On the eleventh day, the troop’s supply of water was completely exhausted. In order to maintain their spirits, all mages tried to cast water elemental spells for extra water but it was not easy to cast such spells in a desert as only elite mages and those ranked above that were able to do so. The amount of water was only sufficient for a day or two. On the twelfth day, they were told to head west again and that truly dampened the troop's spirit. They were completely fed up when they had to head east on the thirteenth day. Everyone gradually took out their crystals for Ye Cang to melt them into water and the mages had no mana to cast any spells. They barely survived another day. The instructions were  to head west again the next day and even Sagain could not withstand it anymore. It was the very first time that he felt so helpless and was thinking whether he should use God's Word Spell to send the people from the holy church back home. 

In the end, under Ye Cang’s suggestions, the crystal on the Light Staff was also used to be melted into water. Not to mention the crystal on Lu Jiaxi's staff. Everyone who ever had crystals had to contribute to supply the team with water. Together with the blood in the handcart, they managed to survive another two days. They were ordered to head south again on the seventeenth day and the troop had run out of energy. The players' health points were not recovering themselves anymore as they did not have water for replenishment. Their Constitution had dropped massively and most of them had negative statuses, putting them in a life threatening situation. 

Seeing the saintess - Fenna at the edge of death, Sagain took out the holy text and prepared to leave. If he did not, they would all die. Even though there was insufficient water, Ye Cang was still calmly drinking his tea. Makarlo's eyes were so dry as if they were about to crack. His saliva was dripping as he stared at the cup of tea in Ye Cang’s hand. “President, why don't we head back since you have the holy sanctuary skill that can bring us home…”

“Alright then.” Ye Cang had also planned on using the skill to bring the elders away. As long as these people don't die, the Goddess Association will not have to suffer from a great loss. As for those people like ThornyRose, Flame Emperor and others, well, their deaths are worthless. They can return to the city no matter how many times they die. 

“There's still a way which is to sacrifice some of the people and use their blood to maintain our lives,” Youdiss could only mutter weakly. She could not move anymore under the scorching heat and her mana had been depleting. If she had not used her skill, Dark Sky, she would not have survived this long. 

At the moment when everyone was in despair and Ye Cang was singing the verse, Ryance shouted from the other end of the sand hill, “Oasis! I saw Ranger Linda’s signalling arrow!!”

Filled with immense hope, everyone sprinted towards the direction where the oasis was. Even though Verali was not hungry, she was in dire need of water. A mini sandstorm was created as she ran. Ye Cang quickly got himself covered from the sand. The oasis was filled with green fields and there was a huge pond in the middle. Linda was waving at them with her huge tits swaying up and down. At that very moment, she looked like a true goddess - one who brought life to everyone. Without any hesitation, Verali jumped into the pond and water splashed everywhere. Ye Cang also went deep into the pond to replenish himself. Everyone could see him swimming like a fish in the crystal clear water. Gosh, this fella’s water abilities are indifferent from the fishman. No wonder he is the Great Shaman of the fishman tribe.

Soon, Ye Cang disappeared from everyone’s sight as he went deeper. Shacily Muse was shocked. I must not lose sight of the mayor! What if he encounters any danger?! She then jumped into the pond and turned into a glimpse of moonlight, following from behind Ye Cang. The depth of the pond gave Ye Cang a surprise. I think it is at least a few hundred meters, if I’m not wrong? There were many types of fish too. The sand at the bottom of the water caught his attention as he saw signs of life. He then identified it.

Dragon Turtle - Hao (Legendary creature - Great Wasteland - Enormous - Special Field Boss): In the Great Wasteland, a myth had said that there was a creature that carries the body of an oasis itself and the dragon turtle is that legendary creature who wanders around the Great Wasteland in search of water. Upon discovering water under the ground or a steady water source, it will stop and hibernate for a long time. Its body is so enormous that a gigantic dragon even looks like a baby in front of it. Its scale and shell are one of the hardest and most shock absorbent materials in the world. Even the gods have a hard time harming it. Once it gets angry, the consequences will be unbearable. Usually, this creature doesn’t pose much danger as its attacks are weak. No parts are consumable at the moment.

Godly beast?! Even the gods can’t hurt it. Well, it’s no fun. Let’s head back. Ye Cang swam back to the surface.

After returning to land, Ye Cang saw the camping tents were built and many were working together to fix a place for the resupply station. He then told everyone about the dragon turtle like a children story-teller.

“Oh, I thought the myth was a fake one. Well, don’t bother about it. It’s the same as Geisel in the Endless Swamp. As long as you don’t attack it on purpose, it won’t disturb you. Besides, it can be an advantage for us to camp here. If the Disaster really attacks us here, they might need to be careful too. ‘Even the gods can’t harm this thing,’” Sephirons laughed with his skeleton voice.

