Ye Cang asked the servants to move the pot of soup down. The aromatic smell of the dish caused their saliva to drip, much to their amazement. On the surface of it, there was a floating dragon egg. Now this is obviously my cooking. 

ThornyRose and the rest shook their heads. No way! It is impossible for him to make such a dish! There must be something wrong with the system! 

The Stew of Heaven-Earth-Dragon-Phoenix-Flying-Creature-Beast-Gold-Rock-Plants-With-All-Beings (God rank recipe): Continuous consumption will instantly recover health points and mana, damage to all beings increases by 30%, damage received reduces by 30%, damage to dragons increases by 50% and will even terrify it. Every second, health points recover by 1% while mana recovers by 0.5%. All resistance increases by 50%, Defence and Damage are doubled. When receiving damage, there are chances of reflecting one negative effect of the dish to the opponent. Consumer also receives Super Advanced Saving, Super Advanced Explosive Effect, Super Advanced Body-Strengthening and Super Advanced Bravery (could be all triggered on random probabilities. Explosive is basically extra critical hits). Lasts for 160 days. Still effective even after death. 

This dish had permanent buffs. 

50% increment on all attributes - Once - Unlimited: The effect cannot be repeated. 

Mastering one talent ranging from legendary to god rank - Fifteen times: The effect cannot be repeated. 

30% increment on the percentage increment of experience - Unlimited: The effect cannot be repeated. 

20 talents and skill points - 100 times: The effect cannot be repeated. 

Level up by 10 - 30 times: The effect cannot be repeated. 

Magic - Mastering two random magic skills - 50 times: The effect cannot be repeated. 

Physical - Mastering two random battling skills - 50 times: The effect cannot be repeated. 

As the chef who cooked the dish, Ye Cang volunteered to be the first one to taste the very masterpiece of his. Just when he was about to try the braised dragon egg, the shell cracked itself. A tiny head popped out and shouted at Ye Cang, “Papa… papa.”

“......” The sight of the little creature reminded him of the ungrateful children - Little Dream and Weak Sauce who were timid, afraid to die and lazy. He wanted to eat the creature but he was caught off guard by the puppy eyes. Sigh, you're lucky. Can't believe you didn't turn into a braised egg even after boiling. Since that God's plan, I have no choice. He hugged it out. 

“Congratulations on taming an unknown creature. Please name it.”

“Pale Dragon.” Ye Cang gave it its name. 

Pale Dragon 
Category: Unknown - ??? - Dragon
Specialties: Incredible Strength, Speedy Flying, Space Traveling, Space Lock-on, Undestroytable Body, Mess Mastery, ???, ??? 

Seeing Weak Sauce and Little Dream dashing over, Ye Cang put Pale Dragon into their hand Look at this fella, level 60 and it’s still weak. Little Dream is already this strong at level 10. He then took a sip of the soup. It was tasty and thick. The taste was top-notch and he felt his energy shot up. Now that's how my ideal food should taste. But this is just a beginning, I haven't reached the end yet. That's the way of cooking. I must not be arrogant. I might be able to get my hands on even greater ingredients and maybe I'd be able to steam a god or fry a fairy. That shouldn't be impossible… 

“Congratulations! You have mastered Food Is Everything.”

“Congratulations! You've mastered the Sky Raging Totem - Storm of Thunder Cloud.”

Food Is Everything (Chef - Talent - Passive - God Rank - Intermediate): The buff provided by the dishes you supplied will increase by 500% (including the duration), all rewards in regards to permanent increment will be tripled, the buff of the food you cooked will increase by 200% and duration increases by 300%. When dismantling and handling ingredients, there are chances of increasing the quality and unlocking the level of cooking.

Ps: Food is Everything. Food is the source of all beings. Hence, all beings are edible and cookable! In the eyes of the gods, every being is similar but in the eyes of a chef, every being can be served on a plate.

Ye Cang did not bother about the two other skills he obtained as he was hyped up by the quote ‘in the eyes of a chef, every being can be served on a plate’. Now, all I need is a cooking knife that can cut everything!

Seeing Ye Cang pulling out his cooking knife as he pointed it at the far end, everyone was stunned. His determination and seriousness were at an extreme level. I must perform the true meaning of ‘Food Is Everything’! The soldiers were affected by Ye Cang’s action of pointing at the far end. “The Disaster will perish!”

After that, Ye Cang served Sagain and the rest with the dishes he made. On the other side, the team was discussing which candidates would be able to enjoy the permanent increment. After much discussions and negotiations, the fourteen candidates in ascending order were Zhang Zhengxiong, Lin Le, AV, Lil’Wang, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Cao Cao, Flame Emperor, LordAsked, CloudDragon, VastSea, Little Ye Tian, NalanPureSoul, ThornyRose. The remaining ones were Ji Xiao, RedMoon, YellowSpring, FrozenBlood, FrozenCloud and the rest. 

As for the remaining food, every speck was finished by the core members. Flame Emperor, LordAsked and the rest who enjoyed the Stew of All Beings were requested to pay a high price as per requested by ThornyRose and Little Ye Tian. Even though they were crying inside, they were willing to fork out because there might be chances of getting a god ranked skill. 

Sitting on the Goddess Stairs, Zhang Zhengxiong was questioning, “Even the talent I got is an aura...what have I done wrong…”

Lin Le who was beside him shook his butt,  “Hehe! My talent is something that enhances my slashing skill! Haha!”

Little Ye Tian was sad as Lin Le and A’Xiong had obtained a god rank talent while she had a hero skill. Sigh, I really do have my father’s genes.

Among the three cousins, only Sun Quan obtained a god ranked talent and he was laughing at the other two. That led to the three of them getting caught into a fight. What came to Little Ye Tian’s surprise was that even AV and Lil’Wang had gotten god ranked talents. Are you serious?! AV’s talent is way stronger than mine. Not only has his continuous healing duration been increased a few folds, he has gained a lot of buff too. His skills even had infectious effects. Sister Rose shares the same experience with me. When Little Ye Tian told ThornyRose about the fact that only she, Uncle Cao, Uncle Liu, and herself did not have god ranked talents, she saw the fury boiling in ThornyRose’e eyes. ThornyRose even mentioned that after being with Ye Cang, she felt she was getting closer to death.

The feast of Goddess City had officially begun. Sagain, Youdiss and the others were relieved as they were finally able to enjoy dinner. Staring at the mixed stew, they looked doubtful but their lips curled after a taste of it. They looked at Ye Cang with much respect. Such refined cooking skills!

“He might be the only talented chef after Dodola. The one and only…” Sagain, the food lover commented.

“He might have surpassed Dodola. Dodola doesn’t cause such a big fuss when cooking. Haha.” SkyCracking Martial Art Saint laughed.

The employees of Ali and Happy Firmaments Restaurant and the Maids Cafe were serving the soldiers and ensured there were female servants playing with the guests at every table. In the beginning, Ali disagreed with having these girls around but she could not deny the fact that it was very profitable. That fella exclusively ordered the employees to trick the guests’ money. The soldiers treated money as nothing before the war. All those soldiers who heard the girls said ‘I’ll be waiting for you in Goddess City’ chipped in one gold coin and some paid even more. These scam returns contributed to 60% of the profit while beer and food only had a share of 10%. Looks like I’m still not mature enough.