Ye Cang asked Sagain and the rest to stay put in their seats as he put on his show to demonstrate his special cooking skills. Sagain smiled, “Who would have thought that the mayor is so interested in cooking…”

Youdiss and her saintess looked awfully ill. Youdiss even gave her respect to Ye Cang after experiencing his cooking. I can understand that he could cook such disgusting stuff but I never expected him to be able to eat it! I thought it was a joke but then with him initiating the first bite, I had no choice but to eat it too. It was a disaster for my taste buds and I wondered how long it would last. Yet, there are so many big forces and great leaders here, he won’t mess it up, will he? However, Youdiss facepalmed when she saw the familiar slime gel.

SkyConquer Martial Art Saint - Ryance frowned, “Is that slime gel?”

“Yeap, there are various types of it. Among them, there’s a precious one. I saw the Fluorescent Slime Gel…” HundredFlame Martial Art Saint - Cologne nodded.

“Is the food edible if it’s made from that?” Ryance knew how disgusting the slime gel was.

“We’ll see. Since he did it, he must have something in mind,” SkyCracking Martial Arts Saint smiled as he brushed his white beard.

Ye Cang was figuring out how to prepare a soup with the five dragons. If I chop them, it doesn’t feel perfect. I can’t fit them in either of their stomachs since they are almost the same in size. Oh, I’ve an idea.

Ye Cang connected the dragon heads to the butt of the next dragon, forming a circle. He stuffed the Hell Dragon Lord’s decayed tooth, Magic Dragon King’s abscess, and Crystal Dragon’s crystal penis into the stomach of one dragon. He then placed the Black Dragon Queen’s placenta in the middle of the circle. Alright, I’m going all out! He even mixed the Poison Dragon Queen’s ejaculation, Holy Dragon Emperor’s smell, Gold Dragon King’s cum, and Red Dragon Queen’s menstruation fluid into a secret sauce, applying it on the placenta and the bodies of the five dragons. Lastly, he placed the Fruit of Holy Oak, Luminous Fish, Water Dragon’s Quality Meat and all other precious ingredients he obtained from Really New Village into the circle as the side dishes.

“The Fruit of Holy Oak?!” Lu Jiaxi shouted. “What a waste. You can make medicine from that fruit to save lives!’

“Those fishes are also good stuff. They are all super rare species in the grandmaster fishing book. They are only born when a certain quality of water matches with the location.” SkyCracking Martial Arts Saint - Dawn was jealous of Ye Cang getting his hands on the fishes.

“Is he a member of the Fishing Association?” Ryance smiled. The people in that association are mostly people who are bored but the strong players inside are truly strong. Master Dawn is one of the members. They won’t persuade each other to join their own guild or club. Instead, they would just meet up casually and talk about their progress or achievements in the fishing book.

“He isn’t, but the retarded kid who is close with him is…” Dawn looked at Lin Le because of his fisher’s vibe, somehow great with fishing skills.

Ye Cang sliced the mushroom zombies and threw them into the pot. Sagain sweated at Ye Cang’s cruelty when treating his ingredients, “That’s an undead, isn’t that…”

Sephirons suddenly understood why Ye Cang said his bones would be tasty if they were used to boil soup. This fella really eats undead creatures. He saw Ye Cang taking out some strong undead spirits’ bones and filtering out those good quality ones for the slime stock. When the servants beside him saw the spectre residue being sprinkled into the soup, they were terrified. To their knowledge, those residues belong to some stronger beings. It was normal for the undeads to eat humans and living beings but no one had ever heard of humans eating undeads and zombies...

Ye Cang continued to prepare the ingredients for the five dragon soup. In the end, he decided to pour two big jars of the Ten Dragon Kill Wine (brewed with cum and other weird stuff). The strong smell of the wine stimulated Ryance’s sense of smell, “This wine is so strong. I can’t resist myself even from so far away. Mayor PaleSnow, can I have a taste of it?”

Ye Can poured him a bowl and Ryance received it. The aroma was so strong that he could not open his eyes. Ye Cang was able to cook so easily because he had been wearing the goggles Little Ye Tian made for him.

As Ryance took a sip, he felt as if his mouth was being cut by hundreds of blades and ten dragons were fighting in his stomach. He sweated so much that his clothes were soaked and his eyebrows were furrowing. It was as if he was in great agony. In the end, he slowly opened his eyes and felt relieved, “Good wine! Thanks! I’ve realized a lot of things. From now onwards, you are a friend of mine. I’ll remember this favor.”

After Dawn took a sip of it, he shared the same expression as Ryance and said, “Haha, what a wine! I feel like I’m in heaven!”

“Are you serious?? Cologne also tasted it. The wine was so strong that his eyes almost burst out while he endured the pain mentally and physically. “A wine that allows one to experience all the bad times before getting reborn…”

Ye Cang pondered. Are you serious? The description of the wine said that most of the people who aren’t strong enough would die after drinking it. Think of it. A wine that can supplement one to death must be a good wine! Quietly, he kept it away. Sagain shook his head. Not everyone has the ability to drink those wines. I believe only people from the War God’s Temple and the dwarfs dare to drink it.

Wind Fist and the other dwarfs requested a bottle each and started taking gulps.

