The Ravine of Death. The army had started moving.

“The Great Wasteland is ahead of us! Soldiers, for peace, march into the Great Wasteland!” Ye Cang pulled out his cooking knife and pointed at the Great Wasteland. The scout team was ahead of the main troop. Ye Cang named the troop as The Alliance of Disaster Elimination. He was at the center of the troop, protected by Makarlo, Shacily Muse, Agaloss, Saintess - Verali, Fandair the Dragon Soul, Lord Bearbear and Maru Naya.

The sight of Verali’s unstoppable action of chewing drumsticks reminded Makarlo of the night before at the shrine.

“I say, we should have a saintess in our Goddess Association. Almost every force has their own saintess. Look at the Church, the Dark Shrine, the Steel Empire and even the Ritualist Association…” Ye Cang was punishing Aymuss who did not follow the script. He asked her to get down to her knees and sat on her with his leg crossed. Shacily Muse and Agaloss who were standing beside were terrified to the extent that they dared not turn their head over to see the situation while Lord Bearbear was already hiding behind a pillar, trembling. This man is super scary.

“My Great Sage, who do you wish to nominate?” Mallow was jealous of Ayuss who could be treated as a chair. 

“The person must be more beautiful and powerful than the rest. Best if she could represent the beautiful Goddess Association…” Shacily Muse pondered after hearing what Ye Cang said. Is it going to be me again? The goddesses also looked at Shacily Muse as she was one of the most beautiful women acknowledged by the public.

“And so, I decided to nominate Verali to be the saintess…” Ye Cang’s words stunned the goddesses and they looked at Verali who was swallowing the stew in the bucket.

“Why?” Assenroche was concerned and Ye Cang dragged Verali to Lonass’ side. “Is she more beautiful than usual?”

The goddesses nodded gradually. Aymuss who was on her knees did not forget to compliment Ye Cang, “The Great Sage sure has a unique eyesight, resembling the Lord of Logic and Truth…”

The five goddesses stared at her with a poker face. Shameless bitch!

Ye Cang seemed to like the compliment a lot and helped her to get up, brushing the dust on her butt. “Alright, that was just a light punishment. Go back there now.”

“Verali!” Ye Cang shouted.

“What’s the matter, mayor?” Verali started eating the vegetables from the other bucket.

“From today, you are not only my personal guard but also the saintess of Goddess City,” Ye Cang said in a serious tone.

“Am I getting more food?” Verali knew nothing about being a saintess but she knew that an increase in the amount of food was good.

“Of course, I will double up the amount of food for you. You get to eat during the day and night and even during your sleep! As long as you want to, there will always be enough meat and vegetables for you!” Ye Cang liked this employee the most. Even though she ate a lot, she did a lot of work too. During the day, she was rented out to the fellas from the War God Temple to be a practice partner. Those people were beaten up real bad by her and still had to pay for it by the hour. The only people whom she could not defeat were the three Great Martial Art Saints but the saints were afraid of her unseal bloodline.

“Since you're our saintess, this is a gift for you.” Assenroche shot an arcane orb into Verali's body. An Eye of Arcane appeared and glowed on Verali's forehead and then disappeared. Mallow made a flower crown with vines for her; Jam casted flowers on the crown and put it on her head. Aymuss and Lonass granted her one of the skills of Double Moon Knight. Lastly, Anya gave her a droplet of her wild blood. 

With a super loose dress, a flower crown on the head, beads, and a chubby appearance, Verali was easily satisfied. Her power was so strong that a simple jump could shake the entire shrine. Happily, she sat down and started eating another bucket of fruits. 

Makarlo came back to his senses and looked at the other saintesses and back to the saintess beside him who shared a random creature's penis with him. He sighed. Well, at least she is the strongest among the saintesses. I don’t think there is anyone who can get zero injuries in a one-on-one combat with her. The swollen patch on SkyConquer Martial Arts Saint - Ryance’s head is still there. The most interesting part of this girl is that her skin is so thick that a holy weapon could barely cut through the layers of fats. There was once she came to my place to steal the fruits Great Sage ordered me to plant. I tried to poke her with Golden Rose when she was asleep but I could only get through the surface of her skin and not the fats. And not to mention, she didn’t even feel a thing.

Sitting on a sofa carried by Verali on her back, Ye Cang casually tossed her a boss ranked grilled bear meat. She sniffed it and chewed it with much contentment. Along the way, she had been eating various penis, limbs, wings, etc. ThornyRose looked at him from below. I feel like we are the evil force. Judging from this fella’s act, he would first control the goddesses, then conquer the entire mainland and force everyone including the gods to eat the torturing stuff he made. At the very least, the people from Disaster would not harm their own kind and would just turn everyone into spirits, forming their Dark World if they win the war. But this fella is the total opposite. If he ever wins, I don’t think anyone or anything could run away from him, whether you are dead, alive or even an elemental spirit.

