to the spirit realms in the homo drama he watched a few days ago. That was how he acted and managed to scam devotees of so much donations along the way.

“There are no wisdom trees; nor stands of a mirror bright, Since all is void, where can the dust alight…” Alyssa mumbled the sentence repeatedly. Seeing her expression, Ye Cang knew his trick was a successful one. He sighed, “There’s a saying in Buddhism. Someone has to do the dirty job. It’s good that you have such a kind heart but your kindness and justice would be useless. Even Buddha would praise the kind and punish the evil. Before I was reincarnated, I was the same as you. Seeing an eagle hunting a rabbit, I chased away the eagle. In your opinion, have I done the right thing?”

“Master, I would do the same too,” Alyssa changed the way she addressed Ye Cang.

“Nope, I was wrong. Because of my very actions, the eagle lost its food. It would starve to death, affect the food chain and ultimately the whole ecosystem. In its nest, there might be its babies waiting for it. If it dies, the young ones wouldn’t survive either. Hence, I cut off my flesh to feed it as to remove the sin I committed.”

Alyssa then got serious. “May I ask, what is Buddha?”

“Buddha is nothing but also something. It is you, me and even a part of the air particles. Do you understand?”

Alyssa was stunned and shook her head.

“You sure lack wisdom. In other words, Buddha is everything but not everything at the same time. As the saying goes, the material form (rūpa) is no different from the void of shapeless emptiness (śūnyatā) and the void of shapeless emptiness is no different from the material form; the material form is the same as emptiness, and emptiness the same as the material form,” when everyone put deep thoughts into it, little did they know that Ye Cang was bullshitting as if he was some master of Buddhism.

It was as if the saying had opened up a new door for Alyssa. She was calm and some new perceptions that she had never thought of flashed across her mind. “Oh, I understand now. The material form (rūpa) is no different from the void of shapeless emptiness (śūnyatā)  and the void of shapeless emptiness is no different from the material form; the material form is the same as emptiness, and emptiness the same as the material form. It is trying to say that the form or appearance of any object was formed because of many reasons and will also disappear because of different reasons. Everything we see is formed because of fate and destiny but they are actually empty inside, or in other words, substanceless. Hence, the material form is the same as emptiness, and emptiness the same as the material form. It literally reflects your saying earlier. There are no wisdom trees; nor stands of a mirror bright, Since all is void, where can the dust alight. So that’s how it is.. Haha. I’ve understood it now, master… No matter how strong, luxurious or great everything is, it has no material form. They are just emptied forms. Only when we moved away from the stubbornness in our hearts, we could really see Buddha and feel the true happiness and love... Am I right, master?”