Ye Cang once again smashed Shalusha into a meat patty. Yet, he frowned when Sahlusha regenerated with a disappointed look. “You are indeed strong... but for the sake of the world, everyone, please grant me the power!”

Ye Cang glowed in golden light, just like what the people hoped to see. Little did they know that it was actually Ye Cang who created numerous orbs that distributed themselves all over the city and gathered them back to himself. As the citizens saw all the light orbs flying towards Ye Cang, they were even more spiritually-inclined and more determined to pray. Master Sanzang, you must win!

Ye Cang did not bother about Shalusha’s beginnings and upgraded his Saint of Forces to God of Forces. With his palms together, he said, “I could feel the victorious prayers. Even though you’re very strong, you’ll never win this battle! With the determination from every living being! The determination to live on! It’s time to expiate your sins! It’s showtime!”

It was as if Ye Cang was possessed by a god and constantly oppressing the helpless Shalusha into a pile of flesh. He then crumpled him into an orb, shrinking its size with telekinesis. In the end, it turned into a particle of dust. Ye Cang acted as if he had used all of his energy and collapsed. “I... have successfully... protected the people…”

The audience watching the scene was in total speechlessness. This person is totally... if you aren’t watching everything from God’s view, no one would be spared from his tricks.

“Master!” the three ladies were in tears.

“Master Sanzang! Master Sanzang! Our savior! The savior of all beings!” everyone cheered.

Ye Cang once again dispersed and gathered thousands of light orbs. As he floated himself up to the sky, he stared at the citizens with the orbs shining behind him, “Enjoy the peace you deserve…”

Millions of citizens prayed sincerely with palms together under the illumination of the orb.

His merit points went sky-rocket and slowed down as it reached 40,000.

Since his telekinesis had maxed out, Ye Cang did not know what to do with the large amount of merit points. Hmmm... what should I upgrade? Maybe I should use them to discover something new since I’ve already won the game. 

“Congratulations! You’ve discovered an Emperor Seed! Warning! Warning! %@$#%! Luck is miscalculated! Unable to correct! Lucky points code is in a mess! !#[email protected][email protected]!#%#@#$”

Ye Cang felt there was something growing inside him which was draining his power. Yet, it was returning them at the same time. WTH! I used 40,000 points and you give me this shit?! What kind of system...! You motherfcker! Get your ass here! I wanna fight you one-on-one! Can you stop picking on me?! I treat you as a family member and you treat me like a side chick!

Moments later, Ye Cang casually crushed a Saint of Forces who came to seek revenge and made it into a bead. With a sigh, he placed it in the middle of Kyoto Square. Staring at his apprentices and the audience, he smiled, “My job is officially done here. I will leave this world and head to the world of ultimate wisdom to continue my journey…”

“Master! We are willing to go with you!”

Ye Cang shook his head in disagreement, “Wukong, Wuneng, Wujing, you guys have yet to reach this level. You three need more practice in this world but your master, I really can’t stay here any longer…”

He caressed their heads, “All things will come to an end. Fate will bring us together again. But I hope when that day comes, you guys are able to handle things alone and become the one who can save beings from torments…”

“Master…” Words could not escape from their lips as they sobered. They truly understood Ye Cang’s words but never had they expected this day would come so fast. 

“Wukong, I’m passing this tonsure blade to you…”

As she wiped the endless stream of tears, Alyssa received that holy utility knife from Ye Cang. Recalling the scene of this very knife removing all the problems from her mind, she promised, “I will never disappoint you, master…”

“Wuneng, this necklace is a birthday present from my parents in this world…” Ye Cang took off the holy necklace that progressed with him.

“I will treasure it for sure, love every being and expiate their sins,” Alliya wept and Ye Cang gave her a hug.

“Wujing, this is a Buddhist bead, made from the creator of forces. Even though you are my third apprentice, you are the smartest among all. Use its power wisely and bring peace and harmony to the world.”

“I...I...I…” Tears burst out from Evena’s eyes as she received the bead. “I promise you, master! I will do it!”

Ye Cang hugged them and the audience rolled their eyes. If we know nothing about his personality, this scene would’ve successfully scammed us into buying his story .

“Actually, it is quite touching.”

“Are you serious?! He is Acting Emperor, bruh!”

“Actually, this is the true personality of Acting Emperor. Gentle…”

“Bruh, don’t you feel sorry for those professional players who were tortured and discriminated against by his inexcusable actions?”

Ye Cang took a few steps backward and heard cries and shouts from behind. 

“Master Sanzang! Don’t leave us!”

“Master! Without you, we’ll have no books to read! What should we do?!”

Ye Cang smiled, “Those are just for your inspiration. Are you guys inspired?”

“If so, then start drafting your own future, even if it is wrong…”

Everyone was stunned and respected him after hearing his hypnotizing words.

