The base of the Assassins Association was located in the abandoned area north of Kyoto. It was also the place where the creator’s meteor landed. Even though it was rebuilt, there was still a corner undone. That corner, controlled by the Assassins Association became the messiest place of darkness. Yet, it became a greater mess after the three of them arrived. Dead bodies were everywhere to be found.

Standing on top of the ruin, Zero stared at the three of them. What strong powers they have. Looks like I have no chance of conquering Kyoto. Just when he was about to leave, Flame Emperor’s flamy shadows appeared, “Leaving so soon? Where are you heading to?”

“It’s you…” Zero recognized Flame Emperor from the vague shadow and Zhang Zhengxiong flew up. “Senior! My senior sister and master sent me to claim your life! Just die!”

“That old fella and Rully?” Zero sensed Zhang Zhengxiong’s intimidating aura of a martial arts saint. “Looks like Rully’s experiment is successful…”

“And I’m here to help them to kill you... well, you can forget about me…” Lin Le smiled.

Zero made a sudden move and millions of dark shadows appeared. With a smirk, Flame Emperor did the same, preventing the enemy from making an escape. Zhang Zhengxiong dashed towards him in the form of a red meteor and Zero was surprised with Zhang Zhengxiong’s form of attack, “This is! Heaven and Earth Overlord Fist! Shit!”

He wanted to dodge but his stubborn legs were not listening to him and Lin Le was using his own energy to keep him rooted. When the punch landed, his entire upper body turned into crumbs.

“This is Real - Heaven and Earth Fist. What you see now is fake…” Zhang Zhengxiong took out a certified wallet from his pocket, gathered all the flesh and burned it in the fire. Who can guarantee that he wouldn’t hop around with only his lower body like what master did. After waiting for them to turn into ashes, he flushed them away in the toilet bowl. “Alright, even if he were to revive, he’s gonna need some time. Let’s go! To my senior’s place! Play with all the girls you want… It’s on me!”

Suddenly, an extremely intimidating pressure forced them to look up in the sky.

Ye Cang stopped picking his nose and unleashed a barrier on the road beside the building. A white light shot down from the sky. Upon contacting the ground, everything in its surroundings started to atomize. It was fortunate that Ye Cang’s barrier stopped the atomization from expanding. A human-like being walked out from the smoke. It had greyish-white skin and a dragonic mutated bug head. It looked very intimidating with his eyes filled with chill and contempt. As it saw Ye Cang, it smirked and a sound wave was heard. “@#$%!#[email protected]

Ye Cang frowned, “He said that his name is Shalusha and that I’m very strong. He even asked, ‘The King of Forces, why would you help such a tiny planet... they injured my men…’ ”

Ye Cang replied with righteousness, “[email protected]##@[email protected]@$%”

He did not forget to translate, “I negotiated with him, ‘This is my planet. I want to protect this place. But of course, if you leave, there will not be any unhappy conflict between us. Bring along your men and go, you idiot creature.’ ”

“Are you sure that’s a negotiation?” the audience were speechless.

“My Great Acting Emperor is merely showing his power with words. You guys will never understand.”

“Look at that creature. It got angry and mad as it’s face turned red.”

“No, no, I’m more concerned with his reason for translating…”

“Duh, he bears the name Acting Emperor for a reason. Apart from always putting up with some idiotic acts, he also loves to create trouble.”

Ye Cang knew he might not be able to defeat this being named Shalusha. Just now, he mentioned that he is also the King of Forces but I know I’m only slightly weaker than him.

“#$%@[email protected]#” Shalusha blasted a sound wave again and aimed a flash at Ye Cang who hopped away with telekinesis. The two of them started a fight in the barrier and outsiders could not see what was happening in there. Sometimes, they would see a hand flying out, a head or even some bright red flesh. When they stopped, all their injuries instantly recovered.