“Before the Fall of the Gods, the Titan King of Gods - SkyRage had nine sons and Geisel was one of them. But due to an unforgivable crime, he was punished by the King of Gods to be grounded in the Great Wasteland forever.” Sagain was telling a story from the Holy Church literature.

“What kind of crime was that?”

“The crime of killing his mother.” Youdiss felt she was as if a few hundred years younger after replenishing and nourishing her skin with water. Caressing her smooth face, she said, “But our story is different from the bald man. In the Literature of Dark, it was a set up by the third son, Hao. They shared the same mother but Geisel, as the younger brother, had overwhelming god strength. Hao was jealous and that bubbled up to hatred which made him kill their mother and frame Geisel for that. Hence, SkyRage cursed Geisel to be banished in the Endless Swamp forever. To be precise, the place was known as Endless Swamp because of him. Even though Hao was exposed in the end, SkyRage had no way of turning Geisel back. Thinking of his pitiful son wandering in the Endless Swamp, he turned Hao into a turtle and banished him to a place without water, and the Great Wasteland was where that was.”

Youdiss massaged her neck as she continued, “Our literature had records of every detail about SkyRage and his nine sons. They didn’t end well. Among the nine sons, he had cursed five and accidentally killed two and the other two were one of the main culprits for the Fall of the Gods. In order to dethrone their father, the two sons surrendered to the God of All Evil and caused the fall of the Titan Gods. At the same time, new gods were born. They were the elemental spirits and the other gods from the same source. They completely replaced the Titan Gods and defeated the Gods of All Evil, the Demonic God tribe, the Void Angel and other evil forces. If you’re interested, you can always come to the Dark Shrine for a visit. You can read all the literature you want and I’ll welcome you with open arms...”

“Alright, we’ll talk about it when we return,” Ye Cang nodded to acknowledge Youdiss.

On the other hand, Cefier Lysses was relieved. To the elves, staying in the dessert was a torture to their souls. Luckily, the oasis appeared just in time or else she would have to resort to using the Life Will.

Due to the well-built city defense in the east, Eric who got the liking of Ye Cang was assigned to be one of the logistic managers and had real power. This made Shinar and the eldest prince jealous. They tried to make his life difficult but were stopped by Ye Cang. Meanwhile, knowing the importance of water, Ye Cang started filling up his chef tool - Big Volume Water Pipe. Instantly, the water level of the pond had dropped a few dozen meters. Staring at that tool, Sagain asked, “That thing has such a great storing ability?! Why didn’t you fill it up when you left the city?!”

“I forgot about it. Usually, I store crystal water inside. But this time I feel it's more practical to fill it full.” Though Ye Cang did not feel the danger of lacking water, seeing the others almost dying made him scared.

Lin Le dozed off when he was fishing and that prompted Ye Cang to take a look at the box but he was stopped by a group of people. Without any choice, he went into his chief-in-command room to teach Shacily Muse how to squeeze her breast to enlarge it and that totally aroused Makarlo who was watching at the side. He quickly pretended to filter some seeds. Agaloss was resting with his eyes closed and his mind was full of Assenroche’s orders. Lord Bearbear was gathering as much water as possible with its jar. Planning to make himself some tea, Fandair extracted a drop of honey from the Jade Tree. Lord Bearbear was mad at the sight of that. That’s my honey...Mine...Mine...You thief...

“Wow, this honey looks nice. Bet Verali likes it if I brush it on grilled meat.” Ye Cang’s words jolted Verali. “Like, like!”

“Lil’Bear has a lot,” Fandair said and Ye Cang smiled at Lord Bearbear.

Reluctantly, Lord Bearbear took out a bottle from his pocket on his stomach but Ye Cang kept the smile on his face. “That’s too stingy of you. We are all believers of the shrine, we must have the spirit of contributing.”

“Oh…” Lord Bearbear took out another three bottles with trembling hands and Ye Cang shook his head, “You’re not obedient…”

Ye Cang then started polishing his knife, “Old Fan, help me hold him later when I rip its skin alive…”

Hearing the sound of polishing knives, Verali jumped up, “Are we going to eat the bear?! I want the soup made from its bones!”

Lord Bearbear quickly emptied its pocket. Dozens of bottles of honey were taken out and it stared at Ye Cang with wobbly eyes, “That’s all I have…”

“Elder Bear is indeed the ambassador of lucky charm of the Goddess Association! This spirit must be praised!” Ye Cang kept all the honey away and returned him one as a prize.

Makarlo and Shacily Muse felt the cruelty in him...