Ye Cang let go of the three of them as he was the most inevitable person in the world. Even Eve, Adam and Cain are no match for me now. They are just Ambassadors of Forces at around level 3 or 4 and I’m already the Lord of Forces.

“Brother, how did you become so crazy all of a sudden? I suffered so much pain through the modification of genes to get this strong,” Zhang Zhengxiong asked out of curiosity.

“Hmph, when you idiots were busy collecting killing points, I was already going after merit points. One merit point is equivalent to 500 killing points. I have tens of thousands of merit points now…”

“Errr…” Flame Emperor forecasted the points Ye Cang had. WTS. I think even if Eve comes out, she would be killed by him in a blink of an eye. “Alright, I surrender but I want to wander around and see whether I could kill Zero from the Assassins Association or some other bosses…”

“Wait, my senior sister asked me to kill him too. After that, we can go get a drink at my senior’s place...” Zhang Zhengxiong smirked. Hehe. Having my senior’s robotic arm helping me jerk off...

Flame Emperor nodded in his shadow.

“Count Lele in too! Brother Lil’White, let me know when you are done,” Lin Le caught up with him.

The audience were dumbfounded. What the fck just happened?!

“Acting Emperor’s strength is already too overwhelming. He can easily just kill the three of them with telekinesis.” Brother Zhong smiled bitterly, “He didn’t want to kill them because he wanted to see how the ending would be like. It reminds me of the Great Christmas War where he upgraded his hair to ultimate…”

Staring at Verlianna and Ajasnar who were battling Cane, Brother Zhao said, “How I wish I could tell them to quit the game... it is already over…”

“Actually, Cane is quite powerful as he has half of Roar Emperor’s strength. It’s rare to see such progress in the past. Verlianna is doing pretty well too, not to mention Ajasnar. But... it’s a pity... they didn’t know what kind of monster they were about to face, not including Acting Emperor.” Brother Zhong provided some comments and saw the helplessness in the other commentators from the other regions, especially Sister Marrie from Europe. She was already yawning and exhaustedly let out a bitter smile when she saw Brother Zhong looking at her. He knew the feeling since he had experienced it before. Yet, it was satisfying to see others suffer.

“Verlianna and Ajasnar escaped. Are they finally deciding to head towards the city center? They fought with others in the countryside since the game started. Sigh,” Sia pitied Cane.

Ajasnar mumbled as she drove, “Three Emperors, Flame Emperor, I can finally fight with you guys... I will make all of you remember my name today, Ajasnar!”

“Girl, just run away…” her determined expression triggered the audience’s empathy.

Ye Cang once again blinked back at where his apprentices were and continued to be the printing technician. Everyone in the city had immersed themselves in the world of books. Even the current mayor of Puppet City - Zoet resigned. Holding Zhuangzi (a book) written by Zhuang Zhou, he grinned while looking at the administration building. “Even though Kunpeng is dead, I desire freedom. Only I can give myself that. It is not that they are controlling me but I’m the one controlling myself. No matter how small or young a bird is, it can still fly through the sky full of storms. If one’s heart is free, freedom is everywhere he or she goes. But if one’s heart is caged, everywhere is a prison to him or her… Life is like a dream, just as Zhuang Zhou’s Butterfly Dream. Goodbye, Kyoto.”

On the street of the aftermath, everyone had their pre-ordered paperbacks in their hands, smiling at each other. The explanations from the three ladies were flooding the city on billboards, screens and banners. The mundane streets had turned busy. Some were arguing about which book was better while some were acting as if they met their soulmates, happily discussing the contents. In the car, Zoet saw something in the citizens’ eyes that was never as prevalent. It was passion. Something him, as the mayor could not give them. The military and the Mutants Association had been oppressing the city for too long. It’s time for rebirth.

“This book, Zhuangzi is trash… A butterfly dream?! WTH?! Stop acting stupid! The Doctrine of the Mean is what I call a good book!”

“I dare you to say that one more time! Rephrase your words…” Zoet craned his neck out of the window and yelled. 

“Oh, mayor…”

“Oh, shut up! You guys haven’t even read this book, Li Sao! Doctrine of the Mean? Get the hell out of my way. That fella who read Zhuang Zhou’s book, Imma go for a debate with you,” an elder popped out of nowhere.

“Li Sao?” Zoet knew about that book. Even though I’ve just roughly browsed through the contents, I know it shares the same rank as my book. Besides, there are even some similarities in there. “By all means, welcome.”

“About that, The Doctrine of the Mean is really…”

“Not going to read it! Shoo!” the two of them shouted simultaneously and the man with the book quickly ran away like a salesman being chased out of a house.

Meanwhile, Ye Cang was happily watching his merit points rise in the studio. 1995, 1999, 2000! He immediately leveled up himself to become the King of Forces. Wait, I still need 5000 more for the next upgrade?! Give it some time then. Let’s see what other books I can print.

“I think I know what’s going on… he is just a bookseller…” Audience A said.

“But he isn’t charging anyone anything for it, is he?” Audience B.

“Then what about the benefits he gains from advertising his books? According to the effect and audience measurement, there’s no way you can say he isn’t earning. He has released so many official merchandise, the Master Sanzang’s autograph version, Wukong’s autograph version, XX Limited Edition, non-classic version, full-content version…”

Ye Cang then started copying the Four Classic Chinese Novels, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet. I’m not going to care about their relevance anymore. He even printed The Plum in the Golden Vase and the Romance of the Western Chamber.

Wukong, Wuneng, and Wujing stared at him in confusion. Seconds later, they realized something. These books may look irrelevant but they are actually useful. There must be some hidden meaning behind the stories. Master is really a master. We are still far away from catching up. These are only the true reads. There’s blood and flesh... emotions and desires...

Outside of the battle, Zuo Yiyi saw Brother Zhong reading a book too, “What are you reading? Some literature about Taoism?”

“I guess you can say that...” Brother Zhong smiled.

“So, what book is it?”



“I’m pretty sure your dad loves you a lot…” Zuo Yiyi said awkwardly.

“I know what you are trying to say. You must be thinking that I, as a Taoist, am not doing my job well. Then, you are definitely wrong. My dad is worse than me…” 

“Well…” Zuo Yiyi was speechless.

“Tao is Tao. There are no standards for it. If you have Tao in your heart, no book is considered irrelevant. But if your heart is evil, then every book is irrelevant…” Brother Zhong flipped to the next page and Brother Zhao craned his neck over to get a peek. Hey, why would your cartoon comic have the content of a flirty guy?

Ariel looked up at the sky and sighed. Seeing how Cane and the others were doing, she turned around to see her lover’s, Sia’s weird expression.

“This battle is getting awkward. It feels like an open punishment for them, especially when they come out to see the replay and wonder what the heck just happened.” Sia smiled bitterly. Personally, Sia thought highly of Cane as he was the top in terms of strength and wisdom in Europe. He could definitely put up a fight against Flame Emperor. Overall, he is better than me but...sigh...what a pity for encountering these Chinese monsters...