As the last lightning struck the Eye of Arcane, Assenroche had felt that the five noob goddesses had reached their limits. The Eye of Arcane let out a glaring beam of light and a surging electric current before it exploded. The circular shockwave dispersed all the clouds in the city, leaving only two moons and an asterism of stars in the night sky.

“Finally done.” Ye Cang heaved a sigh of relief and Zhang Zhengxiong saw the super massive steamer moving. Its abnormal movements caught his attention, “Hey, are you serious?! Again?! Brother! A boss is coming out!”

The screams of millions of beings gushed out from the steamer. The horrible tone made the steamer seem like a living hell.

“Gosh! I could feel its aura…” Ye Cang stepped back.

Sagain and the rest frowned at the steamer as a sense of insecurity surged through their bodies. They knew an extremely scary being was about to be born. “Stop it now! Everyone move!”

Sagain instantly casted Words of God - Millions Strikes of Holy Sword but the steamer broke into pieces as a scary dragon roar was heard. The metal pieces flew everywhere and the Saintess from Steel Empire - Ghanar casted a black barrier, protecting everyone. Ryance stared at the being walking out of the steamer. A dragon-like human? The being was different from an ordinary dragon. It could stand like an ape but its head was that of a dragon. Every scale on its body was different from another. Its muscular arms displayed its enormous strength and its eyes exhibited various forms of madness. “Roar!”

Ryance was dumbfounded. What kind of creature is this?! A demi-god?! Lu Jiaxi smiled bitterly while EmptyHanded and Master of Gangster prepared themselves to run home if things were to get out of hand.

After experiencing the powerful shockwave, Sagain knew he would die if he was left to be the only one attacking the creature. Youdiss was even more astonished and Linda and the rest who just received their holy weapons also knit their eyebrows.

“Ordinary human, we’ll leave the rest to you. We shall rest for now.” Assenroche needed some time to recover and the same went for the rest.

Seeing the stunned faces of the leaders, ThornyRose looked at Ye Cang who was in fact calm. Is this still considered cooking?


A loud sound was heard and the gigantic dragonman was knocked down by something else. Just then, another enormous liquid-like human marched out of the pot to everyone’s surprise. It appeared in a mixture of colors and started attacking it madly as it jumped on the dragonman. Juices and soup were flying everywhere around the room.

“This is my Lil’Color but why can’t I control it now…” Ye Cang stared at the liquid-like giant.

“Let’s just observe for now. It feels like both are extremely dangerous…” Youdiss was truly afraid of the mayor of Goddess City. Having him cooking is like opening the gates of hell. Look at these creatures! The dragonman’s holy power is the weakest but still at the rank of a demigod.

The gigantic dragon head knocked away Ten Colored Soup and a large number of magic circles appeared as it mumbled verses that were believed to be draconic magic. However, Ten Colored Soup did not back off and went head on. All sorts of magic was as ineffective as throwing pebbles into water. On the other hand, Ten Colored Soup’s punch was surprisingly effective. Its fists were so fast that it resembled a machine gun shooting continuously without losing its aim. The dragonman managed to punch through the creature but failed to pull its hand out in the end. Subconsciously, Ten Colored Soup could still remember the grappling techniques Ye Cang taught it. It knocked the dragonman’s face with its knee and slammed it on the ground. The dragonman was undeniably no match for it. In the end, it suffered its defeat and was swallowed by Ten Colored Soup.

Waves of hot water shot out from Ten Colored Soup’s body as its size was getting bigger and bigger. The dragonman’s body was dissolved in it and it let out a horrible roar towards the sky, like throwing down the gauntlet at the gods.

Assenroche was shocked for a moment after seeing Ten Colored Soup. I must not let other gods and elemental spirits know of its existence. Swiftly, she casted an arcane barrier, cutting off any possible connections from the Goddess City. She informed Ye Cang, “You’re the only one who can tame it! Quickly ask it to stop! Or else we would be the enemies of the entire god realm!”

Even though Ye Cang did not understand, he knew how serious it was. “Bastard! Come to daddy!”

Ye Cang’s voice attracted Ten Colored Soup’s attention when it turned to look at him for a moment. It slowly shrinked as it approached Ye Cang. It hopped around Ye Cang with excitement and turned into a mixed colored crystal.

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully tamed ???. Please name it!”

“Ten Colored Soup.”

Ten Colored Soup (??? - ??? - ??? - God? - Cooking Elemental?)
Category: Accessories / Pet Companion
Requirement: PaleSnow
Attributes required: None
All attributes +630% (increase 10% on every level up)
Immune to all magic below god rank
Damage received reduced by 95%

Any forms of damage that does not exceed 10 times of your health will be nullified.

Messed Mastery: Two levels up for every category of your magic (except for summoning and mental type), doubles damage and causes 500% of damage when facing enemies with holy power.

Extreme Disgust - Messed Soup: All your damage will cause unrecoverable wounds.

Cut The Grease - Messed Soup: All your healing spells will counteract poison.

Delicious - Messed-up Soup: All your healing spells would not be dispersed and its effects are guaranteed.

The Dragon’s Nemesis - Messed Soup: All your skills will cause 20 times of damage to dragons and leave unrecoverable wounds.

The Snatch of God Characteristic: This creature has the ability to take away a god’s characteristic.

I-Will-Be-The-Stock: This creature is a growable stock. It can be used to cook stock, affect the attributes inside and fuse everything together.

The Challenger of God: When you are facing enemies with holy powers, this creature’s attributes will be greatly enhanced. The increment depends on the creature’s and your attributes. It would be 12.5 times the difference.

???: Your level is too low. Sealed.

???: Your level is too low. Sealed.

???: Your level is too low. Sealed.

???: Your level is too low. Sealed.




Summoning of Ten Colored Soup: Your level is too low, unable to summon its full form.

“Congratulations! You’ve made god rank dishes! Your cooking level has reached god rank! Please name it!”

“The Stew of Heaven Earth Dragon Phoenix Flying Creature Beast Gold Rock Plants with All Beings!”

“Congratulations! A new creature has been added into your cooking summoning handbook. Please name it.”


“Under my teachings, it had abandoned the dark and joined the light. It has successfully returned to the goddesses’ embrace! Indeed, the chests of the goddesses have tamed such a horrible creature! I could see the end of the Disaster!” Ye Cang raised Ten Colored Soup up high.

Something is wrong. Sagain had plans on borrowing the power of the God of Light if things got out of hand just now. That creature was obviously a demigod. Why would it join in without saying anything or giving any reasons?! Don’t lie to me! There must be something going on here! He must have known what the creature was since he was the one who prepared the dish!

Youdiss squinted. I have no idea if what he said was the truth but this matter has increased his reputation. We all knew how scary that thing was just now. But he just tamed it without any battles or skills. Those warriors who were against him being the Chief Commander would have obviously changed their minds. Sagain must be having a great headache now.

Meanwhile, Shaneley was thinking of driving Ye Cang and Goddess City out from the Planetary Empire. If we don’t do so, the Steel Empire would have another strong enemy. Yet, Cailon was thinking of securing Earl PaleSnow in Planetary. Even if he doesn’t wish to join the war between the Steel Empire, with him securing the north border, the Steel Empire would have a hard time attacking us. You son of a bitch, wait for it. I will definitely march my army to the Steel City - Lass before I die!