At Zhang Zhengxiong’s side, a huge energy shockwave exploded and a roar loud enough to shake the entire city was heard. As the door of the captive tube opened, a wild beast with bloody eyes and veins all over its body walked out of its confined space. Rully lowered her head, afraid of looking at the man/beast standing before her. She kneeled with her trembling body and tears broke out. It’s a success! A success!

Zhang Zhengxiong had only one intention which was to defeat Zero and enjoy his harem life. *cough* *cough* his lovely life. This was the thought that helped keep his sanity. He then turned into a red meteor flying into the sky, heading towards the Mutants Association headquarters.

Lin Le pouted, “God damn it. It’s an advertisement again. Ishh!”

Lin Le once again picked up the satellite remote. “What is this again? It looks familiar.”

Captain Li and Captain Zhao sweated but they still replied, “The remote for the satellite attack.”


“You can launch a destructive attack at the targeted attack.”

“Oh, it’s gonna be pretty, isn’t it?”

“You can say that again, Colonel.”

“Let’s try it out.” Lin Le pressed the button without any hesitation and the location was set at a branch of the Mutants Association in Kydai district. The satellites were changing within thirty seconds. In the branch, Lo Tianba and Yi Taiji were evenly matched. General Lo might seem to be having the upper hand but it was not obvious. The two of them were heavily injured but the military was more energetic. With their ancient martial arts, weapons, equipment and manpower, they succeeded in besieging Yi Taiji and his other members. They were about to launch their final attack. Even though it might be terrible, it was obvious that the military was winning.

Suddenly, Yi Taiji felt a sense of danger and looked up at the ceiling. “God damn it! Are you trying to die with me?! Is our hatred so overpowering to the extent that we have to die together?! Lo Tianba! You are so cruel! We were once classmates!”

Lo Tianba also felt a weird oppression, “Retreat!”

Ye Cang who was walking on the road saw something flashing like a star in the night sky. “There’s something in the sky.”

“That’s the military’s satellite launcher. Looks like Lo Tianba wants to secure the kill…” Alyssa felt sad for General Lo because he was obsessed with power. He had the strongest power on earth but it was never used for the right purpose.

“Judging from the location, it should be Kydai district.” Just as Alliya finished her sentence, a huge beam of light shot down from the sky.

“Sigh, another unnecessary disaster. How is it possible to stop all these battles and killings… Amitabha.” Ye Cang pondered. Gosh, just think of the amount of killing points I could earn. I should have gone to that area instead of recruiting these three idiots. Sigh.

“Amitabha…” the three ladies repeated. 

Lin Le was staring at his project from afar while the satellite attack flattened the entire Mutants Association’s branch at Kydai district. A white light engulfed the whole area. Lin Le’s killing points went skyrocket, from two digits to 553. It was still rising.

“Wow, so beautiful…”

The two captains were praying so hard. General Lo, please die... We will pray to you on this day every year.

In the branch, Yi Taiji and Lo Tianba were both hit by the satellite attack as their attempts to flee had horribly failed. They were at the edge of death as Yi Taiji lost his left body and Lo Tianba lost both arms. He was barely surviving as all his energy and power were depleted to protect himself. 

As the light faded, the two captains quickly drove the tank to the scene in order to confirm the General’s death while Lin Le was enhancing himself and discovered a lot of skills and superpowers.

Staring at Yi Taiji who was as mad as a red tomato, Lo Tianba mumbled in a weak tone, “It isn’t me...really…”

Yi Taiji forcefully dashed at Lo Tianba. “Die bitch! Do you think you can use this chance to bait me and sacrifice your own life for justice?! I, Yi Taiji will not die that easily!”

Speechlessly, Lo Tianba got himself up and tried to limp away. Just then, a huge explosion was heard and the wall of the ruins were crushed. A loud voice resonated, “General Lo! We are here to save you!”

The two of them had no energy to dodge even when they saw a tank fly above them. Their hearts sank. *Crush*

The sound of the landing tank was followed by something being flattened. The incident happened so fast that the two victims did not even have time to scream.

Lin Le jumped off the tank and looked around, “Where is he? Sigh... why do I have a sudden increase in killing points again?”

The two captains saw a boot beneath the tank as they got down. The general logo on it reassured them and they heaved a sigh of relief.

“The General must have accidentally died in battle. Colonel, the entire military camp depends on you now…” Captain Li said sorrowfully. 

“Oh, then perhaps it’s helpless. Let’s drive back. I still have a few episodes left that I haven’t watched.” Lin Le shrugged his shoulders and flicked his fingers, “Let’s go.”

Instantly, he jumped back to the vehicle and the captains drove it away. Captain Zhao shivered as he saw Yi Taiji and Lo Tianba turning into a meat patty as a result of the tank falling from the sky. He looked at Lin Le who was watching TV and swallowed a gulp of saliva. Captain Li also felt numb. Yet, Lin Le was in his usual questioning state. What am I doing? What should I do next? What happened just now?

Yet, his attention was diverted by the sound from the television. Oh well, let’s just continue to watch the drama.

The audience were speechless.

“Did he do it on purpose?” Ariel sweated.

“I can tell you precisely that Lele has no intention of doing so. He might not even know what the satellite thing is. And here’s the scariest part, he might really have the intention of going in to save General Lo,” Zuo Yiyi explained. 

“......” Everyone was speechless.

“That tricky bastard! How did he get the NPC’s help?! Damn!” Lord Asked who was killed by SpyingBlade walked out to see CloudDragon. “How did you die?”

“ShakingBear…” CloudDragon was helpless. What kind of power was that? Can anyone really fight such a martial arts saint?! VastSea’s life was also taken away by the red meteor shockwave. He smiled bitterly at the two of them as he walked out, “I saw how you died but I wasn’t able to run away too…”

Looking at the remaining participants, LordAsked shouted, “WTH?! Aota isn’t dead yet?! Gosh, I’m so in shame right now…”

“Rose too…” FrozenBlood was sent out of the battlefield by Aota.

“Those that remained are the Three Emperors, Flame Emperor, Phantom, ThornyRose, Ye Tian, Cain, Ajasnar and Verlianna,” VastSea commented on the situation.

The few of them replayed Lin Le’s scene and discovered that the satellite attack was actually his act. Upon being struck by the realization of the amount of killing points he obtained, they gasped. Whoever that meets him will die for sure. Not to mention, he is the only qualified player to be the successor of the military area. They sweated when they knew what happened to Zhang Zhengxiong. Did he just get his DNA modified?! At last, as for Ye Cang’s side of the story, they were even more dumbstruck. Why do we feel like we aren’t playing the same game? Is he playing the Journey to the West?! I think he needs a popemobile to send him to the west. This is no longer an assasination game...

FrozenBlood blushed after seeing the bald ladies dots etched on their heads. Gongsun Qian facepalmed. Those who have a thing with team leader are never ordinary people...