A huge eye of arcane opened and the sound of thunder accompanied a lightning dragon dashing towards the eye. Assenroche’s arcane current exploded in the sky. Wherever it passed, the clouds cleared and made way for thunder vortices. The five goddesses who were sharing the burden could feel power flowing into their bodies and they were happily absorbing it. These powers were different from belief power. These were truly holy powers! Direct and pure! All were filtered by Assenroche. Assenroche’s specialty was converting and combining which was also the characteristic of arcane energy, being able to turn any energy into different forms of objects or energies. It was the very reason mages were in awe of it. No matter what kind of mages you were, learning about arcane energy was always necessary as it was the knowledge required to enhance fire, lightning, dark, light, earth, wind and water elemental magic. Only the mages who had the knowledge of arcane were able to cast combined magic. If one was despised by Assenroche, he or she would no longer be able to cast any combined magic. 

In the eyes of Lu Jiaxi and the other top mages, arcane energy allows one to seek the origin of the element. It was what Assenroche was doing. She borrowed the power of God’s Raid, converted them and distributed them to the other goddesses. This was why people were afraid of Assenroche. She was the last elemental spirit that was born but its power was something all elemental mages must learn. Agaloss was feared by all mages due to his ability in seeing through the origin of the magic, cut off the connection between the mage and magic with arcane energy and kill them. I once thought that the great president of the Spellcaster Association was unbeatable but on that day itself, Agaloss showed me how weak and vulnerable a mage can be.

Lu Jiaxi pondered. I must take good care of the relationship with Goddess City. We might be able to move the headquarters over. If our negotiation skills work well, he might even let me build the spellcaster academy and tower here.

Assenroche looked at Agaloss and Wind Fist, “As my loyal believer, I shall present you a gift!”

An arcane orb shot into Agaloss’ eye and a lightning ball blasted into Wind Fist’s body. The two of them experienced incredible changes. Wind Fist’s war hammer sparked a flash of lighting similar to God’s Raid and an eye of arcane appeared in Agaloss’s left eye. They knelt as soon as they could, “Thank you my lord for such an incredible gift!”

Anya tossed her bow to Linda and her necklace to Verali. Jam was even more direct as she gave the power of a demi-god and her specialty holy powers to Makarlo. “Thank you for the thousands of years you have guarded me for. This is what I’m able to bestow you after I regained my powers, Shakerlogass…”

Jam recalled a teenager named Shakerlogass holding a bunch of flowers smiling at her. When I was abandoned by all the believers, he was the only one willing to go around to rebuild my power. When all the flowers had wilted, the remaining one blooming might not be the most outstanding one but is always the most beautiful one. 

Marlow gifted her crown to Maru Naya and Aymuss recovered the Half-moon sword to its true form, the form of a holy weapon. Lonass knew that Fandair’s dragon soul was the Shadow Moon Dragon but Fandair did not know that it had nothing to do with Lonass. Or to be precise, it had no relation to the moon at all. It was just that on his body, there was an image similar to a half-moon. However, Lonass was touched by his sincerity so she combined his soul with the soul of the only beast that was related to her. It was a Half-moon Owl but it was a species that had gone extinct. Luckily, I have saviored its soul as a collection. Instantly, Fandair felt he had become stronger and quickly expressed his gratitude to Lonass.

Sagain, Youdiss and the rest were jealous as they saw the goddesses giving out rewards. Even the newly joined Lord BearBear had been acknowledged by Lonass.

“How is it, best friend? I didn’t mistreat you, did I?” Fandair hugged the jade little bear.

“Hehe, yeap, hehe.” Lord BearBear then looked at Ye Cang and mumbled, “Don’t eat me please…”

Meanwhile, Ye Cang stared at the six goddesses as his smile got creepier. Did you guys forget someone… If you really did, I’ll teach you guys a good, long and slow lesson…

The six goddesses felt a familiar chill.

“Of course, we will not forget our beloved Great Sage as well!” Aymuss who wanted to stay alive shouted.

Sagain, Youdiss and the rest were stunned when they heard how the goddess addressed Ye Cang. Did we hear wrongly? The beloved Great Sage. It is a phrase a believer would use. However, the goddesses did not repeat what Aymuss said so they thought it was their mistake. On the other hand, Agaloss, Shacily Muse and the others smiled bitterly. Haha. You guys didn’t get it wrong. Goddess Aymuss was just not being able to react.

Without a word, Assenroche took all the weapons belonging to Ye Cang except for the ballista. Staring at the Alabachia’s Light (staff), Assenroche had an idea in mind and the other goddesses knew exactly what that was. They then sent the staff and the other weapons to the center of the eye of arcane to purify them. In the end, they all melted into a colorful metallic ball. As they returned him the ball, they said unanimously, “With this, I give you my blessing!”

If it was not that everyone was watching them, the goddesses must be arguing and fighting on who gave Ye Cang the most blessings.

The Heart of Six Goddesses - PaleSnow (Holy weapon - ??? - Exclusive - PaleSnow - Assenroche - Jam - Anya - Marlow - Aymuss - Lonass)
Category: ???
Requirement: PaleSnow
Attributes required: None
Class required: None

This weapon consisted of six forms of holy weapons: Assenroche - Arcane Sword, Anya - Hunting Bow, Jam - Vase, Marlow - Green Gun, Aymuss - Lonass - Full-moon & Half-moon - Twin Moon Scepter.

This weapon had mixed attributes which allowed it to grow and swallow weapons.

All the non-skill attributes of the six holy weapons would be enhanced to the holder of the weapon. (This means that the holder does not have to switch to the particular weapon to enjoy the attributes. All forms and attributes will be added up in total and the holder only has to switch to a particular weapon to enable the use of certain skills).

Looking at the ball, Ye Cang nodded satisfactory. Not bad.

Sagain and Ryance stared at the orb floating beside Ye Cang. There are many holy powers inside. A holy weapon gifted by the six goddesses. I guess we can assume the rise of Goddess City is guaranteed. Sagain pondered. I guess we will have to challenge the Goddess City after the war. I believe the God of Light will not sit there and do nothing about this. But since it is beneficial to the war, I’ll let it go...for now… Never have I thought that this God’s Raid would be a supplement to Assenroche, the arcane energy spirit… Sigh, why would Assenroche protect Goddess City. If she wasn’t an elemental spirit, I don’t have to be so bothered about it...