Shaneley looked at Cailon. Guess that you were wrong in the beginning. This brat is not someone who is willing to be under someone. Looks like your north border has a new owner already but I don't think this brat will allow me to get past Black Peak Mountain and attack the south. Besides, attacking the Black Peak Mountain is something with great difficulty. Its landscape is not advantageous to the attacker and there is a shrine and a one-eyed ogre guarding this place. 

The amazing sight of the World Tree lifted up the spirits of the entire troop. The branches of the tree provided a shelter for the troop as if it was sending them off. After turning back to look at the tree with much respect, they continued to follow the mark left by the scout team. 

Sagain looked at Ye Cang. How will he use the World Tree to his advantage? Youdiss was even determined that her bet on Ye Cang was the right choice. 

After five to six days of following the trail of the scout team, they finally arrived at the first marked location. Yet, the troop was disappointed because it was an abandoned oasis where only a few ceramic houses were left. Even though the troop had sufficient supply of water, it was only for a week's supply. They must solve the water supply problem and find an oasis as soon as possible so as to build a replenish station for the airship from Goddess City to arrive. Running out of water supply would definitely dampen the army's spirits. The sun on the top of their heads signified that it was almost noon. Shaneley asked the troop to take a rest and continue the journey at night. It was more accurate to determine the direction according to the marks given by the scout team since those marks were drawn and shown according to the night sky and stars. 

Ye Cang then came into a ceramic house and his sharp eyes noticed a ceramic can. He looked around and there was no one there. He touched a treasure pocket as he put his hand in. It felt heavy. However, the weight disappeared as soon as he opened the pocket. It was totally empty. No matter how hard he shook it, nothing dropped out, not even a single speck of dust. Frustrated, he threw it back in and went to look for another hidden treasure spot. Shacily Muse and the rest let their guards down as Ye Cang was just wandering within their vision. Not feeling comfortable in the humid weather, she quickly used some water to moisturise her face.

Ye Cang went into another ceramic ruin and lifted a roof tile. Oh, a money pocket! When he picked it up, he could feel the weight of at least a few dozen gold coins. Yet, as he opened it, he found to his surprise that it was empty. Suddenly, Lin Le’s voice was heard. “I found a treasure chest! There is a lot of equipment and money inside!”

“Oh, so everything is kept in there! Feels like the people here are so dumb. Don’t they know that treasures should be separated and stored at different places? How can they just store everything in one place? If it gets discovered, everything is gone.” Ye Cang put the pocket bag back underneath the roof and continued to look for good treasure. The talent of Sean’s Adventure Will told him that there was something beneath the ground. Shacily Muse sensed danger and Agaloss turned around to see Ye Cang not in sight. “Where’s the Great Sage?!”

“Help!” Everyone saw an armored black sand bug which was almost a hundred meters tall dashing out of the sand, holding Ye Cang at its mouth, “What are you people staring at?! Save me!”

A moonlight flashed and the bug’s head gradually fell onto the ground. Shacily Muse saw the sand in the surrounding start to rumble. “Be careful! It’s a bug swarm!”

“The sons of Steel! Here comes our dinner!” Shaneley shouted with a great smile and pulled out his Soul-Cracking War Axe. “Charge!”

Wind Fist tossed out his Hammer of Storm and set all the bugs along its path in flames. With a swing of her hand, Youdiss sent a sky full of dark arrows down. Meanwhile, Balcon led his army to charge in the other direction. Cailon shouted with his sword held high, “Warriors of the Planetary, show the weak Steel our greatest!”

However, the bugs came waves after waves as if there was a bug-producing machine working tirelessly. The sandy ground was still endlessly rumbling. The entire abandoned oasis had been painted in red and was full of corpses. Flame Emperor, LordAsked and the rest were earning contributions with the players team. Even though they were core members, they needed at least ten players to fight an elite sand bug. With the number of bugs increasing, it was energy-draining for the players. Fortunately, Zhang Zhengxiong’s aura was able to relieve the burden. In addition, Ye Cang’s team tactics abilities were in effect. They were effective to the NPCs too. Ryance and the rest looked at Ye Cang, realizing that this chief-in-command was not that useless after all. With all the team tactics Ye Cang had, the entire army was as strong as being injected with steroids.

Sagain was bothered. He actually mastered so many team buff skills?!

Corpses of the bugs were plaguing each and every corner and the ground had gradually stopped shaking. However, Ryance could still sense something underneath. “Be careful! Here comes the big ones!”

“Boom!” Six gigantic bugs that were as tall as sky pillars darted out from the sand, surrounding the abandoned oasis in a hexagram. They spat out greenish acid and the acid was overflowing like a tsunami. Wherever the acid flowed through, the rocks turned into liquid and the corpses were dissolved. Ye Cang mumbled with a heartache, “The food for the army is gone! I can feed Verali for so many days with those!”

“......” Everyone was speechless.

They knew how dangerous the incoming acid flood was. Hence, the saintesses from the Steel Empire - Ghanar and Church - Fenna established a steel and light barrier to block away the acid. Everyone was being trapped in an enormous and transparent cube. Hearing that her food was gone, anger got the better of Verali. “Let me out! I'm going to beat the shit out of them!

“You can’t go out now. There are two barriers isolating us from the outside…” Makarlo looked at the EmptyHanded - Bane and Master of Gangster - Yainsha as they stood out. “My brother and I will only finish two. The others are none of our concern.”

“But can they go out?” Ye Cang asked.

“The Null Realm and Forceful Entrance are their talents. But of course,  SkyConquer and SkyCracking Martial Arts Saints can go out too.” Makarlo knew them well. Barriers were useless to the two siblings. One could sneak over without being noticed and the other could forcefully walk in and out of the barrier like a ghost that could drift through thick concrete walls. Swiftly, Bane blinked out of the barrier and Yainsha dashed out of it. They launched a continuous attack on the bugs without hesitation. As the bugs shot the acid at them, Bane pulled out a small dagger and his body somewhat merged with the acid. He followed the flow of the acid into its mouth and popped out from the back of its head, holding a gigantic crystal in his hand. “Brother! This is valuable!”

“When they come back, tell them that this thing has to be confiscated. Well, it’s better to have rules…” Ye Cang reminded Makarlo.

“......” Makarlo looked at Ye Cang who was pretending to be staring at somewhere else.

Yainsha dodged the shots at lightning’s speed and pulled out his sword at the incoming acid. The slab of acid was sliced into halves and he bombarded the bug’s head. His battle style was fierce and cruel. Even though his body was full of acid, the eroded flesh instantly healed themselves automatically.

Meanwhile, Ryance’s body flickered and he shifted into the dimension outside. With his roaring qi energy, he jumped up the sky and killed one of the creatures. Dion walked out of the barrier with shadow and killed another one. There were only two bugs left and their acids were not enough to cover the entire oasis. Hence, Fenna removed her barrier, leaving only Ghanar’s steel barrier. Shaneley dashed out and killed the remaining ones with Ryance’s help. In the end, Ghanar also lifted the barrier.

Staring at the headless pillars, Zhang Zhengxiong mumbled, “Are they this weak? Is there a bigger one coming?”

ThornyRose, LordAsked, Lin Le, CloudDragon, Fang Ci and SpyingBlade glared at him, “Shut up!”

Yet, it was too late. The ground quaked heavily as if the whole world was shaking. The vibration turned the sand into quicksand. Everyone tried to keep themselves afloat while the ice elemental mages tried their best to freeze the sand. Lu Jiaxi unleashed a magic circle and the entire place was covered with an uneven coat of ice.