Staring at Ye Cang who was acting cool at the edge of the cliff, Minox exclaimed. I was right. He will be the greatest hero in the world...

Ye Cang was looking afar when Youdiss stared at him. As he took off his hood, his white hair swayed in the wind, glowing under the moonlight. Can I really bet on him? Her hesitated eyes were slowly filled with determination.

Since Shaneley had acknowledged Ye Cang, he put his gigantic steel arm around his shoulder and smiled. “It’s good to be ambitious but we are relatively weaker. We can’t afford to make any mistakes once we enter the Great Wasteland as any of our decisions will determine if everyone dies… Especially you… You are the No. 1 Chief Commander of the troop and… this wine of yours...give me a few more later.”

“Got it,” Ye Cang nodded.

ThornyRose, Flame Emperor and the others were paying attention to Ye Cang who was doing extremely well among the leaders. Staring at the leadership board, Flame Emperor pondered. We are already 20 levels ahead of the No.1 player in Europe. Not to mention, this 50% buff on experience will only cause the gap to become greater. Looks like there will be an internal affair in this season. The results… No, I must try my best!

The feast had slowly come to an end with the female servants scamming money from the soldiers. At midnight, the shrine was extremely quiet. The war would begin when dawn came.

In reality, Ye Cang was playing with the voice crystal Clock - Marc left him. Do I really exist in the future that he mentioned? Or that isn’t me? He kept the crystal away and came to the HappyFirmaments Tree where he would turn into ashes in the future. He headed towards the mushroom farm. As he arrived at the lower area, a million types of mushrooms were everywhere. Nani? Ye Cang rubbed his eyes. A walking mushroom?! Am I dreaming?!

Ye Cang came to a blue mushroom that had tentacles that acted as its limbs. A few dozens of mini mushroom men were walking aimlessly. He picked one randomly and examined it. Though without eyes, it had moving limbs. As he put it down, it would get back to its troop and continue their journey. He then picked another one into the bucket. I’ll let everyone have a look and I’ll cook it.

He was surprised by such a scene. At night, the mushrooms were like mini lamp posts. They did not shine at the top of their caps but underneath them. They resembled some tumor-like fungus that would move. It was so disgusting but Ye Cang felt that they might taste good. Hence, he picked that one mushroom into the bucket. As he turned around, he saw the location of the group of mushrooms had changed. They were on my right before this, weren’t they? And now they are on my left? Just when he was about to pick one, the mushroom moved again and got up.

Only then, he saw that beneath the mushroom cap, it looked like a crab. It had claws and its body was integrated with the mushroom. Hehe. Let’s take one home and try it. New species. Interesting. Along the valley, it was filled with mushrooms on almost every square inch of land. In Ye Cang’s exploration, he could not even keep count on the species he discovered. There was a type of mushroom that grew along the tree branches and would grow a black conifer-cone-like mushroom. Since there were not many of them, Ye Cang thought it was rare so he plucked a few. On the mini pond, there were even coral-like mushrooms floating on the surface, not to mention glowing mushrooms that could fly like dandelions. The entire forest of mushrooms was no other than a place that only existed in fairy tales, mesmerising and wonderful to be seen.

In the end, he came to the Million Wine Tree. The liquid inside the tank was glowing as its spiritual energy leaked out. It came to Ye Cang’s surprise when he saw there were mini fishes inside the tank. Since when are there fishes here?! Even though they are as small as a phalange in a finger, why didn’t I see them during daylight? Staring at the wine pool that had a diameter of at least a hundred meters, an idea popped up in his mind. I wanna hop inside. Without much hesitation, he took off his clothes and jumped in. The wine inside was cold but it was smooth and gentle. The pool was deep and the wooden edge at the side provided a place for Ye Cang to rest his arms. He was as if in a hot spring, except for the fact that it was not hot but cold. Yet, Ye Cang felt that it was more relaxing than that.

