“I understood now. It’s long-awaited, master,” Alyssa humbly said.

“Wait! Alyssa, my sister, is it really worth it for you to chase after it?” Alliya looked at Alyssa.

“It is not whether it is worth it or not. It’s my destiny to go. Master, can I let her read half of the Diamond Sutra?” Alyssa asked Ye Cang respectfully but he shook his head. Alyssa was disappointed and Ye Cang smiled, “I don’t mean this scripture is some secret that cannot be read by others. It’s our honor that people are willing to read it. Remember, Buddhism doesn’t reject people who are willing to join in. Allowing people to understand some lessons and surpass themselves is the meaning of its existence. Even if the others don’t like it, they might still learn something from it. Wukong, there’s no need to complicate things…”

“I understand. How I wish I can be like you, master…” Once again, Ye Cang shook his head. “You don’t have to be me. You are you. You have your own understanding and realizations. My presence and the masters’ scriptures are just references to you. We aren’t someone you have to learn from. All you have to do is to find your true self, surpass it and find your own understanding…”

Ye Cang pondered. Gosh, I almost believe what I said. 

Alyssa then realized something. Even though I’ve just joined, inner peace and the realizations that I never had had dawned on me. We don’t necessarily need power to save the world but ourselves. She then handed over the precious scripture carefully to Alliya. Seeing Alyssa being so cautious, she received it carefully as well. As she finished reading, she seemed to understand what Alyssa was after and willingly joined them. “Sister, please allow me to serve the master too…”

“Master, please help her carry out tonsure…” Alyssa was glad.

Ye Cang sent the utility knife over and Alliya clearly knew what was going to happen after seeing Alyssa’s bald head. Yet, her heart and mind were opened to accept the ritual.

“Sis, this is the ritual of entering the doors of Buddhism. One must cut off the hair in order to show their determination. It also represents removing your worries, bad habits, arrogance and laziness…”

The audience was crying inside watching Ye Cang shaving off those beautiful hair. He turned two beautiful ladies bald and etched dots on their heads! He is indeed the current professional player most hated by others...

After getting all the formalities done, Alliya understood how Alyssa got herself the dot on the head. Despite the pain, she found inner peace after getting her hair removed. She no longer cared about her appearance, “Master... forgive me for asking such a reckless question, as for the second half of the Diamond Sutra, can I…”

“Sis, I knew you would think the same way as I do. I’ve also only read the first half. We can only get to read the second half if we follow our master on a pilgrimage. Master is a great monk reincarnated into this world but he has to go through some challenges to fulfill his destiny. You and I are people who have to protect him along the way. It is also a test for us.”

Ye Cang kept away the utility knife. “We can talk about the scripture later. Since you have joined in, you must have a Dharma name too. Let me think… I’ll call you Wuneng.”

“Master, I’ve understood the meaning of ‘kong’ (emptiness) but what’s the meaning of ‘neng’ (capabilities)?”

Ye Cang smiled, “Neng defines the ability to love everyone, accept everything, tolerate everything, let go of things and be one with the world.”

Alliya sat with her legs crossed and expressed her gratitude, “Thank you master, for bestowing me the word ‘neng’.”

“But it is a pity that we don’t have a ‘jing’ (purified),” Ye Cang’s OCD got triggered.


“Kong, neng, jing. We are missing out on ‘jing’. In order for one to be called ‘jing’, one must be cleaned and with six roots of pure sensations. He or she must also have no evil thoughts but a soul that boils down to a pure heart.”

“Master, I believe there’s definitely a meaning behind this since you can remember the three names. We already have kong and neng, I’m pretty sure the pilgrimage is related to it. I do have a candidate. Our mother, Evena. She was also the previous president of the Mutants Associations before it was divided. She is currently living in a mental hospital after being betrayed by the members of Kydai district…” Alyssa suggested after much hesitation.

“Is that lady even suitable for the name ‘jing’?! You and I are both the end product of her being raped! You know who our father is!” Alliya frowned.

“But does she treat you badly?” Ye Cang smiled.

“Nope…” Alliya shook her head.

“Then why did you let out such impertinent remarks?! What’s the matter even if she is the Mother of All? Even Buddha was born from the Demonic Phoenix King. What you referred to was only dirtiness on appearance. She gave birth to the two of you, Wukong and Wuneng and never mistreated you guys. Then how is she impure? Think of how she treated you two when you guys were young.” Saying this reminded Ye Cang of his grandma.

Alliya then recalled her mother's words when she was at the stage of discovering her abilities. ‘If you want to live an ordinary life, just go ahead. Don’t bother about abilities or what sort. Your life depends on your will and determination. Mother is just here to guide you, my child.’ 

Yet, Alliya started to hate her after knowing that she was produced through sex without consent. Tears ran down her cheek, “I’m sorry, master. My sincere apologies.”

“Since you know you are wrong, have you ever apologised?” Ye Cang caressed Alliya’s bald head even though that was not something a spiritual master would do as he recalled that he never had the chance to thank his grandma for bringing him up. “Don’t stay silent when you have the chance of being heard, alright? Even though we are supposed to forget our form, we are still humans. Being ungrateful is a big no no in Buddhism. Besides, this is the reality we should see. Even if it means separation, we are going to bid adieu with a smile. Tell her your feelings and free the demon in your heart. Buddha is not heartless. He wants us to…” Ye Cang got stuck as he did not know how to continue but Alyssa said with rolling tears, “I understand what you are trying to say, master. It wants us to obtain eternal love and relationship. We must handle and let go of things correctly. If we ever abandon wonderful relationships, we are falling into the dark side and will suffer the pain in hell…”

“Yeap, that’s right…” Ye Cang caressed Alyssa’s bald head. Gosh, I almost exposed myself. She surely is my Wukong. “You are indeed the senior sister…”

Tears were rolling in Alliya’s eyes and Ye Cang held her tight. “Buddhism is not about being heartless but being kind. Feel the beauty and let the stubbornness and pain go. Have you forgotten about your Dharma name?”

Alliya cried out loud, “Master! I will not disappoint you in bestowing me with the word ‘neng’!!”

Everyone was bothered by the sense of disgust after watching Ye Cang hugging those two crying babies. Wow, is this what they say ‘if you want to trick, trick the entire family’?

“If you guys wanna hate something, hate the existence of the Journey to the West…” Zuo Yiyi stared at the two ladies leading Ye Cang to their mother.