“What he said just now was, ‘You are insulting the dignity of our planet, Kerusha! I must destroy this planet and you!’ ”

“......” Everyone was dumbfounded as they witnessed Ye Cang’s arms and limbs regrowing and he still persisted to translate.

“Master!” The three ladies appeared beside Ye Cang.

“Go away! Don’t risk your life! I’ll handle this myself! It is not a sin that you guys are capable of expiating! But it is a piece of cake for it to destroy this planet!” Ye Cang was blocking numerous laser beams with his blades.

“Master, then what else can we do for you?!”

“Ask everyone to pray for me…”

Kyoto’s and the Sky Tower’s satellites picked up this scene and broadcasted to everyone. They prayed for Master Sanzang’s victory in the war.

The barrier was about to collapse. Shit! Once the energy leaks out, the entire Kyoto will be gone! And my source of merit points will be gone too! He then used most of his energy to isolate their dimension with the city. He shut off the space around the barrier. The ladies outside the isolation were in tears looking at Ye Cang being crushed, regenerated and continued with the battle.

The opponent Shalusha was also being sliced into pieces multiple times by Ye Cang. However, its regeneration speed was way faster than Ye Cang and it could recover itself with the minimum energy.

Wukong sat cross-legged on the ground, put her palms together and sang the Nīlakaṇṭha Dhāraṇī the way Ye Cang taught them. Wujing and Wuneng followed. The verses and melody filled the entire city and almost every citizen unanimously prayed for Master Sanzang according to the way he taught them through the books while seeing him isolating himself and fighting on television. 

“Master Sanzang, you must win the battle! I still want to read the books you bring us!” a little boy shouted at the opened window. Moments later, cheers and applause abruptly broke out in every corner of the city.

Ye Cang smirked even though he was stuck in the endless cycle, “You’ve lost…”

4993,4999,5000! Level up!

The 5000 merit points allowed Ye Cang to advance from the King of Forces to the Saint of Forces!

Shalusha was shocked. He... actually evolved! This is bad!

Just when it wanted to make a run, Ye Cang reached out his hand. An invisible hand grabbed it, rolled it into a black marble and aimed at the sky, with the plan of shooting him out of this planet. However, the fact that the Saint of Forces could be leveled up caught Ye Cang’s attention. 10,000 merit points for that?! Is the system trying to make me copy these sutras for the rest of my life?! Wait, my merit points have increased tremendously just now. So, their cheers and prayers helped in some way! Hehe… He changed his mind about shooting him into space and pretended that he had a cramped arm.

Sahlusha turned into its original form hastily and stared at him in confusion. I wanted to admit my lost and take my men away but he did not seem to be letting me go. Without much of a choice, it landed another punch at his face and Ye Cang’s head was crushed. I thought I would be begging for mercy but it looks like there were some problems with his evolution! It then attacked Ye Cang like a mad bull. No, I must stop him from completely evolving.

Ye Cang was once again dragged into the endless dismantling cycle. The pain he had to endure was not a deterrence for him to go after the 10,000 merit points. Once in a while, he would unleash his power to show the people that there was still hope for victory. Prayers and cheers were getting stronger and stronger as every citizen sincerely hoped and prayed for him to win the fight.

“That’s not right. Acting Emperor could have just killed that creature just now since he must have leveled up. Seeing this now is illogical as he could have already crushed the monster into a marble,” Brother Zhao pinched his chin.

“Have you forgotten his ultimate target?” Brother Zhong pointed it out.

“Must he really be that stubborn? Does he really need to reach the maximum?” Sia was speechless.

“Well, my teacher is a stubborn person... when he has decided on something, he can be very scary…” Zuo Yiyi recalled Ye Cang’s determination when focusing on the foundation of dancing.

“This is totally acceptable if you have ever been on the same team with him. Anyone who fought bosses or treasure chests with him knows it well…” LordAsked nodded.

“And cooking…” Lil’Dino sighed and CloudDragon and the rest looked pale recalling their tragic memories.