Of course, ThornyRose’s thoughts were exaggerated. But promoting his cooking to all over the world was part of Ye Cang’s plan as it was his wish to bring joy to everyone.

As they were getting closer to the Great Wasteland, the temperature was soaring. The rays of the scorching sun stung through the layers of their skins. Water instantly evaporated. Shaneley reminded everyone that they must conserve water and only hydrate themselves when necessary. Don’t know how much longer until we find the next oasis! Because even if we discover one in the outer region, it might dry up before we can reach it.

In Jam’s shrine at the Ravine of Death, Jam saw Ye Cang and the troop getting further and further. She made a decision in her heart. She came back to the garden in Goddess City, held the tiny sapling in her hands, and called for Mallow and Anya.

“I wish to give the Great Sage a present…” Jam smiled. Seeing the plant in her hands, Mallow understood her intention. “Count me in. Anya, release your blood.”

“Releasing my blood again?! I feel like I have been bleeding all these while.” Anya complained but still cut a small wound on her hand. Mallow transferred her power of nature into the sapling and blood while Jam started catalysing its growth. It was just like the scene in the magic bean story, the sapling started to grow at a rapid pace. In a blink of an eye, a massive tree grew from below the cliff at the back of the shrine. Assenroche looked over. The World Tree?! Jam's power is truly scary… But she also noticed that all Jam's beloved flowers had wilted. Looks like she is indeed determined. Everyone knows her love for flowers and she now uses the energy of flowers to nurture the tree. 

Cefier Lysses suddenly turned around to look at the direction of Goddess City and Makarlo put on a glad smile on his face. The rest of the troop saw a massive tree growing bigger and taller at Black Peak Mountain. It shot right into the clouds. Ye Cang’s sofa was coincidentally facing the back, “What are those three bitches doing again? It better be something good or else, don’t think I’ll let them off…”

Makarlo sighed at Ye Cang’s mumble and told him, “President, that’s the World Tree. With its protection, Black Peak Mountain will stand forever like Ajasnar and it’s the barrier of the north too.”

Makarlo spoke slightly louder on purpose so Cefier Lysses could hear what he said. Her face immediately looked awful. The holy place, Ajasnar had been guarded by her all these while. The sudden appearance, no, the guaranteed appearance of a new holy place is harmful to the Goddess of Life. But I’m in an alliance now, I can’t turn against him. All I could hope for is that the Goddess of Life can teach her three daughters a lesson when she is awakened.

Eric knew his chance of overthrowing the throne had arrived.

Shinar and the Elder Price also felt a sense of unknown danger as they frowned at Ye Cang who was leisurely reading a book on the sofa.

The growth of the tree did not stop. The branches, crown and vines were like an uncontrollable  flood, swarming every corner of the mountain. All the beasts and creatures roared at once. The entire Black Peak Mountain had turned into a wonderful haven.

“Great Sage, please bestow a name,” Makarlo spoke in a respectful manner.

Knowing that he was being serious, Ye Cang replied politely, “Since it is your seed, you will be the one to name it, Shakerlogass.”

Makarlo was shocked that Ye Cang would ask him to name the tree and addressed him by his holy surname. Staring at the massive tree, he said, “Jam Luency.”

“Jam’s glory…” Cefier Lysses stared at Makarlo. I knew that it was him who grew the seed of the World Tree. Can’t believe I’ve missed the chance to recruit the world’s best plant mage. With a deep sigh, she continued the journey.

Cailon smiled bitterly. Even the World Tree is out. Is the north trying to stay independent? Crane and Azshara pondered. Yes, we are on the right side. Crane was fantasizing. I was the one who granted him the title ‘earl’ and I’ve been letting him get through the backdoor many times. Hehe. Spending my retired years on the World Tree. That’s a great plan. Meanwhile, Azshara was thinking. Even we, the half-elves have the blessings of the World Tree? He quickly put his palms together and mouthed the words, “Alukas, roccas, alona, donenar…”

Shaneley sighed. There were a few occasions where humans and living beings retreated to the World Tree for a counter-attack. Ajasnar is a predetermined place, as agreed by all forces. No one could attempt in conquering it no matter what. Looks like this Jam Luency is going to use this condition as well. Yet, that’s not the key point. The World Tree is important because of its protection and shelter due to the enormous amount of holy powers. It is never easy for a place to get the blessings of the tree. Even the demons, disasters and dragon tribe couldn’t get past Ajasnar’s barrier. But having the World Tree here is a good thing for humans and other beings as we have an additional shelter. Besides, Black Peak Mountain is not a place one can easily attack but the people staying there can still easily defend.