The Church, the Planetary Empire, Steel Empire and also the Elf nation had sent their armies to Goddess City for preparation. Ye Cang was repeatedly training the goddesses on their descending form and things such as how they should pose and how they should descend in order to bring out the artistic feel. The goddesses knew the importance of this matter as whether they could go up a level depended on it. We must give it our best! Except for Assenroche, the other goddesses bet everything on it, especially when they had been constantly brainwashed by Ye Cang. Seeing the rest trying so hard, Assenroche started to feel guilty.

“So, for this plan, we named it the Dream to God Realm…” Ye Cang exclaimed. However, he realized Assenroche started to ignore his brainwashing. No! This fella is our greatest asset! “Oh, Assen, I know you’re an elemental spirit and you don’t bother about their position in the holy realm. Maybe the God of Light is a junior to you but! Didn’t you ever dream of being something greater than an elemental spirit?”

Assenroche wondered. Something greater than an elemental spirit? Does something like this really exist? I could vaguely feel that I’m one of the elemental spirits that form the world but there seems to be another unseen and untouchable being connecting us and the spirits. Even though we have never seen it or truly feel it, we (the elemental spirits) called it as the Origin. Can I be the Origin? The seed of hope started to grow in her heart and yet, she came back to her senses and the realization struck her that she was just an elemental spirit. “ dare you…”

Ye Cang held Assenroche close, “The brave dies fearlessly while the timid dies weakly…”

“But I’m just an arcane spirit. The Origin is greater than me. It controls the absolute…”

“Every path, despite its differences will meet in the end. No matter arcane, fire or what sort, it will return to the point of origin…” Ye Cang continued to bullshit. After much practice and experience, he had mastered the skills of deceiving NPCs. But of course, it had something to do with his overwhelming Charisma and his persuading skills. In addition, he had mental control over the five other goddesses, especially Aymuss and Lonass. These two were already his loyal fans.

“Great Sage, I’m actually interested in your intention of doing this…” Assenroche mumbled. I want to know why, why would he be willing to help the five goddesses and myself.

Ye Cang pointed at the ceiling and Assenroche smiled faintly, “You’re indeed a bold fella…”

Does he want to be the King of Gods? He’s so ambitious. Assenroche thought but Ye Cang meant something else.

For the next consecutive days, they had numerous meetings to decide whether they should unleash the war manifesto in Goddess City or at the Ravine of Death. Ye Cang knew the importance of this as it directly affected the spirit of the troop. He could not be careless. “Leave the war manifesto and the ceremony to me. I think the manifesto ceremony will be held in Goddess City. Since we are going to march to the north, there must be death and casualties. It’s important to have a feast before we begin our journey!”

“We’ll go with what you said then,” Shaneley pondered. The expenses still seem acceptable. We should save as much as we can but is the Goddess City really that rich? Yet, little did he know that there were a large number of monsters, wild herbs and plants piled in Goddess City and Black Rock City. Ali had been a thrifty person all these while.

“Alright, just leave the feast to me. I won’t disappoint you guys,” Ye Cang put on a bold smile. ThornyRose and the rest facepalmed as Ye Cang gave his promise before they could stop him.

“As for the scour team for the Oasis, I suggest everyone send their best troops into it. Once we enter the Great Wasteland, water, food and shelter are our priority. First, we’ll have the scout team to scout around the Wasteland. The main troop will only enter once we receive any updates from the scout team. After all, the place is different from the mainland. No one could stay there for too long unless you’re in the oasis. We can’t bear the cost.” A few leaders nodded at Linda’s words. Most of the people outside of the Great Wasteland tried to stay away from it due to its horrendous living condition. They could only follow the oasis. Besides, its direction was inconsistent, resulting in inaccurate information. Since the heat in the Great Wasteland’s atmosphere was ever-changing, the locations of the stars and moon were inaccurate too. Just a slight difference in the location could cause many to get lost in the Great Wasteland, and eventually turn into bones and sand.

“So, the members of the scout team must be elites as this relates to the survival of the main troop,” Sagain understood the importance of the matter. If they could not discover the direction of the oasis, they could not even survive under such heat and insufficient water, not to mention the sandstorm.

“I’ve been there so count me in.” The sound of bones colliding was heard from the Lord of The Forgotten City, Yokeshane - Sephirons.

“Oh, I almost forgot you had once hidden yourself in the Great Wasteland for ten years in order to escape from General Loen,” Red Cross Army - Balcon smirked.

“Shut your mouth up, Balcon. Don’t forget our relationship now. Any hatred between you and him or the Church in the past has nothing to do here. These are the promises everyone made after the alliance has formed. Please stick to them,” the General from the Steel Empire - Shaneley growled with a deep voice.

“Hpmh.” Balcon kept quiet.

“Count me in too.” The Milk Overlord - Linda knew her role as she was a ranger who had been into the Great Wasteland multiple times.

As Linda stood up, the waves propagating from her bouncy tits made everyone dizzy. Those who were trapped in the waves gradually came back to their senses, especially Sagain who blushed. Even Sephirons' bones rattling had turned quieter.

Staring at Linda, Ye Cang said in a serious manner, “Elder Linda, it’s better for you to stay at my side to ensure my safety… If you can’t make it back, it will be a great loss for Goddess City…”

“I’m heading there for the glory of the goddesses. Are you saying my failure is greater than their loss?”

Subconsciously, Ye Cang nodded but sighed as soon as he saw everyone’s weird looks. “What I am trying to say is that both are important. In the Goddess Association, everyone is equal. We cannot afford to lose neither you nor the goddesses…”

Bullshit! You just want her big breasts! All who were present stared at him with a poker face.

However, Linda’s determined look made Ye Cang sigh again and he ordered Sephirons, “Please ensure her safety. If she could not make her way back as a result of any accidents or whatsoever, you will be the No. 1 enemy of Goddess City.”

“Great Sage, don’t make such jokes…” Linda was touched on the inside.

“I’m serious…” Ye Cang smiled.

Sephirons’ skeleton face showed his speechlessness but considering the current situation, he decided to keep silent. At the same time, he was excited as his Soul of Flame was flickering in his eyes.

“Since Sister Linda joined, I would join too, representing the Adventurers Association.” Ain got up with a smile and everyone took a quick glance. What a flat surface. Sigh. They nodded and Sagain said, “Thank you President Ain for the help…”

“I don’t have to hold responsibility for this death, do I?” Sephirons joked.

Everyone nodded.

“What?!” Ain was dumbfounded. 

However, Sagain quickly replied in a serious manner. “We shall see how she dies. If you make a mistake when you are the leader, then you cannot be forgiven.”

Sephirons smiled without saying anything.

Recalling everyone’s attitude just now, Ain decided to sit down quietly, with a sorrowful expression on her face. Why does everyone look at Linda so differently? I’m obviously stronger. I became the sword saint at thirteen, defeated three sword saints from the Planetary Empire at seventeen and became the president of the Adventurers Association at twenty. And this is the third year of my term as the president. I’ve tried my very best but still, why is Sister Linda still better than me? Regardless in public relations or negotiations. No! I must work even harder! I must show them my true strength in the battle!

Seeing the great differences in the leader’s expressions, ThornyRose, FrozenCloud, CloudDragon and the rest were speechless. Oh, these people...