The first floor of the Abyss Maze was a big graveyard. Zombies, skeletons and spirits were all over the place but they were not strong, at least, to this three-men team. Ye Cang was chasing and knocking the skeletons with his pot and ladle while Huang Zhong slashed madly at them. Jia Xu, on the other hand, was healing Ye Cang and killed a spirit with an iced arrow piercing through its blurry figure.

After killing three skeletons, one spirit and two zombies, they had reached their limit and badly needed a break. Ye Cang used the altar to chop the bones and zombies into pieces and cooked them with the underground fountain. Finishing it with a sprinkle of some sceptre residue and vegetables, he was done preparing the food. The entire process was smooth thanks to his experience from doing it multiple times before. The other teams who passed by felt the uncomfort when they saw the pot of food. We better stay away from this team.

Huang Zhong picked up the smell of the malodorous odor and looked at the food buff. Dark resistance?! I heard that it is required when fighting some of the bosses. This food also provides us minimal health and mana recovery and most undeads will automatically not attack us. Enduring the disgusting taste, he drank a bowl. The feeling instantly surged through his body and tears broke out from the corner of his eyes. Jia Xu also forced himself to finish a bowl while Ye Cang was the only one who was calm. “Hmm…a little not tasty but we don’t have a choice, these are all the ingredients we have.”

A little not tasty?! You call this ‘a little not tasty’?! Then what’s ‘really not tasty’ to you?! Huang Zhong was speechless.

Suddenly, a light glowed from the altar and a wedding song with an ironic saddening pace was heard. The altar was split into halves and a zombie bride wearing a wedding dress climbed out. She was sexy. Even though her face was more or less broken, her beauty could still be vaguely visible. Her skin was pale and her lips were dark red in color. A few parts of her body were not spared from rotting.

“Old Huang! This is the Demon Lady! The super rare species on the first floor - Zombie Bride! God is good to us! We’ve finally met the Demon Lady… Don’t fight with me, this lady is mine…” Jia Xu smirked.

“F*ck off! Don’t you know how to respect the elders?! Little do you know, actually, when it comes to dead ladies, I have…. Hehe…” Huang Zhong’s words made Ye Cang sweat. What on earth have you learned from our world...gender fetish?! “What a small breast. Just kill her and I’ll cook you guys a good meal.”

“Here she comes! Be careful!” Jia Xu reminded them.

 Ye Cang backed off to dodge the kick and grabbed his pot to smash her face. That hit from Ye Cang totally stunned her and he quickly continued to slam it. Huang Zhong sweated, “Wow, her face is titled already. Don’t be too harsh...”

Even though the zombie bride was stunned, she managed to scratch Ye Cang’s headband on the arm, leaving a long bloody wound. Seeing another hand coming at him, Ye Cang wanted to dodge but was paralyzed. Oh no! A painful sensation was felt on his face. The three-finger scratch slapped Ye Cang away. She dropped low and prepared to dash at Ye Cang again. However, Huang Zhong took this opportunity to send her a kick. “Holy Magic Kick!”

She was sent to the altar and Ye Cang climbed up as the paralyzation effect had worn off. “God damn it, looks like you just want me to marinate you into sausages...The face of a Magical Girl…ishh...I mean my face. How dare you touch my face! I’ll show you what a kung-fu dish is!”

He placed the pot on the fire and brushed it with the excess zombie oil on the ladle he used to hit the bride’s face. After heating the pot and ladle until they were scorching hot, he dashed at her. Jia Xu sent an iced arrow right into her body, slowing down her movements. Yet, he started to back off. Ye Cang stared at him. What the hell! This fella never went head on even though he has his spear and sword in his hands. I’m the one always dashing at the enemies.

With an uppercut, Huang Zhong knocked the bride into mid-air and started casting the only spell he knew. Small Fireball Spell. Although its damage was insignificant, that was enough to let him think it was cool. The hot pot smacked her from the back, burning the bride. The sizzling sound from the oil excreted from the zombie satisfied Ye Cang. He moved the ladle from the top all the way down to her private part. Huang Zhong and Jia Xu pitied her. Yet, Huang Zhong still sent a fireball at her private part and Jia Xu shot an arrow there too. Knowing that the bride was about to die, Huang Zhong shouted, “Brother Lil’White, keep her alive! Even if we don’t keep her as a pet, we can sell her to others and get ourselves a new set of equipment… That way, you can change a better set of cooking utensils too…”

Ye Cang was tempted and stopped attacking her with the pot. Staring at her wedding gown, Ye Cang pondered. The face is already burnt but not the gown? It’s quite durable, isn’t it? Jia Xu then took out a sealing scroll to seal her away. “Wow, we are surely lucky. The probability of a successful sealing isn’t that high.”

Ye Cang once again enhanced his Constitution as he leveled up. Just then, a treasure chest appeared on the altar. Ye Cang dashed with all his might but was not faster than Huang Zhong who was standing beside the chest. 

“Wow, we got some equipment and skill books here.” Huang Zhong took out two skill books and two elite equipment, a round shield with beautiful patterns and a white mage robe. Huang Zhong took the robe. Originally, Jia Xu wanted the shield but he let Ye Cang have it instead since he rarely used it. Well, it’s a waste. The shield is quite beautiful, at least better than what I’m using. If I were to equip it, it will definitely match with my wise look.

The three of them continued to wander around and Ye Cang asked Jia Xu, “I heard that you are now a barney in the East District.”

“Barney? Well, can you respect my profession? At least show some respect in front of me. It’s called a police officer. I’m currently a probationer. But I managed to solve a big case yesterday. It’s about the Savior’s base or something. I thought I was about to be promoted to be the Senior Inspector of Police but then I realized I couldn’t be promoted three ranks at once. So, I’m waiting for the official notice and I’ll be in Team B of the Anti-Evil Department of the Moon Mirror branch.” Jia Xu was proud of himself.

“I thought the Anti-Evil Team has to work at night?” Huang Zhong was knowledgeable since he had been here for quite a period of time.

“I don’t want to…” Jia Xu replied righteously. “I’m not Zhuge Liang. I don’t work day and night and die because of overworking. We must have a work-life balance. Besides, I’m trying to make a living, not trying to sell my life. As long as I fulfil my responsibilities, I should just rest and leave my mind empty during break time.”

Ye Cang agreed with him after some thought. Old Jia’s words are always logical. “Are those people fighting...a boss there?”

“Yeap, the rare boss of the first floor. The Acid Zombie Beast. Let’s go! Kill them and get the rewards…” Jia Xu smirked.

“Wenhe, don’t be too cruel. How about this. I think it’s fated for me to have an encounter with the female player over there. Instead of leaving her to die in your hands, I’ll get to know her better. You guys can deal with the rest.” Swiftly, Huang Zhong pulled out his blade and sneaked around. Jia Xu signalled Ye Cang to cover them up from the other side. Ye Cang kept away his ladle, pulled out his cooking knife and got moving. Meanwhile, Jia Xu walked directly at the players with a smile. “Well, do you guys need some help? I don’t need anything. I just want to level up. Oh, I know a healing spell…”

“No thanks! Go away!” The female player with a white robe who seemed to be a shaman frowned at Jia Xu.

“Oh, if that’s the case, I’ll start attacking you.” Jia Xu casted an ice arrow aimed at the female player.