Ye Cang smacked Zhang Zhengxiong’s head, “You pervert! How can we operate such a business?! A restaurant is fine!”

“A restaurant? Duh...might as well open a nightclub…” Lin Le mumbled. “Ouch…”

He earned himself another smack from Ye Cang.

“Alright, brother, how about a club…”

“No! Just a restaurant! Choose either a restaurant or a food city!”

“If we were to choose between those two, you might as well kill us.”

The three of them started fighting, scolding, and strangling each other. Little Ye Tian who woke up to pee let out a sigh looking at them arguing. Yawning, she asked, “Father, what are you guys doing…”

“We are deciding on how we should use our money. I suggested opening a restaurant or a food city, A’Xiong wanted a nightclub or a club and Lele wanted a theme park…”

“Why don’t you guys just do all three… Oh well, imma go and pee and get back to sleep...if you guys don’t have enough money, I’ll chip in… I do have a few hundred billion myself…” Little Ye Tian quietly walked to the toilet.

The three of them were literally astonished.

“Yeap, actually I share the same thoughts as Little Ye Tian,” Lin Le let go of his hands.

“......” The other two were speechless.

Knowing that the three of them were basically wasting money, Little Ye Tian did not bother since she had endless ways to earn them back. “Oh yeah, if you guys are planning on buying a piece of land, buy the forest plot behind the mountain of our manor. It’s big, near to the coast, and most of all, it is cheap. Even though it used to be polluted, I feel it is fine now after making some observations. It’s weird though. When we came here, the pollution was quite serious but it is now cleaner than most of the undeveloped forest. Besides, the federal government is doing a buy-1-free-1 promotion…”

“Buy 1 free 1?! Oh, this is not bad…” Ye Cang gave it a thought and Little Ye Tian yawned again. “I’ll buy it for you guys tomorrow morning. I think we can get it with around 80 billion and they will give us a big piece of land in the southeast. You guys can do whatever you want…”

After Little Ye Tian left and went back into her dreams, the three of them started planning their future goals. Lin Le decided to build a castle with the 3 billion he had. Zhang Zhengxiong took out a map and checked whether the land was big enough to build his club. Hmm... approximately 1000 square kilometres… wow, more than enough for a city. 

The next day. 

Little Ye Tian contacted Lin Hai's authorities and made full payment for the land as soon as she woke up. 

It was time for breakfast and ThornyRose arrived just in time for it. She planned to stay for a few days. 

“Father, I've already bought the land,” Little Ye Tian said obediently. 

“Well done, that's my girl…” Ye Cang was glad. 

“How much was it?” ThornyRose asked casually as she was enjoying the fishbone soup. 

“It was slightly different from what I expected but not much. Just 91.3 billion federal coins,” Little Ye Tian shrugged her shoulders. 

“What?!” ThornyRose spat a mouthful of soup and quickly cleaned up after her mess. 

“Are you deaf?! Lil'Tian just told you it was 91.3 billion,” Ye Cang was frustrated. 

ThornyRose did not bother about Ye Cang and asked for the map from Little Ye Tian, “Hey, that place is a heavy polluted area. No one dares to buy it for developments.”

“Sister Rose, are you forgetting who you're talking to? How can Lil'Tian overlook that matter…” Wu Na smiled. 

“No, I'm just afraid it was her stupid idiotic dad's idea...” ThornyRose smiled bitterly. 

“That's true. It was my idea. To be precise, it was the three of us who came up with these great suggestions! We planned to spend the money we earned! And I planned to open a food city!”

“And I wanted to open nightclubs!”

“That's a good idea,” AV and the rest were interested. 

“Lele wanted to build a park and a castle! ”

ThornyRose facepalmed as Little Ye Tian pointed on the map. “The pollution in this area has just disappeared out of nowhere. So, according to the price and location, we get more than we should.” 

“Are you serious?!” ThornyRose pondered. If what she said was right, then this piece of land is a treasure!

