The Queen of the Dark Shrine - Youdiss who was muted for some time finally opened her mouth, “Sajar will follow you guys too…”

The man beside Youdiss was Sajar. He had dark green long hair and Asian eyes. He looked absolutely handsome but no one dared to underestimate this man. He was the leader of the Holy Knight of the Dark Shrine. He had battled with the Red Cross Army led by Balcon numerous times and had never lost a fight. Even the leader of Holy Dragon Knights could not truly win him in a battle. Standing beside Sajar was a tall and muscular knight - the leader of the Black Blade.

Sephirons knew how strong Sajar was. His strength is on par with the leader of the Holy Dragon Knights - Yane but this fella is good at predicting his opponents next actions. In terms of mind games, Sajar is way better. The Dark Shrine was once the second greatest religious guild in mainland China and shared the same level as the Church. However, the Dark Shrine could not recover its strength for a few hundred years after the loss during the Battle of the Holy and the Dark. But we must believe one will come back stronger after experiencing the bottom of the spectrum. Who knows their current strength might be even greater than the Church now. When it came to Youdiss, Sephirons was grateful as he received her protection most of the time when he escaped to her borders.

“Two weaklings…” Balcon looked at the two of them.

“Sagain, you old man, if your man wouldn’t keep his filthy mouth shut, don’t blame me for teaching him a lesson. This is not a place for mad dogs to bark around…” Youdiss smiled gracefully but her eyes were filled with killing intent.

“You…” Just when Balcon was about to speak, the Saintess gave him a tight slap, “Shut up, Balcon, get out!”

Seeing the creepy face of the Saintess, Balcon left the room with his head lowered.

“Oh, lord mayor, I was protecting your dignity. How about going to my place to have a heart-to-heart talk tonight?” Youdiss flirted.

“Sure, sure. We’ll talk about it after the meeting. I’ll cook something for us tonight. We can talk as we eat. Isn’t that wonderful?” Ye Cang smirked and Youdiss’ smile froze upon hearing of Ye Cang’s intention to cook. “…”

The saintess Ghanar rolled her eyes and Youdiss spoke with Ventriloquism, “You’ll have to eat more on behalf of me tonight…”

The saintess’ face turned pale immediately. Since it was Youdiss’ order, all she could do was to give a nod accompanied with a sigh.

The flirty words made Sagain look at Ye Cang with weird looks. The Saintess also got nervous. The Goddess City will definitely be a large and outstanding force once they succeed in the war to the north. I must not let those heresy from the Dark Shrine pull him over. I must think of some ways to make him lean towards the Church. Luckily, he is from the Planetary Empire. We have plenty of ways to make him stay.

“I’ll go too. That place is my hometown. No one can be more familiar with it than me.” SkyCracking Martial Art Saint stood up. Compared to SkyConquer Martial Art Saint, he was not that muscular and intimidating but more of a skinny elder. He was so skinny as if he might get blown away if the wind ever got stronger. He looked extremely kind. Among all the leaders, no one dared to talk bad about this elder. Even SkyConquer Martial Arts Saint respected him a lot since he was his master. Even though SkyConquer was stronger, his respect towards his master had never reduced.

“Your volunteering is much appreciated, Master SkyCracking,” Sagain said respectfully. SkyCracking once saved his life long ago. Master SkyCracking seemed to be this old back then when I was still a pastor.

“Wayjane, you and your scout team, take care,” Lu Lily said to Wayjane and whispered. “Anything, any news, instantly, understand?”

Wayjane knew exactly what she was talking about. It was the lost treasures of the Armed Merchant Association. A huge amount of gold coins and treasure. Yet, the most important thing was her grandfather’s corpse. It was also the will of the previous president.

“I’m back, Great Sage!” Fandair’s voice was heard from the outside.

Makarlo started praying for Lord BearBear. Everyone saw Fandair barging into the meeting room with a cute little helpless jade bear in his arms. “You bastard! You stole my honey the last time and now you want to steal me in person! You even kidnapped me because I don’t want to go with you… Let go of me! Let go!”

Fandair knocked him out of his consciousness and casually sat on his seat. “So sorry for being absent for the past meeting. I went to ask my best friend to join the battle.”

Sagain looked at the little bear who fainted on the table. The Jade Roar?

Cefier Lysses facepalmed. He was never your best friend alright? He came to my place and spilled out numerous complaints about you. All I could do was to only feel pity when I thought of the burning palace and dragon look of yours. But, if Jade Roar joins the Goddess City, it’s a great thing. His strength has always been so great. It just so happened that the stubborn Fandair was his nemesis. Even I myself would be in trouble if I were to face this little bear. He is almost immune to all elemental magic, including mental magic. Besides, he also excels in natural growth magic, especially when it comes to nurturing something. But he doesn’t have a belief and is never willing to leave the Jade Forest.

“Old Fan, is this bear willing to join us?” Ye Cang asked.

“For now, no. But I believe I can influence him to realize the need for justice.”

“Well, I believe your friend will definitely understand. Bring him to the shrine after the meeting is done. We’ll ask all these elders to influence him with love. If he still isn’t willing to join, we’ll shower him with more love until he can feel our affection,” Ye Cang let out a kind smile and Sagain and the rest put on a bitter one.

“What if he is still not willing to join in the end?” Shacily Muse whispered.

“No big deal. We can just chop it into pieces. I’ll use the skin to make a cape and the rest will just be used to boil a soup for Verali,” Ye Cang smiled and everyone gasped.

“Just kidding…” Ye Cang continued and the rest shook their heads.

Verali was overcome by disappointment when she heard that it was a joke. 

The members of the scout team had been confirmed and there were just a few adjustments to be made. But swiftly, it was settled and they decided to deploy the troop two days later.

As the leaders left the meeting room, they would hear screams of the little bear coming out from the room and yet they decided to keep quiet. On the next day, they saw Lord BearBear attending the meeting but it looked mentally ill. It was promoted as the elders of the Goddess City and also the lucky charm. Once in a while, the bear would look at Ye Cang with fear in its eyes, mumbling ‘don’t eat me’. 

Before the war, Ye Cang was preparing ingredients for the feast for the leaders and some elites while Ali was in charge of the meals for the normal soldiers. Originally, ThornyRose and the rest wanted to go to Ali’s side but were lured back after seeing Ye Cang taking out the corpses of the five dragons. We will definitely get permanent increment in attributes from these corpses. They knew Ye Cang was serious when they saw him taking out some of his precious ingredients. 

“I don’t think these leaders could survive until the war…” LordAsked sighed.

“I doubt that. Team leader has been making losses already. Most of the ingredients are some super rare ones he collected since Really New Village…” the experienced member - FrozenCloud knew how priceless these ingredients were to Ye Cang.

“Lele feels uneasy…” Lin Le was praying. Seeing all the different gels and fluids secreted from the slime bosses, Zhang Zhengxiong closed his eyes. This is the end. We are doomed.