SpyingBlade who was walking down the main thoroughfare saw Ye Cang at the end of the hill. Swiftly, he cleared his trace and hid behind the rubbish dump. His forehead was filled with sweat as he saw three bald ladies protecting him. What is it this time?

Suddenly, a long katana popped out in thin air but SpyingBlade successfully deflected it without even turning around, “Aota, I have no time to play with you. Team leader is down there. If he finds out that we are here, we will be doomed.”

The katana disappeared.

Observing from afar, SpyingBlade wondered. These four people are sitting cross-legged with Buddhist meditation postures. What’s going on here?! Where did he find three monks to help him? I thought it is against the Dharma for monks to kill people?

As Lin Le was eating nuts, Captain Li saw a red meteor flying towards them. He quickly took out the machine guns to shoot at it. “Colonel! Something is coming towards us! Looks like a super warrior!”

“Which idiot dares to bother me during drama time!” Lin Le hopped out of the tank like a mad bull and unleashed his energy. His hair filled itself with spiritual energy in an instance and a strong and furious qi energy was leaking out from his eyes. His clothes burst into pieces, revealing his naked body.

The two captains quickly hid somewhere further. Colonel Le’s strength might be similar to General Lo. No wonder he dares to punish the general. I’m afraid he might be a martial arts saint.

“Why do I feel like he always loves to strip his shirt off into pieces…” LordAsked was speechless.

“Because it is...cool…” FrozenBlood replied in a serious manner, “That was what he said the last time I asked him.”


As the two energy collided, a huge shockwave knocked in all directions. The red and blue energy crashed together and they were rapidly smashing each other.

“Brother Lil’Xiong?” 


They looked into each other and unleashed all their skills, energy, and talents, without going easy at any of their attempts. 

Ye Cang also felt that shockwave from afar, “I sensed the guidance. We will find ourselves some clues if we head over there…”

With full speed, Ye Cang flew over and the three girls followed behind. So did SpyingBlade. Is the scariest battle about to happen? Zhang Ke’er shivered as she looked at the storm of qi energy. Please don’t go...please…  She could vividly foresee the death of his lover. Without hesitation, she followed up as her eyes were turning dark.

Little Ye Tian was also attracted by the stream of energy and she bumped into ThornyRose who was in the disguise of a high school student. “Stop acting. From the way you walk and the details of your actions, I could tell who you are, Sister Rose.”

ThornyRose smiled bitterly as she knew only Little Ye Tian the little girl dared to say such words. As she dug her hands into her pockets, Little Ye Tian shook her head,  “Stop struggling. With those points you and I accumulated, we would die together. Let’s go there and have a look.”

ThornyRose nodded. Just when they were about to leave, Little Ye Tian stopped her, “Young sis, what do you want to eat tonight?”

ThornyRose stunned for a second but reacted quickly, “I want egg fried rice, sister!”

Sensing something, Flame Emperor came to the corner of the alley to see them. He did not bother much since he did not plan to stay any longer as the energy over the other side was too intimidating. He then disappeared into a cloud of black smoke.

Little Ye Tian signalled her that they could leave now. “I’m 99.994% sure that that man was Flame Emperor even though I’ve only had a glimpse of his hand.”

“......” ThornyRose felt that her death would be horrible if she were to battle with Little Ye Tian in a one-on-one.

“Heaven and Earth Overload Fist!” Zhang Zhengxiong punched with all his might and Lin Le did not back off. “The Kick of A Million Birds!”

Numerous kicks were repeatedly blocking the fist that it had no chance of creating damage. The space dimension was then cracked, causing a temporary space distortion. Captain Li and Captain Zhao were trembling. Oh my god! The space has distorted! Can’t they have mercy on us?! Colonel!

The two of them once again crashed together and an invisible space barrier knocked them away. Ye Cang and his girls arrived.

“It’s really the fate of reincarnation. Wukong, Wuneng, and Wujing, I have found some pieces of my memories. These two are villains whom I tried to stop in my past life. One had raped millions of innocent women while the other went around eating humans and destroying civilizations. In the end, I managed to surpass myself but failed to expiate their sins. Only then, they would reincarnate to this world with me… I have found the second half of the Diamond Sutra. It is coming into my mind!”

Ye Cang started to jot down the scripture. Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le dashed at him with overloaded qi energy. Right at the moment, The tri-color Lotus Sign expanded and all attacks were nullified. 

“Master, never have I thought that there would be such an evil person in this world. I would help you expiate their sins and accumulate our merits.” Wujing - Evena sent a shockwave with her karana gesture to knock away a katana that ambushed them. “And also the evil person hidden in the dark.”

“That person was a pervert. He tried to peek at my body and… *cough* *cough*” The intention of killing filled the three ladies’ eyes but it disappeared quickly as they saw their master copying the scripture. They saw an image of a lotus blooming in the middle of the pond. Indeed, we are still nowhere near our master’s merits. They once again enhanced their merits while Ye Cang was pondering. Fight them! What are you guys doing?! Kill them! Originally, he wanted to tell them to unleash their anger to punish these villains but that would not make sense, given his position right now. 

Now, this is what you get for making up a story. The audience were speechless.

In the beginning, the three ladies were able to defend the enemies’ attacks but their resistance eventually died out. Zhang Zhengxiong’s and Lin Le’s qi energies were too great and in the end, the three ladies were knocked away.

They fell to the ground and spat a mouthful of blood. Ye Cang who finished writing the Diamond Sutra looked at them. Hey, I wasted all my effort on you guys but you guys are so weak?! Useless scum… Looks like I’m gonna die. He threw the Diamond Sutra at them.

As the papers scattered, they read the second half of the scripture which instantly gave them the answer for their question of ‘how should their minds abide and how should they be subdued?’ from the time when the question was asked for the first time (to seek the ways to save living beings from torment) to the second time (why must one have the mind of saving others).

The three ladies were in doubtful minds. There aren’t many whom they could save from torment. Then why did we even join Buddhism? As they read, their confusion was resolved. One can never save everyone from it but the reason for doing so was to tame one’s inner heart and obtain ultimate knowledge. In order to become a Buddha, one must no longer (think in terms of) an ego, a personality, a being and a life. One has to surrender himself to the world and understand that that is his own responsibility, not some great ideology to save the world.

Through the sutra, they became aware of the foundation to become Buddha. They understood that everything boiled down to nothingness, including the duty to save others, the Buddha and every being. If so, what’s the purpose of carrying out the duty? They were about to enter into Nirvana and leave the world. However, the last few pages of the sutra made them realize something else again. We’ve pledged to save every being from torments. How can we leave without doing so? Instantly, they understood Ye Cang’s theory of reincarnation. To obtain the ultimate knowledge and surpass oneself are not the best ending but the best beginning. They could only start all over again, enhance themselves, and learn more theories to fill the gap between saving others and emptiness. Only by repeating this process again and again and obtaining more and more knowledge was the way...