“Just by yourse…” Before the lady could finish her sentence, she saw her vision starting to tilt. It was actually her head flying off from her body and Huang Zhong picked her head up to have a clearer look. “What a pity. We don’t match. You are too dangerous. Young lady, don’t you know that it’s not advisable to tie your hair this way? Sigh.”

Meanwhile, Ye Cang ambushed the archer on the other side with his iron pot and chased after him with his cooking knife. Jia Xu’s arrow pierced through the warriors and asked Huang Zhong and Ye Cang to stop attacking them. He wanted to use the warriors to deplete the boss’ health. The three of them stood on a line, watching the warriors who had no backup at all dodging and running away from the boss. When their lives were about to finish, Ye Cang killed the two warriors and started attacking the boss. He blocked the attacks with a few swings of his pot while smacking the boss’ head with his ladle.

Huang Zhong sneaked behind the boss and started slashing madly, catching him off guard. He even got his mage hat cut into weird shapes. As for Jia Xu, his healing spell was on time but he was also far enough to ditch his teammates if it became necessary.

Ye Cang who was dealing with the boss head-on smacked its chin with his pot. He dashed at it, hit its head and did a backflip to dodge the poisonous gas. He jumped again and smacked it with enough momentum. Huang Zhong ambushed the boss with his skill - Heavy Hit. From the neck to its armpit, he slashed his way through. Since he excelled in slashing techniques, he did not need any attributes to make his slash deadly.

Ye Cang shrugged his shoulder and touched the boss’ head. “No rewards at all.”

“What?! This is bad. We had just made more enemies for ourselves,” Jia Xu sighed. “How is it possible to reap nothing at all? It’s not logical since it is a rare boss after all. Let’s see whether we get anything from the people we killed.”

Huang Zhong checked. “The lady gives us a rare necklace that enhances healing spell effects and skill level. A ring that increases Constitution from the archer and a blade and a helmet from the other two warriors. All are elite ranked equipment! Nice!”

“Let’s distribute them and leave. They will definitely come back for revenge.” Jia Xu took the necklace, gave the ring and helmet to Ye Cang and the blade to Huang Zhong. They then immediately headed to the second floor and eventually logged out after finding a temporary resting point. That was to avoid revenge as the other teams might team up and also because Ye Cang wanted to have a shower at the tree. Jia Xu and Huang Zhong were dragged to the Tree of Thousand Wines.

Seeing Lin Liang enjoying the fishes biting his private part, Jia Xu felt disgusted, “Damn it, I just drank the wine from the tank this morning.”

“Oh, come on, what’s the big deal? There must be a reason why he went down.” Huang Zhong did not bother and jumped right into the tank after stripping his clothes off. Feeling the refreshing water and the therapy from the fishes, a lovely smile was written on Huang Zhong’s face. Jia Xu also started to let go of his evil thoughts after entering.

“This is our secret, okay? Don’t tell others about it. If everyone soaks themselves in here, it wouldn’t be this comfortable anymore.” The three of them nodded at Ye Cang’s words.

“Wenhe, why actually did you want to cause all the chaos in the past?” Lin Liang asked.

“I was just securing my place. Dong Zhuo had a son-in-law named Niu Fu. The two of them were being killed by the rebels while Li Jue and Guo Si ran away with the army. Even though loyalty is just not my thing, I still admit that Lord Dong and General Niu treated me well. Since the era of Eastern Han was about to end, why not sacrifice as burial articles for the Lord and the General?! The main culprit of the rebellion - Wang Yun cannot run away from this! He must face execution! In your eyes, Lord Dong might be evil, but to me, the ministers are even worse!” Jia Xu drank a mouthful of wine.

“Hello, can’t we talk about something more motivating? I lost my only son in my old age and still got tricked by that Liu Xuande to work for him. Most importantly, the insurance he promised was fake. Not only that, I died from a shot from an arrow. When I came to this world, I still continued to work, and work, and work...surprisingly, I found my interest in work…”

The two of them respected Huang Zhong as the role model of workers.

Huang Zhong became emotional talking about it and drank a big gulp of the wine, “Oh, I saw a large fish!”

Lin Liang looked down and was shocked, “I didn’t see something this big just now.” As the fish continued to swim up the surface, Ye Cang felt something wrong and scratched his head. This fish is a little too big, isn’t it?! It’s almost thirty meters long. And it’s not even its full length, it’s only the head of it. Huang Zhong smiled delightedly, “Looks like we have good food today!”

Immediately, his sun tattoo glowed with golden light as he dived into the wine. He punched right at its head and water splashed out as if a bomb just exploded beneath the water. Lin Liang wiped his face with a towel. “ Old General Huang is still that strong huh.”

Huang Zhong grabbed the fish’s lips single-handedly and tossed it on the ground. Only then, they noticed the fish had a length of at least a hundred meters. It was maroon in color and its stomach had green wave patterns. It had sharp teeth and its tail was similar to a tadpole’s.

Ye Cang was curious on where the fish came from and so he dived in to have a look. Despite being approximately three hundred meters underwater, he was still nowhere near the bottom. The only thing he knew was as he got deeper, the space got wider. He managed to swim to the side after encountering some difficulties. Tons of unknown creatures swam past him. Some were so big that even a blue whale would look like a baby in front of them and some were so small that a sardine would look like a giant beside them. Can’t believe that not coming here more than ten days could give it room for such incredible growth. Just then, a golden arrow was shot from the surface. Ye Caang swiftly swam back up.

“It’s around a thousand meters deep,” Huang Zhong said, holding the bow.

Ye Cang who got to the surface stared at the Tree of Thousand Wines. Just what kind of tree is this? I bet I couldn’t even estimate the width beyond the depth of a thousand meters. Lin Liang smiled, “Incredible. Incredible… We may think that we know a lot about the universe but it’s actually just the tip of an iceberg.”

Ye Cang shook his head, “Looks like I don’t have to worry about fish and seafood supplies for my Food City…”

“I think we can build a tunnel to deliver the wine to our house from here. So that we don’t have to come all the way here just for a drink. Besides, it’s useful for other purposes too.” Huang Zhong was thinking of connecting a tunnel and Ye Cang swiftly agreed to his idea. However, Lin Liang pointed out, “We can definitely not use metallic materials for the tunnel. What we need is jade materials so that the quality of wine will not be damaged.”

“Do we have to be this precise?” Huang Zhong sweated.

“Yeap. No worries, I’ll handle it,” Lin Liang smiled.