“Do you know what the Emperor Tree Seed is?” Ye Cang’s words shocked Lin Sen. This is not something he should know, I didn’t even mention it to Lele. “How did you know about it?”

“This thing just appeared in my body out of nowhere…” Lin Sen was even shocked and quickly checked his body. It is indeed the Emperor Tree Seed! He smiled bitterly, “This is a precious baby. Nurture it well and it will grow you unexpected yet amazing fruits… I won’t fill you in too much on the details so just find out yourself…”

Lin Sen then recalled the Heavenly King Tree in Linlin’s body. It became extremely horrifying after absorbing the power of Great Disaster and True Sin. It was not that its power was great but its growth and acceptance were unlimited. It was a force capable of categorizing and arranging all forms and types of energy, blooming them into fruits and flowers, and turning them into its nutrients. After that, it would reimburse it back to its host. “How did you get it? 

“Yeap,” Lin Sen thought of something. The Emperor Tree Seed is a treasure of the royal family in the Emperor Tree Planet. They would definitely come over to check since it was once again stolen by someone. But with Linlin’s identity and because this planet is his mother planet, I think they have no choice but to only accept. Yet, some necessary procedures would still be done. “Well, it only brings benefits and no harm to you. Don’t worry.”

“Oh, then sorry to bother you at such a time, elder Lin Sen.” Ye Cang closed the door as he went out, leaving Lin Sen alone in the room. Lin Sen was wondering. What will his tree look like? With his eyes shut, he returned to the dream realm. Yet, the moment Lin Le’s body fell on the bed, his head knocked the wooden headboard. *Bang* He jolted up. “Ishh! Lin Sen, that bastard must have used my body again! I must return to the dream and scold the f*** out of him! Quickly, get back to sleep! Quick! Lele goes to sleep! One little squirrel, two little while cats, three mangy dogs, four big fat pigs, five old hens…”

Ye Cang who received some information from Lin Sen was bothered with the phrase ‘fruits and flowers’. So I must nurture it? Let’s try it out.

Just when he was about to return to his room, Zhang Zhengxiong stopped him, “Brother, I feel something wrong…”

Ye Cang frowned. Don’t tell me A’Xiong also… Swiftly, he dragged him back to his room and studied his body. Hmm...no difference though...wait a minute, his genes have changed! No, it looks like he has something extra in them. He deepened his investigation. He noticed Zhang Zhengxiong’s DNA had changed but it was in the process of enhancing. Well, I guess A’Xiong just hasn’t got used to it. That’s all. “Nothing much. You will get used to it soon. Just take care of your body and it will balance out. Do more foundation training.”

“That’s good then. I got it, brother,” Zhang Zhengxiong heaved a sigh of relief as Ye Cang reassured him with an arm around his broad shoulders. Hmm...not sure whether I can transfer my tree to him. Let’s just observe it for now.

“Brother, now that we are so rich, I don’t even know how to spend the money. In the past, we were so happy when we got 1000 federal coins. We even came out with a hundred ways to spend it…”

“Yeap, I remember. Lele was confident when he was saying that we should use it for investment! He said we should buy 1000 coins worth of sweet potato, bake it, sell it and buy more potatoes with the money we earned… I thought it was a good idea back then…”

“I remember I wanted to use the coins to buy a replacement for Lulu (the broken doll that Wu Na threw into the fire) and you said it was a good idea too…” Zhang Zhengxiong smiled.

“Unfortunately, things didn’t go as expected…”

“You were the one who used it to buy lottery tickets…”

“Well, I had a feeling of hitting the jackpot that time…”

“And we ended up owing the lottery company 2000 federal coins for donation. It was Old Wang who helped us foot the bill, and that made us stay at his place to wash dishes…” Zhang Zhengxiong was speechless.

“Why don’t we ask Lele to come over and discuss how we should spend the money? The purpose of earning money is to spend it, isn’t it?”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll go ask him over.”