“There are no wisdom trees; nor stands of mirror bright. Since all are void, where can the dust alight…” Ye Cang sat with his legs crossed and put his palms together. The system then announced his success in passing the level, finishing the GX perfect ending and obtaining the rights to use the virtual character, Master Sanzang - Akili.

Just when the senior sister’s hand slowly moved into Zhang Zhengxiong’s pants, the screen turned black. WHAT! THE! F*CK! Brother! Didn’t you say you would still battle a while more?!

Swirling the glass of wine, Flame Emperor smiled bitterly as his side was experiencing the black screen as well and he received the system’s notice. As for Ajasnar and the rest, the scene turned pitch black when they saw Ye Cang floating in the sky. Cane was so frustrated and kept on making the air turn blue.

Seeing the little girl regaining her cute eyes, the three ladies once again bursted into tears, “Master... he... has gone…”

“My daughters, we will definitely meet the master again…” Wujing - Evena stared into the bead as if the future she longed for were reflecting in her eyes.

Alyssa and Alliya wiped their tears and helped the traumatized Akili to get up. She was frightened by everyone’s stares that came out from their desperate eyes as if they were looking at a god. Since the memories and power did not belong to her, she was currently a probationer mutant of Purple Flower Garden.

“Master Sanzang has left us. Even though she was just a vessel that he once used, she is still a holy being. She will be our saintess!” Wujing - Evena shouted in tears.

Everyone cheered, “All hail Master Sanzang and the saintess!”

“Huh?” Akili was dumbfounded. Since when I’ve become a saintess? What just happened? Where am I? Why is President Alyssa bald?

Akili’s parents hugged each other while their eyes were still filled with tears. Our daughter is the reincarnation of a holy being! Even though he has left, our daughter is a saintess!

Witnessing the ending, everyone exclaimed that Akili was blessed with the best of luck. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong teared up when his character, his senior sister and the ladies were in the club living a wasted life. It was supposed to be me! Me!

Lin Le’s character had become the general of the entire military force and Lin Le nodded in satisfaction, “That’s me alright. Oh wait! I haven’t finished the last episode of Li Yuanba Battling the Invincible East! I don’t know where Yang Liangting’s private part is! And who is going to win the last battle! This is suffocating! I’m going insane! I want my last episode!”

Flame Emperor’s character ended up wandering between light and shadows, unable to distinguish what was good and what was evil.

“Congratulations, teacher for winning the Chrysanthemum Cup!” Zuo Yiyi quickly congratulated Ye Cang upon his return.

“Aww don’t make me flattered. It is just as per my expectations. No big deal,” Ye Cang said humbly.

“......” The players from other regions threw glares at him.

Brother Zhao and Brother Zhong smiled bitterly. Here it goes again. The godly taunt.

Knowing that the players were about to go insane, Zuo Yiyi thought of something to ease the tension. Just then, the system made an announcement. “Congratulations! Player PaleSnow’s virtual character Master Sanzang - Akili has been included into the X-Hero card game! Approximately 20 character cards will be released in a week’s time and winners are decided through a lucky draw. The Magical Girl - Lil’Cang is still in negotiation. These two characters will be the official limited editions. Stay tuned to the game federation X-Hero official website!”

Ye Cang received a message from AV, “Boss, your Magical Girl - Lil’Cang is famous now! Hand me the copyrights and we can earn a big fortune!”

“Gosh, get it done in a jiffy! Remember to make it look nicer! You must make it as real as possible! The breast must be 36E. It must be bigger than ThornyRose’s fake 36E!” Ye Cang pointed at his chest and chuckled.

“......” AV sweated. 

ThornyRose was clenching her fist.

Instantly, the arguments and shouts toned down and became prayers instead.

“This week, I must wash my hands and pray every day. I must not go to the toilet. I don’t hope for more but I just want the Magical Girl - Lil’Cang, that’s all. If I can get it, my life is completed.”

“Pfft, don’t be a last minute fella. I’ve prayed to Chrysanthemum Emperor’s statue for almost 200 years. I believe he will bless me in such crucial times! Master Sanzang must be very strong!”

“Say as if you are the only one who has his statue in your house. *rolling eyes* Almost everyone has it please…”

“Just forget about the Magical Girl - Lil’Cang. Acting Emperor will never give away the copyrights…”

“Look at the official news, dumb! Acting Emperor has completely agreed with it and even requested her breast size to be increased. Judging from the image, it was a negative A size but he wants 36E and the game federation has no choice but to compromise…”

“That’s fantastic! Oh god! I must get the big breast Magical Girl - Lil’Cang!”

“Hey, hey, you can still get hard after knowing it was Acting Emperor?!”

“With a calm heart, everything is just a form. Acting Emperor is Acting Emperor, Lil’Cang is Lil’Cang. My d doesn’t care who she actually is…”