“After a thorough analysis, Magical Girl - Lil’Cang is customized to be the EX Hero. In order to congratulate Acting Emperor for winning the Chrysanthemum Cup, we now invite him to pick 20 individuals from the audience who will get the character card which can be used in any unofficial games under X-Hero.”

“Teacher, please.” Zuo Yiyi passed him the screen and Ye Cang slided the trigger on the screen. Numerous IDs flashed through and only twenty popped out. The character cards flew into the twenty user’s IDs and disappeared.

“I’m doomed! My life has ended! My Magical Girl - Lil’Cang!”

“Just wait for another few months. There should be a hundred limited cards for it. But the rich will always get it by then…sigh...start saving money, bois.”

“I got it! My life is completed! I’ve no grudges on Acting Emperor from now onwards!”

“I got it too! Let me look at her skills. Damn! It’s strong af! But the difficulty level in controlling this character is high too. Those retards must be having a hard time using her.”

“Strong?! How strong?! Tell us something more descriptive would ya?! Show us Lil’Cang’s skills or passive or equipment or her size…”

“Those are secrets…”


Just then, in the flames, the red crystalized dragon whiskers cup flew into Ye Cang’s hands as he raised it high.

“Alright teacher, we once again congratulate you on winning the competition. For the participants and audience here with us, is there anything you wish to tell Acting Emperor from China? Let’s start from the participants. After these intense battles, I wonder what’s in the participants’ minds. Maloff, what are your thoughts of the Chrysanthemum Cup this year or do you have a message for this year’s winner?”

“It’s the same as previous ones as it’s always full of unknowns and uncertainties. To be honest, this is harder than a normal league. As for Acting Emperor, I have something for you…”  Recalling how Ye Cang tricked a hug from him and killed him under the disguise of a little girl, Maloff showed the international hand sign (middle finger).

Awkwardly, Zuo Yiyi turned to Flame Emperor. Before she could say anything, Flame Emperor blurted out the words, “Very good. That’s all from me.”

God damn it, can’t you guys say a little more so I can continue with the conversation?! Helplessly, she turned to LordAsked and whispered, “Please say more than two sentences…”

“I actually have nothing much to say. Thinking that Aota that asshole survived longer than me, I’m furious…I’m just furious,” LordAsked signalled her to find someone else. Knowing that the participants' moods were unstable, Zuo Yiyi cut the scene to the audience side.

“Acting Emperor, what’s your opinion on being regarded as everyone’s most hated professional player?”

“This is obviously a rigged election that tries to boycott me. I’m mad about this and I strongly despise those players who voted for that. Don’t they have any professional ethics in them? How can they defame me like that? It’s totally unacceptable. Next question.”

“Rumors say that Verlianna is also your fiancée?”

“More or less, yea. I promised her that as long as she kills the fake rose, she can be my fiancée.”


Verlianna was furious, “No, no, no...firstly, I didn’t promise you anything on that matter so how can you say that we are…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep my promise,” Ye Cang winked at her. Verlianna facepalmed and ThornyRose said, “Now you know how tired it is to be with him.”

“Oh yea, help me relay a message to the bald dual ponytails. I want her to help me on a quest. I dare not text her because she overheard me commenting on her ugly hair the last time,” Verlianna told Ye Cang.

“Who?” Ye Cang felt the name was familiar.

“Your HappyFirmaments’ Europe branch’s president - Bald Dual Ponytails - The Wild Ma Jiajue - Jeyliss! Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about her!” Verlianna was speechless.

“Of course I remember. I’ll tell her about it,” Ye Cang nodded seriously and ThornyRose rolled her eyes. Dude, you didn’t even contact her once. I’m the one who is doing all the communication with the Europe branch all these while. We even discussed the matters in the club. Jeyliss is now a famous player in Europe. All the big guilds such as the Knights of the Round Table and the Union Alliance are trying to recruit her. Besides, she has the best equipment in Europe too. She is literally the strongest healer there but also the person with the worst temper. Her temper is even worse than a mad warrior as she can be triggered by the most trivial thing you can think of. She often declares war on others if she gets hot-headed. But I think she is really afraid of this fella. She never dares to contact him. What have you done to her back in Europe...

“Brother Acting Emperor, the China region is about to participate in the battle with the Shadows of Natural Destruction Legislature. As the commander in chief, do you have confidence in winning?”

“Sorry, we have no comments on this matter!” ThornyRose interrupted him.

“Oh come on, he just wants to know. Why are you so cold-blooded? Sigh. Next question.”

“I’m the CEO of Aymarlo. May I request you to be the ambassador of our products under the identity of Lil’Cang and Master Sanzang?”

“This is my bank account. Transfer the money and we can talk about it. Next.”

“Big Brother Acting Emperor, can you tell me how you became so strong?”

“That’s inborn. Next.”

The other participants had also started to interact with the audience. Zhang Zhengixong was glad that he had female fans but his mood was dampened as soon as he saw what was at Lin Le’s side. A sea of ladies...

The Chrysanthemum Cup had then come to an end.

Ye Cang returned to reality and discovered that the seed was still in his body. He quickly identified. This seed has swallowed my chilling flames powers and crystals. It even absorbed the virus from the Great Disaster into its roots. It looks like all the energy in my power will go through this seed as they cycle. They would be absorbed and reimbursed back to my body. The vines of the seed look like the wooden type and crystal type? Wait, it looks like my cells are dancing… What the heck is this Emperor Tree Seed?!

In a far galaxy, there was an enormous galaxy palace on a gigantic planet called the Emperor Tree Planet. A woman mumbled, “The Emperor Tree Seed has disappeared?! Send me the location! Which planet is it on?!”

“Over here!” a female servant pointed out the coordinates and the woman sighed, “This is...that person’s mother planet? Never mind, we can leave this matter a side. Don’t tell anyone about it. Just treat it as nothing ever happened.”

“Yes, your highness.”

“But we still have to inform him why the seed has such a name and ask him to accept the universe-wrecking…” the woman stared at the galaxy through a transparent crystal window. Ye Cang heaved a sigh of relief after observing the status and effects of the seed. Even though it is absorbing my energy, it is not doing something harmful to me and there seems to be no side effects. That’s good. Ye Cang realized that he could not remove or move that growing seed. Besides, it had spread through all his veins and not to mention, his genes. It was like an endless map covering each and every part of him. Is this one of the secrets that the virtual world hides? Does Lin Sen know what this thing is? I better go ask him.

Upon arriving at Lin Le’s room, Ye Cang whispered to Lin Le who was asleep, “Elder Lin Sen…”

Lin Le’s hair instantly grew long and turned white. He slowly opened his blood red eyes and his smile was evil, “Oh, white-haired young man, is there anything?”