With a heavy heart, Panty Uncle stared at Flasher Uncle who had an elderly woman in his arms. This man once ruled the entire underground force in Lin Hai. After changing his victorious personality, he chose to become an artistic pervert. As for this lady, she used her entire life to save a lost teenager. But why should one endure such a painful process? Being far from something you set your sight on is the worst feeling ever. He spent his entire life and tried all possibilities to wake her up and yet… If I were him, I couldn’t accept it too because accepting means admitting that all your effort had gone down the drain... 

Panty Uncle knew how hard it was for one to let go.Even I myself cannot completely let go of the past. Whenever I see the kitchen in the morning, the thought of losing her keeps on bothering my mind. It was as if everything happened just yesterday. When you come back to your senses, the inexplicable emptiness would surge through your body and often control it. Even the sun rays that shine through the windows would look colorless, without a tinge of warmth at all. Yep... I’ve already lost her...

He slowly raised his cane, “I’ll not let you leave because I know, if you walk out of this door, I would regret it. I will lose a best friend and you will regret doing so many stubborn things… As a friend, all I can do is to stop you, right here.”

“Move away!” Flasher Uncle’s punch flattened the cylindrical cane from the top to the bottom. Panty Uncle gracefully dodged the shockwave and the needle sword spread out like a net all of the sudden, attempting to cover Flasher Uncle.

Yet, Flasher Uncle’s golden aura prevented it like an invisible power holding it back. Knowing that Panty Uncle was serious with stopping himself, he cried, “Old Panty… She can’t just leave me like this… not yet… She promised me that if I stop being a gangster, she would be my girlfriend… She promised me that! She promised! And now I did it! I did it! But why?! Why can't she keep her promise! Since our promise is yet to be fulfilled, I will never let you die! Never!”

Flasher Uncle shouted with tears overflowing from his eyes.

“Old Panty, I don’t want to hurt you. Please don’t force me, alright?”

Knowing that he must use his real power, Panty Uncle took out a pocket watch and gave it a click. The entire dimension of the Red Moon Hospital started to twist, everywhere was like turning into the form of crumpled mirrors. “Stop healing her. Her zombilization has completed. Your energy is just weakening her at a greater pace. Do you really wish to see the lady you loved the most turn into a zombie without a soul?”

“There must be other ways! I will find it!” Flasher Uncle carried the woman on his back, tying the both of them together using the blanket. The golden aura radiated from his body and his movement fists were shaking the dimension. The two of them were battling each other to death in the weird dimension. However, the two of them were an equal match. Panty Uncle’s creepy fantasy versus Flasher Uncle’s manly crush. The old woman gradually opened her eyes but they were filled with total darkness. She opened her mouth and bit Flasher Uncle’s back neck. Flesh and blood shot in all directions.

“Oh, you’re awake. I know you’re sick now. Don’t be afraid. It’s me, Mountain Cat. I will bring you out and heal you very soon…” Flasher Uncle turned around and smiled at the woman whose face looked horrible.

Seeing Flasher Uncle being constantly bitten and the white blanket being stained red, Panty Uncle was sad. Why must you bring pain to yourself? “Old Flasher, let it go! She is already dead! Do you really want her to live like this?!”

Flasher Uncle did not say a word but just lowered his head. A moment later, he screamed, “I know! I know that she is dead! But it's just unacceptable! Old Panty, just let me go!”

Panty Uncle appeared before him and clicked the pocket watch again with shivering hands. The dimension returned to normal. If I don’t let him go, he would die, not in my hands but in that of the person he loved the most. He gradually closed his eyes as Flasher Uncle walked past him. “Thanks…”

Carrying the zombie who was constantly chewing his flesh, he came to the Cheng Nan Ninth High School. Panty Uncle was trailing him all these while as he could not put away his worries.

Flasher Uncle untied the blanket and laid the woman down on the ground of a stadium. “Look. This place didn’t change much huh. Do you still remember the first time we met? You were so fierce like everyone was a criminal. I was told off by you just because I forgot to pin my badge up… You also commented that my blonde hair looked like a chicken nest…”

The woman dashed at him and he hugged her. With much strength, he held the crooked face and blurted out everything he had wanted to say all these while. Tears ran down his cheek as he spoke, “Thank you. You were the only one who believed that I could turn over a new leaf… Thank you…”

“Old Panty, I know you are around. Help me put an end to her suffering. I don’t want to hurt her as my battle style is too brutal…” Flasher Uncle held the lady tight while Flasher Uncle’s needle sword pierced through her heart. The agony surged all the way up to the brain, completely destroying it and leaving no signs of wounds.

Staring at her as she slept, Flasher Uncle caressed her face. Once again, he carried her and left. Panty Uncle knew Flasher Uncle had prepared for these. It was just that when the day truly came, it was difficult to bid the eternal farewell.

Upon arriving at the grave he had prepared long ago, Flasher Uncle placed her into the opening in the soil. He reluctantly kissed her forehead, “I prepared this for us but you are so naughty that you made your way here before me. The sunflower has always been your favourite flower so I planted them around the vicinity…”

Flasher Uncle slowly covered her with the dry sandy soil and placed a bouquet of sunflowers in front of the grave. The forever-energetic Flasher Uncle seemed like he had lost the energy within him. Helplessly, he laid in front of the grave. “You wait… but of course, if there are better reincarnations, make sure you go ahead. But remember to tell me in my dreams which family you get reborn to after that, alright?”

Flasher Uncle knew how painful it was to wait for someone. You’ve never spoken out that you would wait for me. But being able to lay beside you when I die was enough anyway. Next life, I don’t know if I can control...

“You finally let go…” Panty Uncle smiled.

“What are you smiling at? It feels like you’re celebrating because I’m joining the widower club,” Flasher Uncle was pissed.

“Hey, mind your words…” Panty Uncle was speechless.

Flasher Uncle then lit a stick of cigarette.

“I thought you’ve quitted smoking?”

“My girlfriend just died. Is it wrong to smoke?!”

Panty Uncle looked at the sunflowers planted everywhere. “Do you regret it?”

Flasher Uncle shook his head. “No regrets, just repentance… a strong repentance… As for regrets? No. Mountain Cat is an animal that doesn’t regret…”

“You’re a human…”

“Are you trying to pick a fight here?! Why must you sneer at me even when I’m cheering myself up?”

“Humans must always look forward…” Flasher Uncle gradually got up. “I’m just unlucky. That’s all. I’ll never get the love I desired. In the past, my mother wanted to kill me because of my father and the tough life she was living. But this girl, she sacrificed herself just to bring me back to the right path. Except for being optimistic, I’ve no other choice. I’m not someone who pities himself and she dislikes these people the most. Let’s go to Old Wang’s place for a drink or two.”

Only then Panty Uncle realized that he himself might be the only one who could not let go of the past. This fella knows the pain of separation better than anyone else.