B City. A random apartment.

“My dad asked us to stay at his friend’s place. The environment is very good and it’s near the sea. Besides, he mentioned that he is your distant relative with the surname Ye,” Wang Lily said to her husband while carrying Ye Beibei.

“Since when have I got any relatives? Wait, I think there is one in Lin Hai. His name is Ye Long, I think? But he passed away years ago, leaving no children behind. And this information was from my mom,” Ye Xiaoming adjusted his glasses while arranging the documents.

“I remember your ancestry leads back to the Ye Family in the Imperial Capital, if I’m not mistaken?” Wang Lily smiled.

“Gosh, those are the past. It was one of the Ten Great Families but it had turned into an ordinary one now. Not to mention, I’m just from a branch family, starting from Ye Qingcheng’s generation. I think the one in Lin Hai is the last generation of the main family and the bloodline of the private child of Ye Tianyi.” Ye Xiaoming recalled the glory of Ye Family as told by his mother.

“Oh, my dad texted me again. He said he has confirmed his plans to stay at Song Yang Coast and Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle will be there too!” Wang Lily was rest-assured as she was familiar with Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle. They watched me grow. I even counted how much pubic hair he had at his private part I think. Oh and I launched an operation to capture the elephant too.

“Oh…” Ye Xiaoming recalled the two experts. Both were the most famous gentlemen and also superstars in Lin Hai. One of them even started up his own religion. Since father-in-law had made his decision, we’ll go there and have a look.

The next day. Lin Hai Song Yang Coast Station.

Ye Cang, Old Wang, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Wu Na, Flasher Uncle, and the rest were waiting on the platform. As the floating train stopped, Liu, Sun, Cao and Huang sensed the increment and instant recovery of their spiritual energy. It’s really Beibei!

The first thing Wang Lily caught sight of after disembarking the train was her father, Old Wang. Meanwhile, Ye Beibei, in his mother’s arms shouted with his arms swinging out when he saw Cao Cao, Ye Cang and the rest. “Papa! Papa! Papa!”

“Control. Control, or else, everyone would think you’re crazy,” Sun Quan reminded him.

Ye Cang reached out his hand as he saw Ye Xiaoming, “Nice to meet you, I’m Ye Cang. Old Wang’s best friend.”

Staring at the man with white hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and pink pupils, Ye Xiaoming shook his hand. “Nice to meet you too, I’m Ye Xiaoming. Sorry to trouble you.”

“It’s okay, we are relatives after all, I perhaps?” Ye Cang smiled. 

“Ye Long is your...?” Ye Xiaoming asked.

“My grandfather.” Ye Cang was told that he was his grandmother’s partner. Grandma always mentioned him, saying that he is kind, always upholds justice but is just not good with words. She often used his personality as my role model, someone for me to learn from and I was surely affected by it. Well, at least I uphold justice like grandpa.

“Then, we are truly relatives then...but you are from the main family and I’m from the branch family,” Ye Xiaoming smiled.

“Main and branch family?” Ye Cang sweated.

ThornyRose smiled, “Oh, that Ye family? Not bad huh, Lil'Cang. Can't believe you're the last generation of the Ye main family.”

“Very strong?” Ye Cang was interested. 

“A few hundred years ago, it was the most famous one among the Ten Great Families, even stronger than Li and Ji families. There were quite a number of federal leaders who came  from the Ye clan. Everything was going fine until Ye Tianyi's attempt on amending his body almost destroyed the entire Imperial Capital. No one knows exactly the details of the incident. All we were told was that there were some internal conflicts between them and Ye Tianyi was problematic. He would rape and kill his family members by horrible means. In the end, the reputation and everything that’s got to do with the Ye family went down the drain because of him.” Ye Cang nodded at ThornyRose's explanation, “So, whose bloodline in the main family do I belong to?”

“Well, that… Ye Tianyi's child out of wedlock - Ye Di.” ThornyRose could not help but laugh at Ye Xiaoming's words. HAHA. Can't believe it's true. But speaking of it, I assume, among the direct descendants, only Ye Tianyi has a child. 

“No way! My ancestor Ye Tianyi must be a good man! I must rectify his good name and return the honor to the main family of our Ye clan!” Ye Cang felt a sense of mission and he held Little Ye Tian. “This is your duty as well!”

Little Ye Tian stunned for a second. Family?! I have a family too? Ancestors? Oh yeah, even though father is an adopted son, father’s ancestor is also my ancestor. For the honor of  the Ye family! She nodded heavily, “Got it, father.”

