As ThornyRose returned to the arena, she got herself a screen to watch the three emperors’ growth. She silently covered her forehead with her palms. WTF?! Are we playing the same game?!

The Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Pūrvapraṇidhāna Sūtra opened the three ladies’ minds to understand birth and death merits. Lotus seats once again appeared below them. Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le had the ladies getting stronger. On the other hand, Zhang Zhengxiong’s genes were constantly evolving and Lin Le’s martial arts techniques were more powerful as his qi energy recovery speed had gone beyond the limits. In an instance, sonic booms, thunderstorms, air bursts and lotus petals were everywhere in the sky. Flame Emperor looked upwards and sighed. There’s no way I could fight them. They all have evolution powers.

Meanwhile, SpyingBlade pushed away Zhang Ke’er’s hands that were finding their way down his abs. “Go now while you still can.”

Zhang Ke’er shook her head with determination. Seeing the fight in the sky, SpyingBlade dragged her along the route, found a random car and hopped in.

“Let’s go to Sky Tower… and together…” SpyingBlade smiled.

“Sure…” Zhang Zhengxiong did not know why SpyingBlade changed his mind but she dared not let down her guard as his death line was entering the grey area.

After getting further away from the land of battles, SpyingBlade stopped aside, got down and stood at the cliff. Looking at the movements at the other end, he turned to glance at her with a faint smile. “I hope you can be happy…”

He forcefully disconnected himself from the game. A’Jie looked at Zhang Ke’er. “You are...Sister Ke’er? We didn’t really talk much for the past two years, did we? Besides...why am I here? I remember I was watching a movie about the Japanese spies’s failed missions…”

As the person’s death line slowly faded till it could no longer be seen, Zhang Ke’er smiled with her thin lips and teary eyes. Has he forcefully brainwashed himself with his abilities? “Let’s get out of here. It’s too dangerous. You must have been shocked by the incident. The Mutants Association and military had engaged in a war…”

With a nod, A’Jie got into the car. The two of them then headed towards the City in the Sky. 

After getting back to the arena, SpyingBlade saw Gongsun Qian staring at him with a weird look. “It’s just a game. It isn’t real.”

“Then, why didn’t you kill her to gain some killing points instead of surrendering?” Gongsun Qian smiled.

“If I’d done that, I'd be considered as ‘those good-for-nothing barbarians. Will you still love me then?” SpyingBlade held Gongsun Qian over with a beam.

“Bla bla bla.” Gongsun Qian’s affection gave the audience goosebumps. 

“Frenzied Shadow decided to give up the opportunity to prove himself and ended up to fulfill the dream of the NPC who had feelings for him. He gave her a lovely life. It’s so romantic of him… Who would have thought that he could be gentle too…”

“Do you know that Gongsun Qian rejected Flame Emperor and chose him…”

“My Zhang Ke’er, where are you?!”

“In the air doll…”

“WTH… this’s not a joke anymore. They have launched it for people to pre-order… It’s with the same logo…”

“This requires copyright. It is in the hands of Frenzied Shadow. This lady is a character in his story, they must at least seek approval from him.”

“Then, there’s only one possibility. The boss of this doll company must be very close with Frenzied Shadow, Acting Emperor and the rest…”

Brother Zhao stared at Flame Emperor. “He needs to evolve. Only then could he shorten their gap.”

In the game, Flame Emperor headed to the ruins of the Mutants Association. He dug deep into the crumbles to find one of the creators - Eve whose lower body was buried by the ruins. He climbed up to her face. It’s all or nothing! He switched all the control knobs to the maximum, overloading them with energy. Eve looked painful and Flame Emperor’s face was getting crooked. He felt his blood was evaporating as if he was being boiled in molten iron. His organs were expanding to the extent that they could explode anytime. Yet, he knew he had to endure through. I must not fail! I must get back to my prime! The China Region belongs to me! I will not let you guys stop me! I will get back what I have lost!

Eve’s scream was like a cry from a giant baby. The ‘gods’ fighting in the sky frowned as the sound struck their ears. Alyssa was shocked, “This is the power of Eve! Is she going to resurrect?!”

“No...this is her cry…” Evena said as she was one of the controllers of Eve.

Right at that moment, a large gust of black flames appeared in the sky, attacking them endlessly. On top of the clocktower not far ahead, there stood a man burned with the same flame. His windbreaker was full of black ashes, swaying in the wind. Flame Emperor had no physical body left and was merely in his energy form. As he swung his black short blade, a sky full of invisible sword slashes were sent at them. Zhang Zhengxiong knocked them off with his Real - Heaven And Earth Overlord Fist and dashed at the enemy in a red meteor.

Flame Emperor altered the shape of its appearance in between the shadows in the sky.

They all had a new enemy now. The power of Eve was constantly absorbed by Flame Emperor. As the black flames burned Ye Cang’s lotus seat, the three ladies once again shifted their dimension. Evena shot out numerous mantra beads at the black shadows; Alyssa filled the sky with trident-like thunder as she swung her arms whereas Alliya established a barrier to protect the four of them.

Ye Cang glanced at the situation and continued to copy the sutra. People are battling but I’m copying books. Worst still, I’m copying sutra. This game is so boring. How can I gain killing points if I don’t kill people? Without killing points, how am I going to level up? When I can’t level up, I would just have to keep on copying these sutras for the sake of these three idiots. This endless cycle is so boring… Why did I even introduce myself as a reincarnated monk? 

Ye Cang let out a deep sigh and continued to copy another sutra before someone else realized he was just an impersonator.

Eve then let out a terrible scream.

Evena was bothered by the shriek. According to her study, this scream was slightly different from the previous one but she had no clue why.

Lin Le was annoyed by the black shadows and knocking them away was necessary as the black flames were draining his qi energy.

Swiftly, Ye Cang finished copying and decided to sing a song to lighten up his mood. Just then, the system had an announcement. “Congratulations! Under Alyssa’s, Alliya’s and Evena’s hard work, you have successfully created a new school for the new generations. Rewards: 30 merit points.”

“30 merit points?! I freaking copied four sutras, recruited three apprentices, stopped the elimination of the Purple Flower Garden and you only gave me 30 points?! Gosh… system, you better say something! Do you have something against me from the beginning of time?! Even the Conviction game is like this!” Ye Cang was so pissed that he blurted out vulgarities that were contradictory to his current persona. The three ladies instantly turned to look at Ye Cang. “What’s the matter, master?!”

“It’s nothing. My memory is still a little messy. Because the sutras are too complicated, it’s difficult to arrange them… You guys be careful, don’t bother about me.” Ye Cang pretended to be calm and gawked at the 30 merit points. Wait, I remember that upgrading my telekinesis to grandmaster costs 500 killing points but it only requires one merit point?

Ye Cang smiled satisfactorily at the other sutras. My baby sutras, here I come. His enthusiasm prompted him to quickly dig out all sort of sutras he could find, including the Avataṃsaka Sūtra, Bhaiṣajyaguru Sutra, Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra and many more to copy them even though it was boring. What the ladies did not see was that evil smile written on Ye Cang’s face as he mouthed the words that were referring to Flame Emperor, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le. “Die…”