Wiping his hands and the knife, Old Wang smiled at Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle who were coming at him. “For a drink or two?”

Flasher Uncle nodded exhaustedly and Old Wang felt something was not right so he looked at Panty Uncle. “She is gone…”

Old Wang stunned for a second and his heart ached. Tears burst out from the corner of his eyes the moment he turned around. After rushing to wipe them off with his apron, he said, “I’ll take the strongest Boiling Knife Wine from my collection…”

Old Wang stir-fried a few dishes, prepared some appetizers and joined them after putting up the ‘closed’ sign on the door.

Staring at the fried squid, Flasher Uncle’s mind drifted away. Yet, the aroma of Old Wang’s wine brought him back to reality. He finished the glass in one shot. Instantly, the feeling of being cut surged through his body but he needed an assurance. “Old Panty, when your wife died, how did you return to normal and get away from the emptiness…”

“Until now, I still can’t get rid of the emptiness inside of me. All I did was just focus on my career and my life,” Panty Uncle brushed. 

“I don’t think stealing panties is a career, not even a job.” Panty Uncle rolled his eyes after hearing Flasher Uncle’s words, “That’s extra knowledge I gain apart from my job, alright. Besides, I’m just reminding others that the designs of inner wear are also important.”

“That’s something a pervert would say.” Flasher Uncle got himself some scoldings. “You have no rights to talk about others.”

“Sigh, I just wanted to live the rest of my life peacefully. I should have just stayed at Lil’White’s place. During my free time, I can go fishing, plant some vegetables or head to the city to continue my artistic life since I’ll love whatever I do. Although I took on the artist journey because of her, I must still preserve my belief and my artistic soul even if she is dead. This is my flasher motto!” Flasher Uncle rushed to the tables in the night market and opened his windbreaker. The Roar of the Elephant! A few teenage girls quickly put their palms together and prayed. They expressed their gratitude to Flasher Uncle for the blessing after taking some pictures, when happiness was written all over their faces.

“Look at the people in this society now. I believe they have a serious mental illness. When I debuted, these people weren’t that shameless. They knew how to cover their faces and scream. But now? Look at them. Do they even know the meaning of ‘shameful’?” Flasher Uncle complained as he returned to his seat.

Just when Old Wang wanted to blurt out some scoldings, Panty Uncle replied, “I know right. When I got discovered examining innerwears, I could still hear the smoothing screams. But now…sigh...everything has changed…”

Old Wang stared at them with enlarged pupils. How am I actually sitting here listening to two publicly-known perverts in Lin Hai complaining that the people nowadays are shameless?

“Count me in. I wanted to move to Lil'White's place too. I heard there are a lot of new ingredients. Speaking of getting old, I just realised that we have passed our middle age,” Panty Uncle sounded sorrowful. 

Just then, Old Wang's phone rang. He took the call and smiled, “My daughters and the rest wanted to move to Lin Hai!”

“Lil'Li moved to B City, didn’t she? And her husband also bears the surname Ye? What's his name again?” Flasher Uncle had vague memories about them. 

“Ye Xiaoming. We once had a meal together.” Panty Uncle recalled that one time when he and Old Flasher paid a visit to Old Wang's house and they had a meal together. 

“Oh, I think I can roughly recall it. He wore specs and looked like a gentleman and a pervert at the same time,” Old Flasher laughed. 

“......” Old Wang was frustrated. “F*ck off! My son-in-law is a proper man whom I acknowledged. He is quite a hard working person.”

“Just ordinary. What's the name of your grandson?” Flasher Uncle shrugged his shoulders. 

“Ye Beibei.” Old Wang took out a picture of him. “He is already 6 months old.”

“The child is so cute and his eyes show signs of spiritual energy. He must be extraordinary when he grows up.” Panty Uncle smiled at the hologram picture. 

“Duh, do you need to mention it? He will definitely be a great chef in the future,” Old Wang laughed. 

“......” The two of them ran out of words. 

Liu, Sun and Cao who were on their way back after some fun saw them at the night market and walked towards them. 

“Wow, three man drinking without girls? You guys are sure interesting…” Cao Cao smirked. 

“Went to the north district again?” Flasher Uncle sniffed the smell of night clubs. 

“Sigh, after experiencing how the Big Four are like, these are so much less interesting,” Liu Bei nodded as he sat. He looked at Sun Quan, “Waiter, go get us three sets of cutleries.”

“......” Sun Quan was pissed but still did as ordered. This piece of shit! 

“I'll go make two more dishes.” As Old Wang got up, Cao Cao stopped him, “It's alright. It's alright. We are just here for some gossip and a few drinks.”

“Old Brother Flasher looks a little moody today, huh.” Cao Cao noticed something was not right. 

“Nothing much…” Flasher Uncle shook his head and Cao Cao patted his shoulder. “The pain of separation huh? Don't overthink. As long as you've put in effort, know your mistakes and have no regrets…”

Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle stared at Cao Cao. We have never heard of him talking about his woman. “Your wife…”

“Has passed away.” Cao Cao poured himself a glass of wine and downed it bottoms up. “Same goes for Zhongmou's. As for this Mr Liu, I have no idea. He has quite a number of wives.”

It dawned on Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle that what they saw was just the surface. Can't believe the trio who often visit the red light district actually... have such saddening experiences… 

At a side, Old Wang was dripping cold sweat. Jesus, all these people’s wives have died. I better go make two more dishes to calm the atmosphere.

“What were you guys talking about just now?” Liu Bei did not wish to continue the saddening topic.

“Old Wang’s daughter is coming to Lin Hai to stay, bringing along his grandson, Ye Beibei.” Flasher Uncle was eating peanuts.

“Ye Beibei?” Cao Cao and Liu Bei were shocked and thought. A coincidence?

“Can I have a look at the photo?” Cao Cao asked.

Flasher Uncle showed them and Cao Cao was flabbergasted. It’s really Beibei! A big smile was written on Liu Bei’s face. Sun Quan whispered, “He has his own parents, alright.”

“How about asking your daughter to move to our place. The environment is good and it’s better for the kid’s health!” Cao Cao asked Old Wang who was cooking.

“It isn’t that good to trouble Lil’White and the rest, I think. But the environment is really good there...especially near that tree. It is so beneficial to humans.” Not wanting to trouble others even though he wanted so, Old Wang brought himself to reject the idea but still praised that it was a good location.

On the other hand, Liu Bei texted Ye Cang and Ye Cang called Old Wang. After a series of persuasions, Old Wang finally agreed.

“What does your daughter look like?” Cao Cao’s words instantly turned Old Wang’s face into a cold one.

“Just kidding. Just kidding…” Cao Cao quickly smiled.

In the house beside the beach, Ye Cang informed Wu Na and ThornyRose after knowing Ye Beibei was in the same world as him and he was a grandson of Old Wang’s. “Just letting you guys know that I have a distant nephew coming to stay with us.”

The two of them sighed as they had gotten used to his so-called cousins.

“It must be related to the Spiritual Tree, guards, elders and what sort again, am I right?” ThornyRose realized she was being tricked the last time.

“Nope, they are really my relatives. We share the surname ‘Ye’.” ThornyRose and Wu Na were still doubting.