The qi energy bombarded at the four of them. Ye Cang accumulated all of his blades, trying to defend the impact with telekinesis. However, a surge of warm and kind holy power exploded. It was as if the entire world had stopped. The three ladies delicately floated upwards, arranged the pages of Diamond Sutra nicely and passed them back to Ye Cang, “Thank you for solving my confusion, master…”

“Ha!” The three ladies shouted and the space changed again. An enormous lotus appeared among the four of them and provided them shelter. Seeing the attacks not leaving a single impact on their end, Ye Cang was amazed. Nani?! Is the sutra this strong?! He once again pretended to meditate, “My memories are overflowing. I can vaguely see the Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra…”

“Master, please do jot the scripture down! We will never let anyone hurt you!” the senior sister, Wukong put her palms together.

Despite the monotony, Ye Cang had no choice but to copy the sutra. God damn it! It’s so boring. So boring. He then started singing Nīlakaṇṭha Dhāraṇī to divert his attention.

The three ladies were more powerful with the mantra being chanted. Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong attacked the lotus barrier madly but it was to no avail. Realizing that they would not attack back, the two of them did not bother and continued their fight. Aota who was at the side smiled bitterly. They can’t even break through the barrier, what else can I do? Acting Emperor is too annoying!

On the other hand, Flame Emperor saw SpyingBlade and engaged into a battle with him. As Zhang Ke’er’s ambush almost got him killed, Flame Emperor quickly retreated and hid in the vicinity to wait for the next opportunity. SpyingBlade also backed off as he was afraid that he would attract Zhang Zhengxiong’s and Lin Le’s attention. If they discover me, I would never get to run away. “Go away. If you die here, your dad would live his life in sorrow. I… this is my fate, I have no choice…” SpyingBlade said to the air.

A hand popped out from the dark and grabbed him, “Jie, I won’t leave you alone. I can’t watch you die…”

SpyingBlade slapped her, “I asked you to get the f*ck off! Which part of my sentence do you not understand?! F*ck off!”

Zhang Ke’er was almost knocked onto the wall. The palm print on her face gave her a pain that triggered her nerves. The audience had started criticising SpyingBlade but Zhang Ke’er did not cry nor say anything. She leaped forward to hug him and kiss him. 

“OMG! The gaming federation! What the hell! What have I done wrong?! The Chrysanthemum Cup on every Valentine’s is something to get my mind off the fact that I’m single. Why must you let me witness this?! I want to see the mixed battle! Those burning flames and gunshots!”

“Oh god! I’m willing to give up two years of my life to get Zhang Ke’er!”

“Weak! I’m willing to give up twenty years!”

Gongsun Qian did not say anything but smiled. “Why are you looking at me? That girl is a good girl. I’m totally not mad at all but just jealous. And I will punish SpyingBlade when we go back.”

Gongsun Qian’s smile somewhat reassured the audience. Yeap, that’s right! This bastard must pay for what he has done to her! Acting Emperor doesn’t need any punishment as he himself is a punishment already.

Ye Cang was copying the Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra while the three ladies enjoyed reading. An invisible energy was constantly filling their bodies as if they were in outer space and they themselves were the space. Just as they were immersed in the self-realization phase, Ye Cang stopped, “The memory is gone again…”

Ye Cang looked at Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le and then back at the sutra. From the sutra, the three ladies understood what anger truly was and started attacking them. Wukong - Alyssa swung her arm, sending a huge golden palm at them. Wuneng - Alliya formed a lotus magic circle to set up a trap. Wujing - Evena pulled her arm and six mantra beads appeared. As she pushed again, the six beads were rushing forward at them like rapid bullets from a machine gun. Facing a series of attacks, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le had no choice but to stop and break the magic circle and defend themselves from the beads and the palm. 

As Zhang Zhengxiong shouted, he knocked out of the magic circle with Heaven and Earth Overlord Fist and dashed at Ye Cang with overwhelming qi energy. Real - Heaven and Earth Overlord Fist! The impact from the punch barely cracked the lotus barrier but caused space distortion. The three ladies quickly shifted their space dimension in order to protect Ye Cang. Meanwhile, Aota was already helpless. Gosh, this is a fight between gods! Suddenly, a huge impact hit him from behind. Staring at the hand piercing through his chest, Aota turned around to see Lin Le smiling at him, “Hehe, found ya…”

“How did you…” Lin Le was not patient enough to finish listening. He crushed his skull.

“Hey? How did I notice him earlier? I’ve forgotten.” Lin Le scratched his head and dashed into the sky. Seeing Zhang Zhengxiong beneath him, he flew down like a meteor. Zhang Zhengxiong swiftly blocked him with two arms. Mad Dance of Gods and Demons!

Lin Le did not back off and swung his arms, “Real - Thousand-Arm Guanyin Palms!”

Captain Li and Zhao found the right time to quickly run away with the tank, “Colonel, we will come back to save you later! Wait for us yea!”

When Aota returned to the venue, he replayed Lin Le’s scene. All he saw was Lin Le’s ahoge pointed in a certain direction when Lin Le broke out of the lotus trap and dashed at him at full speed. Baka! He must have some abilities that can detect invisible beings! I was careless! I was too close to them! Next time! I will definitely find a better position!

Ye Cang and the rest appeared somewhere near Little Ye Tian. As she saw the little girl surrounded by three monks, she was glad, “That’s father!”

“What?!” ThornyRose was terrified by the overwhelming battle power and hid somewhere far. After knowing that the little girl was Ye Cang, she facepalmed, “Did he make some weird promise with Magical Girl?”

Yet, the two of them could not run away from Ye Cang’s sense and they knew he had noticed them. We can’t even put up a fight. WTH! 

“It’s you again…” Ye Cang recognized them. “Wukong, Wuneng, Wujing, these two are also the villains whom your master, I tried to expiate their sins. The girl on the left (ThornyRose) was a rapist and the other taller girl (Little Ye Tian) was a daughter who didn’t respect her parents. She always helped others to harm her father…”

What?! I am what?! ThornyRose was mad. Wait. Master, Wukong, Wuneng, and Wujing?

“Master, so do we need to tame the two of them?” Wujing’s beads were ready to shoot out. Just then, an invisible sword slash cut through ThornyRose’s and Little Ye Tian’s heads. A dark shadow disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Flame Emperor obtained some killing points in the midst of the danger. I must get it, or else I won’t stand a chance to win! The three ladies shook their heads, “Can’t sense that man anywhere.”

Ye Cang stared at the two girls laying on the floor. “Never have I thought that I’ve failed to expiate you two. We were reincarnated into this world again but you two left before me. What a pity. Farewell. If we ever meet again, I will save you two from torments…”

Putting up an act, Ye Cang started mumbling the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Pūrvapraṇidhāna Sūtra. The three ladies quickly surrounded him and memorized the sutra. This must be a new one! Master must have gotten back some memories! This is the expiating-sins sutra!

Staring at ThornyRose’s head, Ye Cang pondered. I wanted to kick her head so badly. God damn it! It’s all my fault. If I were to kill her, I would blow her head up! Sigh...