“Well, the pollution did not just disappear all of a sudden. All of it had gone into our stomach…” Lin Liang flapped his feathered fan with a smile.

“What do you mean, Uncle Liang.” Little Ye Tian roughly knew what he was trying to say.

“That precious tree in our manor has absorbed a large amount of the pollution into its roots. I only knew it when I happened to check on it. So, it actually purified all the pollution, turned them into its nutrients and bloomed into fruits and flowers that’ve been nourishing our stomachs. This tree is really a treasure. The dirtier the place is, the more nutrients it gets. Most importantly, it can turn all that pollution into nutritious energy and give back to Mother Nature, the plants and living beings around it. It’s something I've never heard of.” Lin Liang took a sip of the fresh fish bone soup and Wu Na picked up a pickled Red D Horseradish with a satisfied nod. This thing can be so nice even with just simply pickling it with salt. “Unfortunately, we are still unsure of the production of its seeds. The fruits and flowers have no seeds inside. So, that leads to only one possibility. Its seeds must be formed in another way and I believe it is going to take a long time for one seed…”

“Sounds powerful. I have two more seeds here…” Lin Le took out two different seeds from his bag and Lin Liang took a quick look at them. “Hmm...I think one of it might be the tree’s seed but the other isn’t. The shape of it is obviously different and the aura it gives out is different too. This seed has a thick aura…”

“Let’s go and plant them after breakfast. We’ll shower it with love…” Ye Cang nodded.

“Don’t refer to your pee as love alright?! And can’t you not be so disgusting, we are all here drinking soup,” ThornyRose was pissed.

After breakfast, they came to the manor. Ye Cang planted the different looking seed first. Soon after, the men started surrounding the seed and peed. What came to their surprise was that it did not grow into a tree but a fungus type plant. It was like a gigantic mushroom with many tentacles. The spores of the tentacles burst out a lot of pollen with pollen dusts in various shapes and colors.

“Be careful!” ThornyRose felt that those spores were dangerous but Lin Liang shook his head. “Don’t worry, it’s harmless.”

“Look!” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted as he turned around. 

What came into view was that the variations of mushrooms grew once those pollen came into contact with the ground or the trees they depend on. Lin Liang came to a tree,  plucked a red mushroom and sniffed it. So nice! He took a bite of it. So fresh and crunchy. It is definitely a top class ingredient, not even Matsutake can compare with it. “Oh baby...that’s my baby… quickly move it to a lower area before it is completely grown. Or else, this place will turn into a mushroom world in no time!”

Huang Zhong quickly carried it and leaped down to the low lying area. The wind was not that strong and the place was more moist. The mushroom continued to grow and soon enough, just as expected, it had turned the area into a sea of mushrooms.

“Wow, looks like we won’t be running out of mushrooms in the future…” Wu Na mumbled as she looked down from the mountain. 

“We can place some animals here, or else it would be a waste.” Lin Liang stared at the sea of mushrooms. The tallest mushroom was the size of a tree while the smallest one was the size of Enokitake.

“My restaurant must be opened somewhere near this place so I can get fresh ingredients. Let’s call this mushroom the King of Mushrooms.” Those words made everyone sigh. What a waste for this good plant.

“Then, what about this seed?” Lin Le asked.

Lin Liang studied the landscape, “Give it to me. I’ll place it at the core of Feng Shui so we will have no worries about it.

Lin Liang took the seed and planted it at the location he decided on based on his calculations. The men quickly took big gulps of water so that they could pee again. The ladies were speechless at the sight of it.

However, Lin Liang's prediction on the seed was wrong. The seed grew into a different plant which was a few times weirder. The tree had a huge base but it was not very tall, with only five to six meters of height. On top of it was a deep tank like a swimming pool and leaves were at the edge of it. Moments later, flowers bloomed, excreting fluids into the tank. An aroma that smelt like wine filled the atmosphere and Liu Bei could not resist to treat himself with a small amount of it. “It smells fresh but it’s strong when you drink it! It's even better than Chinese white liquor!”

