As Ye Cang copied the sutra, his telekinesis was upgraded at a mad speed, from grandmaster to legendary and to holy. However, 10 merit points were required for any upgrades when reaching holy level which was not a hindrance at all for him to reach the Ambassador of Force level.

Upon reaching that stage, the system informed him that he could choose a tool as his main weapon for upgrades and enhancements where the utility knife was his choice and it had become his holy weapon. The blade inside it could be lengthened indefinitely and was as sharp as lasers.

Ye Cang raised his hand and numerous blades surrounded their lotus seats, aiming at all black shadows and enemies. As he swung his arms, all the blades shot out like lasers. It was a mesmerizing scene to see.

It came to Flame Emperor’s surprise that Ye Cang had enough blades to lock on every shadow of his. His original body suffered some injuries as well but he continued to drain powers from Eve to recover himself. Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le were also not spared from the blade cuts.

Seeing the three ladies’ shocking expressions, Ye Cang smiled faintly, “Don’t disturb your master yet, my memories are still recovering…”

He then continued his copying job so that the ladies could read them. Each sutra provided Ye Cang 10 merit points which allowed him to upgrade smoothly. WIthout any hesitation, he leveled up his writing speed. He only used two minutes for each sutra and in a blink of an eye, he completed ten books. His telekinesis had upgraded to level five and level six required 100 points. The sutras had also upgraded the ladies’ strength as they could now fight on par with either one of the enemies by themselves. Their understanding for sutras was yet to be enhanced.

In a short period of time, Ye Cang had finished all the Buddhist sutras he could find and started copying Tao Te Ching, The Analects, Doctrine of the Mean, Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor and Mozi. The girls did not question why these were not related to Buddhism and instead, their respect for Ye Cang had increased. These thoughts must be the product of all the theories our master gained from all his reincarnations. It’s worth reading, especially Tao Te Ching which helps us in a lot of aspects.

Ye Cang pondered. Tao Te Ching gives me 100 points! Another 100 points from the Analects. Swiftly, he took out the Complete Library in Four Sections and Taoist Canon (complete version) and spammed it with full speed. He used telekinesis as his high-speed laser printer, producing one book every 10 seconds. It was so fast that the girls cannot catch up finishing those books, leaving them with no choice but to save them up for future reference.

The two books contributed 200 merit points to Ye Cang and he was still thinking of what books or literatures he could use to gain more. Hmm… The Bible and the Quran? Yeap, these two will do! The three girls were confused, “Master, these two books look diff...from our religion…”

“These are the thoughts and teachings of other religions I have encountered during my reincarnations. Even though they are different from us, they have the same goal. We can take a look to expand our ultimate knowledge…” Ye Cang pondered. Wow. The Bible gives me 250 merit points and the Quran gives me 200! I’m finally done with copying these literatures! He leveled up the Ambassador of Force to level 10 but was stuck at the 1000 merit points bar. Merits come from how well you can influence others with your thoughts and philosophy. Since I already have the literature, then… Wait, why did I only get 30 points when I passed on Buddhism? He looked at the three ladies. Is it because of the number? I guess it is based on the number of people whom I pass the religion on to… So, that’s how it works...

“Is there any way for me to appear on screen? I want to get on air to pass on our religion to everyone… By giving out these literature, our thoughts and philosophy would be still carried on by others even if I have fallen… Hope they can be stored forever…” Ye Cang said in a sorrow tone.

“Leave it to me, master.” Wujing - Evena shifted their dimension to a research centre. She used her exclusive rights to get the permission of the transmission. Those residents who were watching television at home could see nothing but black screens.

“Master, what should I say when we go on live?” Evena asked.

“Just follow the flow. Don’t act like you are superior to them. Instead, put on a kind and humble front. Humans are also our teacher. To be able to meet millions of people is something you will have to experience too. Don’t ever think that being an ordinary human is simple. One can only obtain the true and ultimate wisdom after experiencing everything in the human world.” Ye Cang pondered. You three are just my apprentices that help me to recruit more people… Do your job well! It reminded him of the goddesses. I wonder... did they try their best to recruit as many believers when I was not around. 

Just when Zhang Zhengxiong, Flame Emperor and Lin Le wondered where Ye Cang was, the broadcasting system sounded.

“To my fellow respected people, please switch on your television and fax machine as our Master Sanzang had just returned from his pilgrimage for sutras. He is now here with us to show everyone the right path and a different realization…”

As people switched on their TVs, what came into their eyes was a screen full of sutras and literature. Ye Cang even asked the girls to explain the sutras through Q&A sessions.

Ye Cang was happily staring at his merit points going up a point at a time. Swiftly, he had turned from a copywriter to a person who manned the facsimile machine. He even added his image on the top of every cover.

“Mummy, the Tao Te Ching allowed me to truly understand what ‘Tao’ meant! It’s really a good book! Wait! They still have the Taoist Canon! Wow! Thank you, Master Sanzang!”

“The Analect...hmmm... even the name itself is interesting…”

“The Bible? This name is cool. Imma take a look.”

“The Diamond Sutra, what does that mean? Hey, isn’t this what the TV is talking about? Let me have a read... since I have nothing else to watch tonight. This show is good enough for me to fill my time with. With this Mutants Association and military battling here and there, no one dares to sleep…”

“Daddy, what does ‘humans follow the law of earth, the earth follows the law of heaven, the heaven follows the law of tao and the tao is being what it is’ mean?”

“Hmm... go ask Master Sanzang. Daddy is reading the Quran, don’t bother me.”

“Grandpa, what does Caring, Impartiality and State Consequentialism mean?”

“Let me see... it basically tells us not to pull ranks among ourselves and love everyone in this world without prejudice. State Consequentialism means anti-wars and maintains peace in the human world. Oh, Lil’Li, this book is nice to read. Can you let grandpa have a look? You can always find another book at the fax machine…”

“No, I want to read too. Grandpa, let’s read together.”

Outside of the game, the audience and Brother Zhao were confused. “His actions are weird. Why did he need to promote these literature…”

“Maybe the way to level up his abilities has changed…” Brother Zhong said. “I think he isn’t using killing points to upgrade now. Judging from Acting Emperor’s personality, it is impossible for such a black-hearted person to promote love for the world with these peace-seeking books…”

“Then what is he depending on? Sales points?” Zuo Yiyi laughed.

“That’s a high possibility” Ariel nodded.

“Let’s continue to watch,” Sia was speechless. Is this still the game, Eternal Killer?

In a blink of an eye, Ye Cang accumulated 1000 merit points, went beyond level ten and became the Lord of Force. Yet, it came to his surprise that it was still upgradable. His OCD bothered him so much that he urged himself to collect 2000 merit points to level up again. He then left the girls and went out by himself. The ladies did not try to chase after him as they knew their master was at a level which no one could fight on. They continued to be the emcee of the show, explaining sutras.

With just a simple thought, Ye Cang reappeared at the battlefield. He successfully restrained the three of them with only telekinesis. “Stop fighting and go around to have some fun. I want to see what I can get from this last upgrade…”