“Brother Lil’White, such a great mood you have there…” Lin Liang’s voice came out of nowhere. Ye Cang turned around to see Lin Liang standing at the edge. “Elder Lin, join me. It’s so relaxing…”

Lin Liang touched the water inside.’s really different from before. It’s clearer and thicker. He stripped off his pyjamas and hopped in. Do you know what’s purifying the heart? This is it. Seeing the fishes swimming inside, he was mesmerized.

“Elder Lin, Lin Sen will take care of Lele, so I’m not worried. As for A’Xiong, I could only rely on you to take care of him,” Ye Cang said with much gratitude.

“No worries. It’s just a small matter. You guys have fulfilled my wish, I’m grateful for that. Rest assured,” Lin Liang flapped his feathered fan. He is now the vice president of our club. Even I must listen to his orders. Sigh. You really don’t know his reputation is just slightly below President AV.

“Well...Brother Lil’White, is it just me or I feel the fishes are nibbling my private part…” Lin Liang asked as he saw Ye Cang had no reaction at all.

“Nope, I feel it too. But they are helping our d to get rid of dirt… It’s normal and comfortable too.” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulder and Lin Liang tried to feel it. Hmm… it’s quite comfortable. He then looked up at the starry night sky and zoned out.

“Elder Lin, do you know the background of the virtual world?” Ye Cang asked.

“Partially, perhaps? I learnt about it from Lin Sen and through my experience. Actually, the virtual world is just like a digitalized world full of data. It’s that simple. If you treat it as data and consciousness, then it is just data and consciousness; if you treat it as another dimension, then it is just another dimension. No different from the hero spirits. They are the clones produced by mankind’s faith. In actual fact, they had died long ago. Yet, they would not truly ‘die’ as long as there are humans remembering them. The death I’m talking about is just a metaphor. Don’t ever underestimate the power of ‘belief’. It is extremely daunting. There’s one thing I can confirm is that the code or also known as the ‘source’ of the virtual world is from another world. What we don’t know is where this source comes from, what it consists of, what its actual structure is and if we are part of the source.”

“This is also why the federal and the game developers association are just a guardian of the virtual world and they would never be the owner. They are just constantly discovering ways to gain access into the code and the structure to form a new virtual world. However, everything originates from the source itself and it operates according to its own consciousness. We can’t interrupt much. The Holy Battle of Hero Spirits is also branched from the origin code.”

“Then, what about Lin Sen?” It was not the first time Ye Cang was told about the ‘source’ but it was the first time he knew that it was the origin of everything.

“Lin Sen is not the first one who had evil plans on the ‘source’ but he is the only one who discovered and used the error code, resulting from the overuse of it, to create a bomb that can eliminate mankind. It is then known as the virus of the Big Disaster. It can trigger the negative emotions in mankind for self-destruction. After that, his grandchild - Lin Qing, for the sake of justice, had a forceful DNA-modification experiment on his great grandchild - Linlin. However, Linlin lost a few chromosomes and turned into a handicapped. His intelligence and growth are nowhere near an ordinary person. But because of this defect, it indirectly created a rubbish bin for the Big Disaster. Under some circumstances, the virus of the Big Disaster had become his nutrients and was supplied to the Emperor Tree. Just like the one in your body… after that… well, it doesn’t matter. That’s basically it.”    

“So, Elder Lin Lan and Linlin are?” Ye Cang knew who Linlin was, the great martial arts saint who was inevitable on earth at the age of ten.

“Linlin is Lin Le’s biological father. Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Just enjoy the bath,” Lin Liang smiled. Staring at the glimmering water surface, he thought of Lin Lan. He is my foster son. It's a pity that I couldn’t make it to the hospital when his mother, Lan Lan died after giving birth to him. After much investigation, I then knew he was Linlin’s child. That fella has gone to the universe so I could only take on the responsibility to raise him. But that child is indeed intelligent even though he was as reckless as his father when he was young.