Ye Xiaoming looked at Little Ye Tian and then back to Ye Cang. They are father and daughter?! Well, they do look the same. Wow. Having a child at teenage? He turned to look at ThornyRose. She looks around my age too. Instantly, the title of a beautiful university girl seducing a high school boy and giving birth to a child flashed through his mind.

ThornyRose sensed Ye Xiaoming’s weird expression. He must be thinking of something weird. They surely are relatives…

Ye Cang then introduced Wu Na and ThornyRose, “These two are my fiancées.”

“Huh?! You have a child before marriage?!” Ye Xiaoming blurted out the words. Two fiancées?!

ThornyRose then understood what was on his mind, “Little Tian was adopted, I think...or it might be his ex-wife’s…”

Her words made Ye Xiaoming feel there was a great story behind it but he kept his silence as he chose to respect the privacy of others.


“These two are my brothers. Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le. Beside them are my younger cousins, Fang Ci, Fang Tong, and ColdMoon. These four are my older cousins, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Jia Xu. Over here is my uncle, Huang Zhong. Oh and my employees, AV Boy, Lil’Wang, Lil’Dino, Zhao Yifan and RedMoon. This is my apprentice, Zhao Xiangyu. There’s another one absent today. I’ll introduce him next time.” Ye Cang introduced them one by one. “Well, I perhaps you guys know who they (Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle) are.”

“Dad, are you sure it is okay to stay here?” Wang Lily got closer to Old Wang and signaled him through eye contact. Old Wang smiled, “Don’t worry. Everyone here is kind.”

Ye Cang and the others then brought the family to the manor. Staring at the lush scenery at the manor, under the embrace of the refreshing air from the sea, Wang Lily understood why her father wanted them to stay here. It was indeed beneficial for Ye Beibei’s health. Cao Cao finally asked, “What a cute child. Can I hug him?”

Wang Lily handed the child to Cao Cao and he started cheering the child up by singing. The most important thing was that Beibei seemed to like the man who looked like a gangster. Wang Lily then mumbled to her husband, “You’ve never even played with Beibei like this before.”

Ye Xiaoming smiled awkwardly.

After that, Ye Cang led them into the house, “You can pick any empty rooms you like. It’s best to pick a bigger one, of course. Just remember to wake up on time for breakfast. Apart from that, I don’t have any other requests.”

“The rental…” Before Wang Lily could finish her sentence, Ye Cang shook his head, “I’m not lacking money. So, just stay here and don’t worry.”

Ye Cang caressed Ye Beibei and he smiled. The child even welcomingly widened his arms, requesting for a hug from Ye Cang. Wang Lily handed him over.

As soon as Ye Beibei was enclasped into Ye Cang’s arms, they seemed to have an instant click. Ye Beibei climbed up to Ye Cang’s shoulder and posed as if he was holding a mini machine gun while Ye Cang made a pose of holding a gatling gun. “Du...du...dudu…dudu...du...du…”

“Nice.” Ye Cang put up his hand and Ye Beibei gave him a high five.

The parents were in total shock. Since when did my son have such a talent?

“You’re indeed the future generation of the Ye family.” Ye Cang touched Ye Beibei’s head and passed him back to Wang Lily. “Sister Li, since the child and I share such great chemistry, how about acknowledging me as his godfather?”

“Is it really okay?” Wang Lily knew that Ye Cang was the owner of the manor, a famous person in the entire East District of Lin Hai, the one who was entitled the King of Christmas War, the Devilish Gentleman and the God of Dance.

Ye Cang nodded with a smile. Ye Beibei and I were basically stuck with each other in the entire Holy Battle of Hero Spirits. Cao Cao quickly added on, “Count me in too… I like this cute little child a lot.”

Touched by Cao Cao’s sincerity, the parents agreed. Now, Ye Beibei has two godfathers. ThornyRose, on the other hand, did not understand why Ye Cang and Cao Cao liked the child that much. Even though the child is cute, with these fellas’ black-hearted personalities, it was obvious they did it on purpose.

At night, ThornyRose asked Ye Cang about Ye Beibei’s background.

“Actually, in the past, the incident of me peeing at the Spiritual Tree also dragged another person into punishment. It was Ye Beibei. He was the guardian of the tree who resisted from revealing my name and was punished because of that. Sigh. Never thought that their elders were this cruel… they actually turned Beibei into… sigh... “ Ye Cang sounded guilty and sorrowful. ThornyRose seemed to be touched, “Never knew that Beibei was a person who values relationships that much…”

Wu Na was speechless. Hey, you actually believed it?! WTF?!