Ye Cang continued to browse through his ingredients. Eh? Isn’t this the egg the lava dragon gave me? I think it can be added into it. From eggs to dragons, we have it all. It’s a perfect cycle! Zhang Zhengxiong was dumbfounded at the sight of him putting in the egg. Brother, but the mother asked you to take good care of the egg and to incubate it...

Even Ten Colored Soup was summoned by Ye Cang to be thrown into the pot. At last, he took ten pieces of the crystals and red jades of elemental spirits and dissolved them with Ye Style Water Magic. Sagain wanted to stop him when he saw those precious items but he was unfortunately too slow. The crystals and jades had already been turned into liquid, flowing into the pot and forming occasional bubbles as the broth was boiling. His heart ached and the saintess patted his back.

“This bastard. These elemental spirit’s red jades and crystals are enough to produce one inheritable holy weapon! Yet, he used it to cook dishes!” Sagain smiled bitterly and Youdiss gasped too. If you don’t want those things, you can give it to me! I’m even willing to go bankrupt just to purchase those! The other leaders who knew how precious the crystals were were helpless but dared not say a word despite feeling so resentful.

“Old Mak, what took you so long? Give me the things I wanted,” Ye Cang saw Makarlo had returned.

Reluctantly, Makarlo handed over the Titan Fruit, Black Dragon Blood Grass, Flowers Vines and the Nine-headed Dragon Mushroom. Ye Cang dumped all of them into the pot without hesitation. What else do I need? I must surpass Old Wang’s and Old Li’s 108-ingredient dish! He then threw an important part of all the bosses he killed into the pot, such as the Bug Queen’s breast, and the wormman boss’ most tender part etc. The ingredients thrown inside were getting weirder and more disgusting. In the end, he ended up using a super large pot, exclusively customized for him.

At this point in time, Sagain was in total shock. Let’s not discuss whether it is edible first but how it will taste is a more important question.

Ye Cang wiped the sweat on his forehead. Should be enough... When he was double checking the ingredients, he found something. Hey... The Dried Rib of The Death Reaper. I can put this in too! He let go of his hand for it to fall inside. 

“That is?!” Youdiss recognized it at first sight. “Mayer, can you give it to me?”

“Don’t ever think about it.” Sagain sort of knew what that was. It was an important rib that Daiss lost.

The members of Church and Dark Shrine got into an intense glare of one another.

“Sadly, no. That was my ingredient. Once I’ve dumped it in, no one can take it back! This is my dignity as a chef!” Ye Cang said in a serious manner and Youdiss knew it was impossible for her to even get near to the broth. Sagain that old freak will not agree with it either. Besides, we are in the Goddess City. Helplessly, she stared at the sky. That precious treasure! If you can use it properly, we can negotiate with Daiss. But who on earth would expect you to use it to cook soup! A soup!

“The Crystal of the Holy Spirit. Since when did I have this thing? Well, turning it into water is just nice since the soup seems a bit thick.” When Ye Cang took out the crystal, Sagain shouted, “Mayor, stop! This is…”

“Don’t ever think of getting the Crystal of the Holy Spirit!” Youdiss interrupted with a smirk.

“Oh come on, what’s the big deal about it? It’s the same once it enters your stomach.” Ye Cang melted it and Youdiss was so happy. Sagain pointed at Ye Cang as if he was running out of breath. That was the soul of the dead Utmost Holy Saint!

“Alright, the content is enough but not the water. Oh yeah, the nutrient in the dish must be balanced. We can’t miss out on all these minerals like calcium, iron, tin!” Ye Cang grabbed various rare minerals from Zhang Zhengxiong who was almost tearing his hair in despair and melted them into the pot. He even asked for the help of a few hundred servants from the shrine to place the five-dragon pot on top of the slime stock. The idea was to use the stock beneath to steam the ingredients in the five-dragon pot. The initial smell was so horrible that ThornyRose and the rest were scrambling to log out. Eventually, the smell slowly faded and it became decent. It gradually gave hope to everyone.

Sagain and the others almost got out of the city thanks to the smelly odor. Yet, they could slowly block it with magic. When the smell turned good, they lifted the barrier.

Unexpectedly, the smell was changing and so were the skies. Clouds started to gather above the steamer and form a vortex. Thunder roared and lightning struck as if the sky was charged with a supernatural form of power. Wind Fist mumbled, “The lightning is not something I can produce…”

Ryance slowly got up as he felt something was amiss. “Be careful, everyone.”

“It is God's Raid!” Sagain could not sit still anymore. “Quickly ask the goddesses to protect us! Or else, we are all going to die!”

Youdiss who was dumbfounded mumbled, “How can he bring us God’s Raid just by cooking…”

Seeing the panic on everyone’s faces, Ye Cang was about to use telepathy to signal the goddesses but they appeared before he knew it.

“God’s Raid. Assenroche, you are the only one who can absorb it.” Assenroche nodded at Lonass’ words. “Supply me with your holy powers. Who would have thought that I could receive a present with such great energy before the war… you guys are sure lucky…”

“We are a team! We must have team spirit! This is what Great Sage has been emphasizing all these while. Besides, we need power to support the opportunity we grabbed. The more extra powers we get, the closer we are to our dream!” Aymuss started to link to Assenroche and the others gradually surrounded her in a pentagon shape.

Assenroche pondered. Actually, it is impossible for me to handle this alone. This God’s Raid is different from those small ones that appeared once in a while. This time around, its portion is relatively big and I must need their energy to share the burden with the five of them through arcanic conversion.