“The journey to retrieve my lost memories is tough. Apprentice, we cannot be arrogant nor reckless. That is a basic requirement to be with Buddha. Do you…understand?”

“My apologies, I was too agitated…”

“The scriptures are only here for you to look at the experiences of other masters. You still have to depend on yourself. They produced a mountain of results out of nothing and provided great help to the world. At last, they surpassed themselves to obtain the real knowledge and enter the sea of wisdom…”

“I got it. Please allow me to serve by your side in your journey to get back the masters’ scriptures.”

“Since you have joined Buddhism, you must have a Dharma name. You look beautiful and smart but if you take away the skin of beauty... I’ll name you Wukong.” Ye Cang pondered. Well, the Dharma names I knew were names like Xuanzang, Fahai, Wukong, Wuneng, Wujing, etc.

“Wukong, Wukong…” Alyssa was mumbling it repeatedly. “Thank you for the name, master. Master, actually, what is your Dharma name?”

“Sanzang (Tripitaka).”

“I’ll remember that by heart.”

“Master, how should we retrieve your memories?”

“I don't know yet, Wukong. Just follow me. Buddha will lead the way. Keep calm and don’t rush.”

“Master, I have a sister called Alliya. She lives in Sky Tower and she is on her way here. I hope you can guide her to the right path.”

“Alright, but Buddhism doesn’t force people. If she wants to join sincerely, everything will come naturally,” Ye Cang seemed to have already mastered the tricks of a monk master.

“Thank you, master.”

Sweat was dripping from Brother Zhong’s forehead, “Acting Emperor is too good at acting. He has completely performed the aura of a monk. This Alyssa doesn’t only fall for it but also wants to bring someone else in. Wow, is this like a promotion?”

“They even have Dharma names…” Zuo Yiyi laughed.

“I think I already know what the sister’s Dharma name is…” Brother Zhao was laughing too.

On the other hand, Lin Le was watching his drama in the outskirts of Kydai district, paying no attention to the battle inside. Lo Tianba and Yi Taiji were both severely injured.

“Well, Colonel, are we not going in?” Captain Li sweated.

“I haven’t finished my drama, what’s the point of going in?” Lin Le rolled his eyes frustratedly.

Captain Zhao frowned as he dragged Captain Li to the other side, “Hey, the Colonel has his own thoughts. It’s not something you and I can predict…”

“You got a point. The Colonel only used one sentence and the general declared war with the Mutants Association… I think even the Chief of Staff doesn’t have such abilities…”

Lin Le was speechless as an advertisement popped out on the screen. He then found a remote control, “What’s this again?”

“It’s a Satellite Tracking Device…”

“Oh, how do you track?”

“Let me show you. You set the target at the Mutants Association headquarters. Then, you press the button and the satellite will launch a destructive attack at the targeted area,” Captain Zhao explained.

“So convenient. It looks fun. Does it launch immediately once I press the button?”

“Nope, we must first get permission from General Lo…” Captain Li replied. 

“Hmm... I want to try though.” Lin Le’s words gave them a shock. Don’t tell me he wants to...?! Is he trying to betray everyone?! If General Lo, Yi Taiji and the few colonels die inside, Colonel Le will be the only one qualified to be the general… They gasped as Captain Zhao suggested, “Colonel, you can try requesting it from General Lo. Tell him that you need to use the satellite to attack a base in the southeast.”

“Alright, I’ll ask,” Lin Le ordered Captain Li to make a call to the frontlines. General Lo was killing anyone who was coming at him even though he was injured. On the other side, Yi Taiji was controlling the metallic attacks. After blocking a few hits, Lo Tianba came to the safe area, “Colonel Le, what’s the matter?”

“There’s a base in the southeast. I need the support of satellites.” Lo Tianba hesitated but still granted him permission. Once the main base nearby is destroyed, everything will be easier here! After I become the ruler of Kyoto, his rank will be promoted too. He thought he knew Lin Le well. 

Lin Le ended the call with a smile even though he knew Lo Tianba could not see it on the other side, “Got it…”

The two of them were already sweating profusely as Lin Le tried to press the button. It was  at that moment when the drama started and Lin Le put it aside to continue watching.

They were so nervous that their hearts were about to fly out from their throats. Colonel Le is surely steady. He must have planned to let the both parties inside get heavily injured and… He is wise indeed! No wonder he is a colonel!

Respectfully, the two of them stared at Lin Le who was watching television. That’s a true careerist! Steady, wise, experienced and cruel! “We swear to serve the Colonel until we die!”

“Keep quiet! I’m watching TV,” Lin Le was speechless.

They continued to keep an eye on the surroundings.

On the other side, where Acting Emperor was recruiting apprentices, the audience had not come back to their senses and was rendered speechless witnessing Lin Le getting the rights to launch a satellite attack. Are they trying to crush the entire world? Meanwhile, Roaring Emperor was in the process of improving and Flame Emperor had obtained Zero’s permission to observe the Kydai District.

After going around killing people, Aota barely had the abilities to survive. When he was thinking that he could put on a fight with Acting Emperor and the others or at least manage to escape, little did he know that the others already had the abilities to crush the entire world.

Knowing that she might not be able to survive until the end, Little Ye Tian was trying her best to collect intels in order to help her father and the others eliminate the enemies. ThornyRose was hiding everywhere, telling herself that she had to get into the Top 10.

On the other hand, Cain was Yi Taiji’s underlings. He was getting stronger as he gained killing points from killing the military personnels with the other members at a base nearby.

“I think imma watch my teacher recruiting apprentices…” Zuo Yiyi changed her scene to Ye Cang’s side.

Similarly, there stood another beautiful blonde. She had a mole at the corner of her eyes but it was on the opposite side of her sister’s. Anyone could tell that they were twins. Alliya was shocked when she arrived at the Purple Flower Garden to see Alyssa’s new look, “Alyssa, you!”

“I’m very satisfied with my current look. It helps me calm myself down. Under the teachings of Master Sanzang, I could see clearly the path of my future and where we should all belong.” Alyssa was floating in the air with her legs crossed, looking kind and wise.

Alliya looked at Ye Cang, “The master you were talking about…don’t tell me…”

“Appearance is just the master’s vessel for this life… What’s truly strong is his soul, his thoughts and his wisdom lying within. He enlightened me to see the presence of Buddha. The true knowledge and the spirit of surpassing oneself,” Alyssa smiled and Ye Cang greeted Alliya with his palms together.

“Are you crazy?” Alliya frowned.

“The one who is crazy ain’t me. Oh sister, don’t you understand? There are no wisdom trees; nor stands of mirror bright. Since all is void, where can the dust alight…” Alyssa’s words stunned Alliya and she started mumbling. Ye Cang pondered. Nice! The audience was speechless. Another dumbass falling for the trick.

“The cause of our acquaintance lies within fate. Buddhism never forces anyone to do anything…” Ye Cang smiled. “Let’s go, Wukong, the meaning of ignoring external appearances is something you understand yourself…”