“Really?!” Wu Na took a sip, “This juice is so nice, with a little tinge of alcohol! What kind of cocktail is this? I've never drunk a cocktail this nice! And, my cousin, you're lying. The wine is not strong at all!”

Lin Liang took a drop of it. It was as gentle as water and the aftertaste was smooth yet strong. It tastes a lot like the wine I love. “I think the wine tastes differently for everyone. It is indeed eye-opening.”

Ye Cang took a sip too. “It tastes just like beer but it isn't as nice as the one I usually drink. What a trash. Cut it off and burn it as charcoal. What a waste of space.”

Everyone rolled their eyes at him. 

Lil'Wang got the taste of Spider Lily Wine but this was much better in terms of taste and quality. He was even surprised when he got the taste of Frozen Crystal Lily Wine the second time he tried it. Huang Zhong swigged a whole jug in one go, “Nice! Strong enough! I'll come and carry a few jars back every day!”

“Casting pearls to swine…” Cao Cao and Sun Quan looked at him with total contempt. 

Lin Liang was trying to identify its source of nutrients and Ye Cang was doing the same. Yet, Ye Cang was surprised when his genes helped him get into the plant to identify it. It must be the tree in my body. 

“Similarly, it has the effect of purifying the environment and replenishing the nutrients. The wine works the same as an antidote. Besides, it helps to strengthen your core… It is a treasure… Can't believe I can find this here. Let's go. There's no rush to drink it now. It will be better if you let it stay for some time. I have a suggestion. How about naming this tree as the Tree of Thousand Wines?” Lin Liang suggested as he saw everyone tasted the juice excreted by the tree. 

No objections were raised and they went back to the house with a heavy heart. ThornyRose then asked, “Lele, do you have any extra seeds?”

“Nope,” Lin Le opened his bag and shook his head. 

Lin Liang stared at the sling bag. A space item? Must be a reward from the Battle of Hero Spirits. 

Zhang Zhengxiong patted his shoulders, “Old Brother Liang, it is time for the meeting.”

All the members of the adventure team gathered in Zhang Zhengxiong's room. 

“We’ll make a comeback after the embarrassment in the Big Four. So, this nightclub is our hope! Brother Xiong and I have discussed. Once we succeed in conquering a club, we will persuade the defeated enemy to work for us. Firstly, it is to show our war trophy. Secondly, it is the romance of an adventurer…” Jia Xu could not agree more. This idea is amazing. Our Lord is truly talented! This makes conquering more worthy and it gives us a great sense of accomplishment too.

“The Stage of Bronze Peacock…” Lin Liang mumbled as he looked at Cao Cao.

“Let’s call it The Stage of Bronze Peacock!” Cao Cao suggested.

“No, The Palace of Han sounds nicer,” Liu Bei shook his head.

“Hey, you two, can’t you guys set a better name? Those sound so outdated and cheap. I think it should be named as Lady Bu’s Place.”

“You asshole…” the two of them were in disbelief.

“Alright, alright. Stop arguing. As for the name, I’ve already got one. It will be called the Home of Adventurers.”

“You’re the best leader!” Liu Bei quickly licked AV’s boots.

“That’s fantastic, my lord!” Huang Zhong followed.

“The House of Adventurers, it sounds simple but it’s meaningful. I’m truly amazed by our lord’s talent and wisdom,” Jia Xu bowed.

Lin Liang and Cao Cao stared at Jia Xu. Has this fella been that shameless all these while?

The adventurous Zhang Zhengxiong was fine with the name.

As for AV, he felt that Lil’Jia had been cringy recently as he could feel Jia Xu always smiling at his ass.

“This is all the result of our Brother Xiong’s effort. From today onwards, he will be the vice president of our adventure team. Let’s give him a round of applause…” AV smiled.

Everyone clapped happily except for Fang Ci and SpyingBlade. Shouldn’t have joined this team in the first place. It’s just an adventure team formed by a bunch of idiots.