Ye Cang asked Makarlo, “What do you think of building a city here? The water supply seems sufficient.”

“Sure,” Agaloss answered. “Underneath where we are standing is the main branch of the underground water source. This branch is near to the source and it is in a straight line. If we were to evaluate it with the conditions to build a city in the Great Wasteland, this is the best spot. I’m guessing that the Dragon Turtle - Hao had dug a hole from the main branch. Great Sage, if you noticed, the water level rose immediately right after you sucked away the water. This affirms my prediction.”

“If we are about to build a city, I can plant some plants that store water. They act as a catchment that prevents water from flowing away. It’s even better to have a barrier that blocks sandstorm and some heat as well,” Makarlo suggested.

“Alright, it’s decided then. This is our Goddess City’s territory. What should I name it as…” Ye Cang looked at the elders.

“Camuse.” Makarlo suggested, “The shape of the pond looks like a drop of tears.”

“Camuse, the Tears of Goddesses?” Ye Cang nodded. Not bad. I originally wanted to name it Turtle City. 

The ordinary war meeting.

The leaders who had replenished enough water gathered at Ye Cang’s tent.

“Before the meeting commences, I have good news to announce. We, the Goddess Association has decided to build a city here for the goddesses to have a place in the Great Wasteland. You guys should be fine with it, right?” Ye Cang smiled.

“Trying to conquer territories?” Shinar smirked.

“That’s rude. Verali, get her out of here…” Ye Cang’s wide smile was obvious on his face, waiting for Cefier Lysses’ reaction.

“Shinar! Get out!” Cefier Lysses shouted before Verali could do anything. If she was to be dragged out by the saintess from the Goddess Association, the Life Shrine would be ashamed. This fella purely wants to test me out.

Ye Cang did not say anything further and continued to smile with his hands holding the layout of the landscape. “Since everyone has no objections on this, then it is decided. Besides, it is also beneficial to the alliance. You all have a place to stay if you ever come back to the Great Wasteland again. Also, Black Peak Mountain is near to this place.”

The others did not raise any objections as its remote location made it too strenuous for them to control it. On top of that, it was almost impossible to go around the Black Peak Mountain to come here. They did not have any spare time for this place as they could not even handle the matters within their own nation.

Sagain was concerned with Ye Cang’s intention. He has his own base in the Endless Swamp and the Great Wasteland. The north border, south… Maybe I’m overthinking...

“Let’s start our war meeting,” Shaneley skipped the topic anyway.

“I think we should still stick with having our scout team scanning around the place to secure the location of an oasis. Once they notice the enemies' location or their bases, inform us immediately,” Sephirons’s suggestions were agreed by consensus.

“I share the same thought too. The project of establishing a place for the army here is our top priority. We should wait for the flying ship to send us supplies so at the moment, we can have our scout team to look around. I heard the adventurers say they might encounter some dead spirits wandering around at times. We might get some clues from them. Chief-in-command PaleSnow, this suggestion came from the adventurers on your side. It’s better for them to follow up.”

Ye Cang handed the mission to Lele, Zhang Zhengxiong, CloudDragon and the rest. Little Ye Tian did not follow them because she needed to draw the layout and research on new engineering techniques. She also had to have meetings with a few labor forces regarding the developments in the oasis.

Ye Cang felt bored as he had lost his interest in killing monsters to level up. His experience level would increase by itself from time to time and he could just confiscate whatever equipment and materials the others obtained from their own training. As a result, he impounded an umbrella, came to the pond and laid in his beach lounger while enjoying his iced tea. Shacily Muse sensed a lot of unfriendly looks from the others. Hey mayor, is it really good for you to show your true self this soon?

“Enjoying yourself huh, mayor PaleSnow,” Youdiss came over.

“No choice, it’s tiring handling the office documents. I need some time to relax,” Ye Cang replied.

“......” Youdiss was speechless. I’ve never seen you handling any paperwork before. You’re basically just doing some nonsensical stuff.

“Lil’Honey, bring the Majesty Youdiss a cup of iced beverage and a beach chair,” Ye Cang ordered. Even though Shacily Muse disliked Youdiss, she still brought her the daybed and some drinks.

Youdiss tried to lay down like Ye Cang after taking a sip of iced tea. Her mind instantly went blank. Staring at the warming sun, it was time for indulgence and relaxation. So comfortable...

“What are you aiming for?” Youdiss mumbled.

Ye Cang pointed at the sky.

“I see. I’ll stand by your side but I expect some benefits in return. I’m not the same as your half-elf friends,” Youdiss’ eyes were fixated at Ye Cang.

“Deal.” Ye Cang knew that she was referring to the leader of the Flame Tower - Jaysus. He then had a toast with Youdiss. Is he trying to become a god? This man is surely ambitious but I like such recklessness. He might really have the ability to do so. Destroying the hibernation of the Ultimate Princess will bring quite an impact to the Dark Shrine. Sigh. Yet, the impact isn’t that great compared to the elves...

Shaneley saw the two of them coming to an agreement. Youdiss was wearing a high-cut black robe and the white legs of hers were like a bright shining moon in the night sky. This lady is still that seductive. I remember that she behaved this way when I followed father to the Dark Shrine for her coronation. She is still the same after a few hundred years. Even though she calls Sagain an old man, I’m afraid Sagain is even younger than her. Unlike Sagain who is fond of travelling, she usually stays in her shrine unless there’s a sizable event. If I’m not mistaken, she shares the same era with SkyCracking Martial Arts Saint because they once sealed away the demonic pillar. They are on good terms with each other.

“In order to prove my sincerity, I assign my saintess - Laisy as the elder of the Goddess Association,” Youdiss’ words shocked Shacily Muse. This was because a saintess was usually the representative of the shrine. Her action is basically telling everyone that the Dark Shrine has joined alliances with the Goddess Association. The price of this action is heavy. If she ever breaks her promises, the god’s reputation will then be damaged. She would have serious consequences if the gods got mad. Of course, this doesn’t apply to our Goddess Association. The Great Sage is ranked higher than the goddesses. Upon thinking about it, she sighed.

“Alright, we are done with work. Let’s take a rest and talk about something else. Do you want to learn how to cook from me...” Ye Cang smiled. 

“Well, this topic is too much. Do you have a thing with Minox?” Youdiss smirked.

“Nope, there’s no such thing. It’s just her liking my appearance and my utmost personality. Don’t you overthink. Admiring me is a normal thing. If you feel the same, there’s no need to be shy and hide it from me.” Ye Cang’s serious reply left Youdiss unsure of how to continue the conversation.