Everyone was surprised by Ye Cang’s and Youdiss’ public display of affection and also the announcement of Laisy being the elder of the Goddess Association. Fenna was unhappy about it as Laisy had always been her rival who had defeated her for every single battle. Since the Dark Shrine had successfully formed an alliance with the Goddess Association, this meant that the north border would no longer be in control of the Holy Church. White Stone City might be the only place the Holy Church had a say in. Black Rock City had fallen and the Holy Church had no final say on anything. The Armed Merchant Association and Goddess Association would take over and train the merchant.

Upon thinking about Lu Lily, Fenna was bothered by a headache.

The leader of Flame Tower - Jaysus pondered. Not bad. He actually chose the Dark Shrine over the Holy Church. This shows he is obviously going against Sagain. With a smile, he looked at Sagain. Wow, this old fella is surely calm. He doesn’t look surprised at all. I bet he must have some plans in his mind. But this mayor PaleSnow is too much. Once he had confirmed the Dark Shrine as his ally, he instantly moved her seat next to him. It’s obvious that he wants everyone to know they were on the same team… Worse still, he even blinks at us as if trying to persuade us to join him… Hey, I don’t have the background and power like the Dark Shrine, alright. I doubt I would even survive the war if I were in his team!

Lu Lily smirked, “Power, money, smell it.”

On the other hand, ThornyRose, Zhang Zhengxiong, Lin Le and the rest found an abandoned ruin southwest of the oasis. It was filled with undead spirits inside and it was a side mission. With Zhang Zhengxiong being the team leader, they started to explore the place. Lin Le’s position was still the same as he was the co-leader. The distribution of the equipment was the responsibility of ThornyRose. The thought of not having Ye Cang around lightened CloudDragon’s mood and a great smile was written on his face. “Feels so easy…”

“I know right, since we don’t have to bother about our boss getting polluted anymore,” LordAsked was elated too.

“Besides, this food buff lasts for a year. We don’t have to be lab rats for his food.” Gongsun Qian nodded as she hated Ye Cang’s food in the game.

“Actually, I feel a little bored without team leader White around. Kinda miss him…” NalanPureSoul said sorrowfully. CloudDragon, VastSea, LordAsked and the rest pondered. Betrayer! 

“Hey, you two are engaged but look at NalanPureSoul, he misses him more than you do…” VastSea smiled. 

“Don’t forget about me…” FrozenBlood emphasized her position as the second wife.


“Gosh, it’s just a few days since he left us! What do you expect me to say?! Oh, I missed Lil’Cang on the first day… and I still miss him today?!” ThornyRose’s words made everyone laughed, especially Wu Na. “Alright, A’Xiong, continue to lead the team.”

“Actually, I feel less insecure when my brother is around. Oh yeah, my brother asked me to bring some of his dishes. He said it is not repetitive with the food buff we currently have right now… So… let’s try it out…” Zhang Zhengxiong started to stutter and Lin Le sighed, “I missed Brother Lil’White on the first day… *cries*”

“......” Everyone was speechless.

At midnight, Ye Cang, Jia Xu and Huang Zhong decided to play the game together. The three of them had formed a small team. Ye Cang reached out his hand to Jia Xu, “Where’s my portion of money from the sale of the Demon Lady? I need to buy the ladle with attributes, and the silver star elite cooking knife too. I have asked the blacksmith to upgrade my pot to silver star elite rank. Look at the pattern on the pot, it’s so beautiful… The cost of upgrading it cost me every coin I have.”

Jia Xu coughed, signalling his request to Huang Zhong for an explanation.

“About that, Brother Lil’White, this is what happened. We haven’t sold the zombie bride… We think that we can keep it for our own use since I could even feel her love this morning when I hugged her…” Huang Zhong’s words instantly changed Ye Cang’s expression. “Let’s go sell it now! Now! If we don’t, I’ll dismantle her and sell her in the market…”

“Brother Lil’White, don’t be so cruel...she is just a young zombie…” Jia Xu had touched her body.

“Does that mean the cooking knife and ladle are not pitiful?! I could feel them screaming for help! The leather handle, alloyed material and elite metal of the knife. It’s totally different from this piece of rusty metal I have right now! Quick! We can negotiate on the next demon lady or something. But this must be sacrificed for the team! So everyone can upgrade their weapons!” Ye Cang thought of the beautiful look of the ladle and cooking knife displayed at the counter.

Huang Zhong ground his teeth and took all the money he had. “Take these and buy the weapons you want…”

“Aww...then I’ll go get ‘em now~” Ye Cang snatched the money and dashed towards the shop.

“Oh, Wenhe…”

“F*ck off, I have no money…”

“......You son of a b*tch! How can you be so ungrateful?! I welcomed you so well when you arrived, I even gave you resources, the seeds and recommended you to our lord! And now you! You…!”

“Alright, I’ll share half with you…”

“That’s more like it. We are still best brothers…”

Jia Xu rolled his eyes against Huang Zhong. Why am I calling this old freak as my brother? He sighed deeply and recalled Guan Yu’s words. “A true man never stands in line with an old soldier.”

Happily, Ye Cang held the cooking knife and ladle he bought. However, the person selling the cooking utensils told him that there was a black market in the west at night, where there was a wide selection of items from around the world, including cooking utensils. She even told him that she once saw a unique cooking knife and meteor pot made by the great blacksmith - Anyalla. Yet, the price was so high and it was about a hundred thousand coins.

Ye Cang pondered. I must get it! As he returned to the team, he dragged the two of them to the bar to get some missions. They were assigned to collect something and kill a boss on the third floor. Its difficulty level was high. At the same time, they met the team they eliminated earlier. The female player was about to say something and Jia Xu was prepared to answer. Huang Zhong was standing aside, not bothering. Just then, Ye Cang shouted, “Get out of my way, you b*tch! What are you looking at?! Do you want me to kill you everytime I see you?! I’ll boil your meat and feed the turtles! The others as well! Can’t you guys bring more money along for me to rob?! As poor as a church’s mouse! Now, f*ck off!”

Ye Cang knocked the five of them away with brute strength and walked out. Jia Xu and Huang Zhong pondered. Wow, not bad. Speak before the enemies could. That saved us a lot of time. But little did they know that Ye Cang’s mind focused so much more on money and cooking utensils… In the bar, the female player was covering her face as she cried, “This is too much! Too much…”

Even though the other adventurers were mad, they were confused when they saw the female player blushed. About that...young lady, I think you just exposed your true self...

The three of them once again bought a one-time ticket to the underground city. They went through the first floor and came to the second which was also a graveyard. Ye Cang asked a question, “What’s the purpose of sealing the demon lady?”

“If we manage to communicate well, she could be your servant, pet or even...your partner…” Jia Xu replied and winked.

“Oh, so basically, we are just capturing pets...” Ye Cang saw something appearing from the altar. “That altar…”

“So lucky?” Huang Zhong pulled out two blades in both hands and adjusted his mage’s hat.

The energy around the altar was getting stronger and a scream was heard. An extremely beautiful female ghost appeared from the energy. She was wearing a bloody red robe, revealing her smooth white thighs and the area of mortality. Her skin was so smooth and radiating with spiritual energy.

“It looks like a ghost bride.” Jia Xu looked through some of the illustrations in the city before.

Huang Zhong dashed at it and slashed but it was not very effective. Ye Cang roughly mastered the basic knowledge from the game he played. “When attacking a spirit, pure physical attacks are no good. We must hit her with damages that has attributes. It’s best to be holy or fire elemental. Lightning works too sometimes.”

Jia Xu immediately cast a healing spell on the spirit and Ye Cang started burning his pot and ladle.