Zhang Zhengxiong jogged to Lin Le’s room and heard him counting “...100 flower frogs, 101 faces, 102 disgusting salted fishes, 103 mantis shrimps…”

“Lele, come to my room.”

“Brother Lil’Xiong, I’m trying very hard to re-enter my dream…”

“Brother and I are deciding on how we should spend our money. If you don’t want to come over, then that’s it…”

“What?! How can you leave Lele out when it’s about financial management?! Lin Sen the greatest bastard of all! Lele doesn’t want to sleep already!”

“......” Zhang Zhengxiong walked back to his room, lost for words as he did not really understand what Lin Le was talking about at times.

In pyjamas, the three of them sat together.

“Aren’t we calling Lil’Tian over?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked.

“Nope, this is the moment for bromance!” Ye Cang displayed all the money they have, “Currently, this is the amount of money we can use! I have 5 billion while A’Xiong and Lele, you two have 3 billion each. In total, we have 11 billion federal coins!”

“Wow, Brother Lil’White is so incredible! Don’t you need a calculator for that?!”

Zhang Zhengxiong pondered.  It’s just 5 + 3 +3. Lele o Lele... even I can do multiplication (below 20)… sigh…

“Of course, I can even do algebra. Alright, back to the topic. As for how to spend this money, let’s hear your opinion.”

“Brother Lil’White, so here’s my idea. We’ll use all the money to buy sweet potatoes, bake them and resell them. After that, we will use the money earned to…”

“Stop it, Lele. You’ve talked about this before. I also told A’Xiong about it just now. Now that we have 11 billion federal coins and you still want to start your sweet potato business?! No. Think of something else…” Ye Cang stopped him and Lin Le pouted unhappily.

“Brother, I think we should use them to buy dolls and rent them out to collect more money…” Ye Cang thought about the suggestions provided by Zhang Zhengxiong. “Hmmm...sounds good...let’s keep this in view…”

“Brother, what about you?”

“Good question. I think we should put all the money in lottery tickets. The jackpot is 1 billion federal coins. We will definitely get it! Trust me!” Ye Cang’s addiction got the better of him but the other two gave him the widest stare they could give, “No way.”

“Because of you using the 1000 federal coins, we ended up washing dishes for two days. We were so broke to the extent that we almost ate buns on the street,” Lin Le sulked.

“Someone threw that bun on the floor and the five-second rule applied. So technically, we wouldn’t get food poisoning if we had eaten it,” Ye Cang kept his cool.

Zhang Zhengxiong was helpless, “I don’t care. Any suggestions related to lotteries, raffles or anything that depends on luck is not allowed!”

“I agree!” Lin Le raised his arms high. Zhang Zhengxiong was thinking, if Lele is able to buy the lottery, then it would be alright. But after he was entitled by the casino, every lottery company had him on their blacklist.

“Why don’t we invest in dolls?”

“I remember AV boy works in this industry. Let me ask him.” Ye Cang called AV even though he was just a few rooms away. He talked for a few seconds and the call ended.

“What did he say?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked.

“He said you’re an idiot…” Ye Cang summarized.

“Ohhh…” Lin Le nodded.

“God damn it, imma have a talk about his love life with him later on!” Zhang Zhengxiong was mad. 

“Lele has another idea! We can buy a piece of land and plant sweet potatoes, bake them, sell them and…”

“Stop!!! Buy a land, yes. Sweet potatoes, no,” Ye Cang interrupted him.

“What can we do with the piece of land? Plant vegetables? We can’t even finish the vegetables in our manor,” Zhang Zhengxiong scratched his head. 

“Are you stupid?! We can open a restaurant there! And build a food city or something... with me here, we will never make a loss…” Ye Cang’s words turned the other two faces pale.

“Brother, can you at least spare us the room for some positivity in our lives?!” Zhang Zhengxiong complained and Lin Le nodded vigorously, “That’s right. We can open something else. Oh yes, Lele has an idea! We can build a theme park!”

“Theme parks are so lame. Why don’t we open a nightclub?” Zhang Zhengxiong suggested. I must get back the life in Eternal Killer that I deserve!